PS4 System Software Update 3.00 Out 9/30, Take a Visual Tour

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PS4 System Software Update 3.00 Out 9/30, Take a Visual Tour

The 3.00 system software update on PS4, codename: Kenshin, will be available to download starting tomorrow, September 30th. We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone that participated in the beta. I want you to all know that we’ve listened. Your feedback made this system software update even better.

PS4 System Software Update 3.0

There are a lot of changes in this update, from entirely new features to UI enhancements. While we detailed its key features earlier this month, we wanted to give a visual tour of our favorite new additions. This update is focused on creating new ways to connect with friends and players around the world, expanding the social capabilities of the system even further.

Sharing video clips to Twitter: Now it’s easy to share video clips to Twitter directly from your PS4. You’ll see a new icon on the Upload Video Clip menu, nestled between Facebook and YouTube. Maximum video length is 10 seconds, though you’ll have the ability to trim longer clips. Don’t forget — you can double tap the Share button to start recording a video, and press it again to stop.

PS4 System Software Update 3.0PS4 System Software Update 3.0

PlayStation Plus: We’ve made a dedicated section for PlayStation Plus, which you can access by clicking the big Plus icon on the top left corner of your PS4 home screen. Once there you can easily manage your membership, see the monthly free games to download, deals for PS Plus members, and all of the games you’ve redeemed through PS Plus on PS4.

YouTube live: You’ll see a new icon for YouTube on the Broadcast Gameplay Screen, accessible after hitting the Share button. Now you can live stream directly from your PS4 to YouTube. Livestreams will be viewable across YouTube.

PS4 System Software Update 3.0PS4 System Software Update 3.0

PNG Screenshots: If you’d like your game screenshots to be in a higher quality format, you can now select PNG instead of JPEG. To access, press Share > Share Settings > Screenshot Settings > Image Format.

Events: A new hub for Events has been added to PS4, accessible from the home screen. This will give you an overview of activities taking place in the games you play most, as well as official broadcasts. For instance, here’s an in-game racing event taking place in Project Cars, which you can register for directly from the Events hub.

PS4 System Software Update 3.0

Improvements to Messages and Favorite Groups: We’ve improved Messages by making it easier to access groups of people you chat and play games with frequently. Once you’re added to or create a group, you’ll see the online status for friends, what games they are playing, and the option to message or chat in party all in one spot. When you add or create a new favorite group, they’ll appear in your Friends app under Favorite Groups for quick access. For example, you can see we have favorite groups for Call of Duty, Rocket League, and Destiny.

PS4 System Software Update 3.0PS4 System Software Update 3.0

Communities: PS4 users will have the ability to create communities based around shared interests, like games, genres, and more. Communities include a message board with general discussion, screenshots shared by players, and the ability to join parties / games.

Stickers: From the PS4 system’s Messages app, you’ll see a new option for Stickers. The 3.00 update will contain stickers themed around Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Knack, LittleBigPlanet 3, Resogun, and more. Instead of typing out a message, just send a sticker — like Drake looking at a watch, asking you to wait a minute.”

PS4 System Software Update 3.0

We’re constantly striving to make PS4 even better, and appreciate all the feedback! If you would like to submit an idea on how to improve the PlayStation experience, share it here. We will continue to make PS4 the best place to play.

We hope you enjoy the Kenshin update, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • I assume we will get a new PS Vita system software as well? If so, may we know the version number? :)

  • Can’t wait for this update to be available to everyone. The beta was amazing and I was happy to be a part of it. Although there are features I would’ve loved to see in this update… I love what you guys have provided us. Thanks for your hard work. :)

    Now on to all the people complaining below. lol

  • When will there be 1080p on the ps4 recording?

    • I’d rather have 720p 60fps recording rather than 1080p 30fps recording. Frames are more important than resolution in my opinion.

