Uncharted 2 Train Sequence Voted Best in Series, Collection Demo Out Today

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Uncharted 2 Train Sequence Voted Best in Series, Collection Demo Out Today

Last week you voted for your favorite Uncharted Moments and the votes are in! There was a close tie between the Train Wreck from Uncharted 2 and the Cargo Plane from Uncharted 3, but there could only be one winner, right? The Train Wreck! The very opening minutes of Uncharted 2 grab you pretty instantly and — for a lot of people — never let go.

We’ll be playing it live today and talking to the team about what it actually took to pull this epic moment off (Hint: it wasn’t easy). Tune in on the Naughty Dog Twitch channel and sound off in the chat, or share your favorite Uncharted Moments in the forums.

With less than two weeks until Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection launches on October 9th, we’re happy to announce that the demo will go live on the PlayStation Store today! Even if you’ve battled through war-ridden Nepal a hundred times, playing it with enhanced graphics and gameplay on PS4 is like playing it fresh. Don’t believe us? Download it.

Be sure to download the demo from PlayStation Store today and mark your calendars for the third Uncharted Moments stream on October 6th. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection so you can join the exclusive Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta, available December 4th through the 13th! PlayStation Plus membership required.

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  • The “train sequence” in Uncharted 2 may be my favorite segment of any game ever (and I’ve been playing since NES). I was playing ‘pass the controller’ with my brother and I actually only watched the first time through the sequence and I didn’t mind one bit, amazing. I will never forget that experience.

    • You’ve been playing since the NES…so you were a 20 some years old playing “pass the controller”? lmao

    • whos cares if he’s 60 and playing pass the controller? he’s enjoying a gaming experience and even better sharing said experience with his brother. who cares how he does it?

    • @nelmo26

      What does that have to do wih anything? I see no reason to mock him for this. Who is to say that he doesn’t have an LP channel, wasn’t visiting his family (or vice-versa) or simply put doesn’t just share an apartment with his brother. Furthermore, Uncharted 2 was released in 2009 & the SNES was released in 1991. Assuming of course he comes from a family that wasn’t able to afford an SNES early in his lifespan, he could have been stuck (& I use that term loosely) with a family member’s NES as a small child in the early 90s. Meaning that they could have been in their late teens in 2009. Don’t mock people when you don’t have all of the information.

    • What impressed me about Uncharted 2’s train sequence the most was that at the time, I was working in a Sony Store, so we had video trailers of Uncharted 2 running on one of our big screen TVs over and over, teasing bits of the level. So when I finally got my own copy of Uncharted 2 (many months after it had already released), I expected not to be too surprised by anything that happened, since I thought I had an idea of what to expect. But I was completely wrong. That scene was filled with so many surprises, and even the “BIG” showstopper didn’t end the way I thought it would. The Train Sequence is truly an example of cinematic videogame mastery.

    • @nelmo26 I’ve been on this earth about as long as the Magnovox Odyssey and I plan on having a bunch of friends over to play Until Dawn later this month, and yes, we will obviously be passing the controller. No shame in that, there’s still something about sharing a gaming experience with a friend on the same couch that online can’t match, and the Train Sequence in UC2 is definitely one that would only be more awesome to play or watch for the first time with a friend or group of friends who haven’t seen or played it either.

  • Downloading the demo as I type. By the way, speaking of pre-order/pre-purchasing, October 1st almost upon us. Last year on October 1st, there was a Spend $100 Get $15 promo on PSN. Any chance we’ll be seeing a a promotion like this on Thursday? Pretty sure that would help spur a lot of pre-orders for Uncharted: TNDC and other content.

    The “train sequence” (the actual chase on the train, not the climbing up the wreck) was one of my favorite UC2 moments as well, and it was excellently complimented by the winter storm sequence that followed. Best game of the trilogy.

  • My favorite sequence is the cargo trucks with the RPG. Probably my favorite action sequence ever whether movies or game.

  • Definitely the best.. Heartpounding fun.

    Btw, comments section is broken, especially the replies.

  • Downloaded the demo and have it preordered. Looking forward to it!

  • I like every scene in Uncharted 2. Form Nepal, to the train, to that Shambhala Guardians.

    All 3 have great moments, for each individual that makes it great.

  • HOw is the beta going to work is it a code? I don’t play multiplayer, and if could gift it, that would be awesome.

  • Just played the Demo ;) I forgot how brilliant the game was :P It’s just a shame the demo hasn’t got 1 level from each of the brilliant games :( Oh well.

  • Will this be digital only, or will disk copies become available in stores?

  • Personally, my favorite was the cargo plane scene in UC3.

  • I can’t finde the Demo :(

  • would’ve easily voted for the cargo plane sequence but cant go wrong with either choice. they’re both great

  • I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t enjoy the demo. I played the heck out of the Uncharted series (I think I managed 8 days on Uncharted 2 MP) and I don’t remember the controls being this clunky on the PS3 versions. The aiming felt so inaccurate – when picking up ammo too I ended up standing quite far away from it as it wouldn’t pick up when I was close. Nate’s movement was pretty bad – climbing the ladder looked hilarious and he started sliding by the pool (rather than walking/running as you’d expect) Also, an enemy glitched through the wall and the sound crapped out about halfway through. Feel kind of disappointed to be honest, I hope these things are fixed in the actual game as I imagine there will be a lot of disappointed players of the series – new and old – otherwise.

  • Will it be possible to delete the demo from the ps4 library after use?

  • Graphics haven’t much at all improved from ps3,they seem alittle cleaner due to 1080p.

    Framerate has improved, but no way is it 60fps locked.

    But my biggest concern is how drake seems to lag,controlling drake seems wonky and he seems to glide. I was hoping for this to be fixed in the ps4.

    I loved controlling lara croft in Tombraider The difinitive reboot. She played absolutely fluently,and her animations were beyond drakes. When Uncharted 4 comes out please make drake feel fluent and grounded. Because I will know when I get that controller in my hand.

    As for the Nathan Drake Collection I will buy it next year sometime when its on offer.But I will only play the first two games, the third game was very poor.

    I know that Uncharted 4 is coming out on 18th march,but I dont really seem that excited for it this time. I think Uncharted 3 put me off.

  • Silly me, I got the impression that the demo would have been from the Train Sequence, since the Twitch stream would have spoiled it anyway and Uncharted 2 is old enough a game that spoilers are kind of allowed now, but instead it was the heli sequence. Probably much better for demo purposes (just as the demo for the original PS3 version was when the game was new), but it would have been nice if the content of the demo was clarified. A little disappointing, but it’s definitely Uncharted 2 running at a sparkly, smooth 60fps.

  • Uncharted 2 train scene and Uncharted 3 airplane scene are MOST memorable moments in my gameplay history. Can’t forgot those easily. Home something like this coming on Uncharted 4 (maybe space shuttle? ^.^)

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