This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

Two new Limited Edition PS4 reveals, two new (and currently running) sales, a Star Wars Battlefront Beta date announce, an interview with Jonathan Blow, the launch of an unsetting new sci-fi game on PS4, and more. Not a bad week, I’d say!

This Week’s Top 10 Posts
September’s Free PS Plus Games
Grow Home Super Time Force Ultra Xeodrifter
PS4 PS4, PS Vita PS4, PS Vita
PS3 PS4, PS3 PS Vita
This Week’s Top Movies

1. Furious 7 (Extended Edition)
2. Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (Bonus Version)
3. Mad Max: Fury Road
4. Pitch Perfect 2
5. San Andreas
6. The Age of Adaline
7. Poltergeist
8. Unfriended
9. The Divergent Series: Insurgent (Plus Bonus Features)
10. Pay the Ghost

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  • So hey, crazy idea here.

    You know what would make for an awesome thing to have at the top of next week’s entry?

    “We heard you, and we listened! Crash, Spyro, and more classics finally available on PlayStation Vita!”

    • I logged on to comment on one of these for the sole purpose of saying that oversevethousand is 100% right. We need those games on the vita, and the fact that it has taken this long (and who knows if it will ever happen) is very disappointing.

    • We should also be YELLING at Activision. Sadly they are the ones who hold the license and they have been unwilling to put these games out. They seem to not care about making a little extra money. It seems like they want to kill off the franchise.

    • I have never posted before, so forgive me if I’m out of line. I have been a supporter of Sony for a very long time. To me, their name is synonymous with quality. There are a multitude of factors that go into every move and decision these guys make. They’ve heard you, they know what you want, and they will do it when it is cost effective for them and mutually so for the owners of the various IPs. That’s how business works. It accomplishes nothing complaining every time that you aren’t getting what you want, and I have a feeling it discourages the good people who run this blog from responding to comments for fear of what the prototypical angry nerd will attack them with.

      That said, blogrunners keep up the good work, and same to Sony and the PlayStation team.

    • Fox, we don’t need “white knighters” here. Sony is capable of defending themselves (but they wont). You claim to know how business works. If this were true, you’d know that the most valuable thing in business is feedback, both positive and negative. This is one of the main reasons that companies run blogs and forums. People complaining is valuable feedback for any business and gives Sony a chance to plan ahead or maybe even respond and clarify things that are misunderstood. The problem is that Sony needs to have a more active presence in their community.

    • AGREED! *ThumbsUp*

    • In japan and PAL I think they have put spyro and crash but not in NA.It is one of those things.

    • Let keep saying it and they will come.

  • Nice week as usual, SOMA is a terrific game it’s a mix between Outlast and Bioshock.

    If you haven’t yet played Tearaway then kick yourself and go buy Tearaway Unfolded, don’t be a two time loser.

    Nate Drake Collection on PS4 next week, very exciting! Btw, Justin is really good at The Witness.

    • well the Nathan Drake Collection is October 9th.

      I’m eager to see the PS+ games for October, i wonder if AC Black Flag will be free.

    • Just a Demo for the Nathan Drake Collection, but I’ve read good things about it, so I’ll take a look before deide if is worth playing those games again.

  • This week, I read the paperback version of Blake J. Harris’ Console Wars – Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation.

    While the main focus of the book is on Tom Kalinske during his tenure at the head of Sega of America, the book also takes a look at certain key events which helped shape this generation: from the long-lasting effects of Nintendo’s efforts to resurrect the North American video game industry almost single-handedly after the great crash of 1983 (be it on competitors, third-party developers, various retailers, and even the Seattle Mariners) to the ongoing tension at the heart of Sega’s internal divide between its Japanese and U.S. offices; and from the added public scrutiny which spurred the creation of the ESRB to the mistakes made by both Sega and Nintendo when each opted to ultimately spurn an alliance with a certain other Japanese company. I wonder what happened with those guys…

    There are two live-action projects in the works based on this book, though I’m not sure how much confidence I’d have in how well either or both of those works may turn out.

  • “Currently running sales” Thats a bit of an understatement, lol i pre ordered both Black Ops3 and Starwars bundle. this holiday season Ps4 will be on top again. Coming over from xbox360 was the best thing I have done, Psn community is alive and less judgemental. Keep making these awsome bundles so I can collect them lol, thanks

  • Quick question since I don’t see it referenced directly in the headlines. What is that controller with the orange buttons and sticks? And can I buy one? I want one badly, and would also like another one with the orange replaced with like a bright/neon green. Would go nicely with the grey shell. They would match perfectly how I paint most of my cars in Gran Turismo. Matte Grey with orange or green wheels.

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