  • Seems good. Just wondering if we can get folders and an off-line status. Everything else seems good.
    Oh i also want all twitch streams viewable from ps4 or a dedicated twitch app. Thid social update is cool but folders and offline status cant be hard.

  • How much will the stickers cost? Or will they be free?

  • Will the online storage capacity increase to 10 GB be included in this update?

  • Would be very nice stream gameplay from Vita too guys please think abou it, and would be nice allow more than one account, my little nephew really love play on my Vita but everytime i had to keep and eye and she already deleted some of my save files lol.

    • Stream as in you watch or as in you’re the streamer, if it’s the second one then it’s about hardware capabilities too, streaming mainly relies on CPU and your Broadband connection. Not sure if a Vita would have these capabilities.

  • I hope we can still discover power options after the new update.

  • How about finally adding pop-up-notifications for when friends sign on? Can’t believe this isn’t already out there!

    • DONT need it that crap got annoying on ps3 im glad its not on Ps4 hopefully it will never will be


    • Only if it comes with the ability to disable.

    • I agree, that got annoying real quick, especially if someone was on an unstable connection, they would keep logging in and out every few seconds. I almost deleted a couple of friends due to that alone. As long as the option to disable it is included (like TwinDad said), then I’d be fine with it.

  • So nothing to make share play better or easier….

    • How can it be done better or easier? It works great for me and I don’t find any complication to using it. What would you suggest?

  • How about online and off motivations or app notifications?

  • Still waiting for the update that will allow to play PS3 games in PS4 device. That will be a real innovation

    • You will never get that PS4 can’t emulate the cell processor. Go buy a PS3.

    • Yea we should be able to get that…. I mean what are UPDATES for if we can’t?

    • I’d be happy if we could just play the available PS NOW games we’ve previously purchased for the PS3 on the PSN with our PS4s without having to pay $1.99 for four hours, $5.99 for a week or $20 a month for a subscription.

    • With how inefficient the PS3’s hardware is(don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s got an amazing lineup and was a powerful little box for its time), I doubt the PS4 is strong enough to emulate a PS3 while running its background stuff. The PS3 used some very finicky proprietary hardware so I simply don’t see it being possible.

  • I really don’t look forward to the PS+ icon being on the UI. It’s annoying, after the one day you need to check that information it’s just in the way. Wish we could hide it.

    Glad we’re getting .png support.

    • I cant see it being an issue..for the amount of time anyone spends in the UI 1 icon couldnt be that annoying. Personally i like the idea so i can see whats out as free games and i always forget when my + expires

  • Just wondering, when will we have the capability to change our Online ID??

  • more community options and please add more language support (for live stream too). At least support all European and USA languages and countries.

  • Eh I know I’m not the only one who has probably said this ….. But when will we be able to play our PS3 downloaded games? Like shouldn’t that be available to us on the PS4? I mean we paid for all that…. And then why have PS NOW when you could just simply resale every old PlayStation game from the 1 to 3? That is all… Oh and why does the ps3 get better PS plus games?

    • Because creating a PS3 emulation layer to run at speed is just not feasible or doable yet (if ever). The PS3 architecture was a wildly different beast than the PS4 to such a degree that any emulation is non-trivial.

    • KidGreenegene..

      replacing the internal HDD doesn’t void the warranty.

  • Man was really hoping you guys would add External Hard Drive support with this update. Please add this soon as my 2TB is full and I have no way to upgrade it any more. With install sizes being as huge as they are I don’t see how ya’ll haven’t added it yet.

    • Agreed. It is the only reason I buy larger third party games on my XB1 instead. I would love to hook up a 2 or 3TB external drive and get them on PS4 instead, but I don’t want to void warranties by replacing the internal HDD.

    • Completely agreed. That’s my most wanted feature. I have a 1TB HDD and it’s completely full, and I already deleted a lot of games I haven’t even played because there’s no more space left.

      External HDD to install games and more cloud storage space are my only requests.

    • Replacing the hard drive doesn’t void the ps4’s warranty

    • I’m with you, my top priority would be compatibility with higher capacity hard drives, but the people involved in this somehow think the console is only for community stuff…

    • Why on earth do you need 2TB of games on your harddriver?

  • You know that Long bar of icons on the main screen…it’s too long it’s like “here’s a list of crap you don’t use like spotify and netflix” ” oh and your games are in a box out of view cause you know… one plays games”:

    it’s annoying. A folder to put the icons i really don’t wanna see in. I don’t use netflix, i don’t listen to music on ps4, i only play games. That’s all i care about on a console. Sony, Are you seriously telling me you are ignoring the #BetterPSN campaign. We are litterarly throwing ideas at you. We are making mock interfaces so you can see what PSN should look like. and We get Stickers? smh.

    Come on Sony!! We need a #BetterPSN, And it won’t be long until the riots happen again on facebook and twitter and whatever.

  • How about addressing the weird spin-lock bug that causes the CPUs to melt when you bring up the desktop while playing a game – any game. The game process should be paused with a SIGSTOP.

  • 1.A USB drive support for mp3,ogg and others would be nice.

    2.also why dont u guys add ps3 game support, i have a big ps3 game collection and AS mich AS i like the idea of PS Now i hatte the idea of paying to play games i already own. It cant be that hard to program a Software Emulator for ps3 discs.

    3.A twitch APP would be a nice Addition.

    4.please tweek that YouTube APP , searching with it really hurts and is too complicated. Also it would be nice to be able to change quality settings and all that other stuff you can do when u watch Videos in a web Browser.

    Except these things im really looking forward to this update finally an update that dos something and not only a vers. Nbr. change!

    • They already support mp3s more support cant hurt.

      Ps3 games cant be done via emulation because the ps3 cell is so different but psnow might be a good alternative.

      The apps are not made by Sony so they aren’t responsible for how they work they only check if they work. But i agree that these changes are needed.

    • Here’s my idea to fix the backwards compatibility issue. Remember when ps4 first came out and if u had a ps3 copy of cod ghosts or assassin’s creed, you could upgrade to the ps4 version for a few dollars? If not, the whole idea was to insert your disk to prove you have the game, and pay for the new version and download it. They could do some thing similar, where you insert, say, Uncharted 3. Then you go to Ps Now, and redeem your free, or even extremely discounted copy, to stream.

      I understand software emulation might not be possible, but they have done this stuff before, why not implement it in a way that people would actually care about?

    • The twitch app is out tomorrow. Although every twitch user is switching to YouTube because of more revenue and because YouTube figured out how to stop Adblock as of today.

      You can change the quality settings for YouTube in the apps own settings. Duh.

      Heck with ps3 games. We want to go foward not backwards.

      Who cares about mp3s anymore?

      I’m currently running 3.05 beta. In the beta you can stream ps4 games with PS now. There are only 14 games though that you can stream as of now.

    • PS4 cant run ps3 games since it has totally different kind of architecture, but you could argue that it could recognize the disc and play the game trough PS Now.

      if i remember right then the Twitch app should be coming in the holiday season, it was announced couple weeks ago.

      I think that companies like sony and ms have really no control how the youtube app ui is made since its the same on everything. Google wants it to be that way. The quality may vary with the connection etc. Mostly youtube on me is blurry for 3-7 sek and then clears up.

    • 1. Most likely that wont happen
      2. that’s why you shouldn’t sell your old consoles and you should try programming it
      3. Should keep up in the news because its happening
      4. should use your smart phone to cast it. It makes it a lot easier.

    • @BPRO
      This is not a bad idea but the ps disc has to stay in the console as you play. the same is true for BF which i did the upgrade for otherwise the disc will just be passed around so everyone can have the game free

  • Name changes?!

    • Cool. More pointless ****, I mean “updates”. Do us all a favor and actually listen to us. Oh and really ****ing stickers? Oh I forgot saying something in my party is too hard so I’ll send you a sticker of a game character, how convenient. This isn’t Facebook.

    • Is the USB music player coming back? It was missing in the latest beta, and the media player is extremely poor with music playback.

    • Oops the wrong reply button!

  • I think more time needs to be invested on fixing the NAT Type issues people experience with each other. Even openign all of the port ranges in the guide I’m still having issues.

  • The update is great. I am participating in fw 3.00 beta, but PS4 is maily gaming machine and I would like to see an option to play PS1 games. ALL PlayStations can do that except PS4 which is strange. PS2 games would be awesome too! I saw a few images of that feature so… Fingers crossed!!

    Also an option to save my images, music and video on PS4 HardDrive would be great. PS3 can do that…


    • Only the first gen ps3 supported backwards capability as far as I know. My ps3 has collected dust from me playing my ps4 so often. Don’t hear many people talking about playing ps2 or ps1 games on their ps3. If they were to add it, I believe the trouble they went through for making the ps4 backwards compatible wouldn’t be worth it. It would be used by less than 200,000 people and that number would just get shorter shorter. I bought this next gen system to play next gen games. Not Final Fantasy VII..

    • I don’t think that one person should decide about way of thinging the others.
      Ok, you don’t want older gens support, but maybe someone else wants. F. ex. I albo would like to play some older games on ps4 because,
      I heaven’t had ps3, i’d like to play MGS3 at higher resolution than on PS2 or maybe uncharted series.
      It was possible on ps3, but on ps4 not.
      It’s good to have only one box that plays all the stuff, not two or three because I’m forced to.
      Now i have two consoles ps2 and ps4. Why?
      Because i appreciate older titles and I’m also sumę that ps2 will last longer than ps4,though it’s 14 years old but still works great.
      Cheers to Sony.

  • Can I pair up my Bluetooth soundbar in the new update? Can I change the PS4 ‘on’ light strip to blue as seen in all advertising?

  • Looks like a top request still is folders…your layout is an OCD nightmare. At least with PS3 there are dedicated sections for each media type…why not on PS4?
    And, did you fix the friends seen bug…you know, where it says I have 3 online but then I actually open the friends list and there’s 20 online instead. Yeah, that’s annoying.

  • No word on accessibility features improvements? That’s a bummer. I was really looking forward to this update.

  • if you are gonna block this many people just go ahead and get rid of all comments, you are cowards.

  • Yeah, I’m also curious about the 10 GB cloud storage for saves on PS4 :)

  • Hey did you fix that NAT TYPE bull****

  • please allow us to put our trophies on alphabetic order for the next update

  • The PlayStation 4 has been out nearly 2 years and we still don’t have friend notifications, custom themes or the ability to change our psn ids.

    • Actually themes became available in 2.0 last year, they are in the PS store under Extras

    • We’ll probably never get custom themes, unless they find a way to charge you for them because if there was custom themes for free, why would anyone wanna buy the ones already on there? It’s a conflict of interest.

    • Yes, please when you reply to random comments. PLEASE give us an update on Friend Online/Offline notifications. Everything is screaming for this.

  • Still hoping that someday we’ll get proper SSD support.

    • The PS4 only has a SATA2 interface so that is why you will never see huge improvements by adding an SSD. This means it is a hardware limitation and not one that can be fixed by software. I replaced my HDD with an SSD and my load times are reduced by about 30% on the average game. In many cases there is no improvement. For me that ~30% improvement is worth it but for many it is not. I am just happy knowing that I have fully saturated the SATA2 interface with my SSD and over the years of playing my time saved will end up being in the multiple hours but I agree it would be nice if it was better.

  • Thanks for the receptive attitude towards user feedback Sony. Any chance you might be able to add the following functionalities in a future PS4 update:

    1. External HDD support (Help boost your online sales)
    2. Backwards compatibility for PS3 (and where possible, PS2 and PS1) games
    3. Ability to create sort the download list by name, file size, type (update, core install file).
    4. Ability to sort or create folders in the games library so that it’s alot easier to access them – for those of us who have many games and have to sift through endless screens just to find the one we are looking for.


    • On that note i wish i could remove stuff from the library. So if its a demo i could remove it or an option to only show stuff not on the console

    • And add the ability to play games like call of duty with our PS3 friends who haven’t gotten a ps4 yet? It’s the same network I don’t know why this hasn’t happened already

  • still waiting for over a decade now for account name changes….and the wait continues smdh

  • These features are great but… (there’s always a but, this community can never just be content ya know)
    I feel like you may have missed the synergy on merging the features of the community & event modules. I’d like to be able to schedule a raid in destiny amongst my friends list for example, maybe give it an RSVP feature so people can give a heads up if they’ll be available at 6pm on a tuesday or whenever. ya know?

  • Why does it just feel like it’s all Social media / Streaming updates? These major updates just feel so damn “Meh”. I must be getting old.

  • This is becoming a complete joke,where are the Folders sony? I want organisation.

  • I’m glad the new update is coming so soon, I can’t wait to get into the new stuffs and things.

  • What about a fix for the ejecting disk problem, a real permanent fix, not that awful video sony made

    • Urgh I know the feeling, I get this one glitch where the PS4 wont go into rest mode. Just leaving me with a white pulsing light for days before I notice it never went off to begin with!

  • Agree with everyone that says folder is a must. The next UI update whatever you guys do should have a serious think about how to deal with clutter. Perhaps a combination of folders and a few app/games that are most used bubbling to the surface.

  • Can we play a CD yet?

  • That is all great addition, the ability to change our Psn id would be appreciate tho even for a small fee.

  • still no ability to appear offline or see when friends come online, still can’t cange gamertag, still can’t organize my games but hey at least i got stickers now.

  • Not impressed one bit. 10 gb cloud saves was a good addition. So far with the system updates has been lackluster. I hate to say it here but it must be said. The competition are destroying you guys when it comes to system updates and giving fans features THEY WANT! You have all the resources online to see what we want USE THEM!

  • I have been waiting awhile for this!! Im so glad to hear it’s coming tommorow!

  • I’m sure there’s good plans for future updates, thanks for the current. Is it possible to get the little stuff in? I mean is the Vita part of your plans?

  • So much for FW 3.00 PS2 BC… Why is Sony so focused on turning this console into the ultimate budget friendly streaming Device????

    FFS, not all of us wanna stream games 24/7 hoping to become the next PewDiePie!!! Stop updating this crap and give us features we WANT.. Like PS1 and PS2 BC or possibly redownloading PS3 games to work on PS4.. Like the Xbox One does.
    All Sony does is take the DOUBLE DIP route forcing me to rebuy these games if I want to enjoy them again. You’re losing the plot SONY.


  • There really need to be a search option for “communities”, just saying. And player made “events” to be shared with friends or communities so we can all know “hey where playing ___ game on Saturday so be ready!”.

  • Good solid changes. I know everyone has 5 other “more important” things that are different from everyone else’s 5 other things but 3.0 looks solid. Good start, just don’t stop listening (let us change our names, Shuhei! ;) )

    • They said they were never going to allow name changes thanks to trolls.

    • Companies say a lot of things. The people who made Home said that you would be able to watch things on television sets with your friends, etc…

      All they have to do is give 1 free name change, and then charge $20 per name change after that. If someone is such a jerk that they don’t mind paying $100 a year to change their name every 2-3 months, i say let them.

  • Adding new features but no changes to the library which is a goddamn mess.
    guess we will have to wait until April next year now :/

    • How is your library a mess? Mine is always perfect, showing my recently played games at the start and hiding old games out the way.its being auto managed in a snart way.

      If you actually played these games you would see them.

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