Save on The Last of Us with Outbreak Day 2015

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Save on The Last of Us with Outbreak Day 2015

We’re celebrating Outbreak Day for The Last of Us this year a little early. In the past, we’ve marked the occasion with a video and a contest but today we are happy to finally reveal there’s a new Clicker Statue from our friends at IP Factory/Gaming Heads now available for pre-order.

The Last of Us Outbreak Day

You can get your very own Clicker as an exclusive edition with a gas mask or a regular edition. Both are terrifyingly beautiful. Get the full details over on the Gaming Heads site. In addition to the statue, we’re proud to announce there will be a global Sale on select The Last of Us content.

The Last of Us Outbreak Day

The Last of Us Outbreak Day

If you haven’t played one of the most critically-acclaimed video games of all-time, now is your chance. The Outbreak Day sale will run from September 23rd until October 7th in various regions. You’ll be saving 40-50% on select content for The Last of Us and The Last of Us Remastered, including a price reduction on the game itself. PS Plus members will be able to save even more in some instances. Please login and check the local PlayStation Store in your region to see exactly what’s being offered up.

In addition, we’ve created a new dynamic theme specifically themed around Outbreak Day. Featuring the fungal growth from our amazing title sequence and the hauntingly beautiful melodies of Gustavo Santaolalla. You can buy the theme for $0.99 for a limited time. Be sure to get it while the sale lasts.

Speaking of sales, the PlayStation Gear store is having an Outbreak Day sale. Head over to the Naughty Dog shop to find great deals on select The Last of Us items.

Happy Outbreak Day 2015. Be on the lookout for more The Last of Us news in the future.

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  • Last of Us 2

  • Sequel anticipation. You sly dogs ;-)

  • I literally just downloaded the last of us remastered a few days ago!!!

  • this “outbreak” sale is just for the last of us? boring..

    when i read the headline i was hoping it was going to be like a “zombie themed” sale like all the resident evil games, and everything else zombie related.

  • Happy Outbreak Day! Can’t wait to see what you guys have planned for The Last of Us 2.

    • is the theme avalible now? And I just went to pre-order the statue and the link does not work….it says “product not available”…I just dont want to miss out :)

  • Any news of the Vinyl going on sale? Would like to get it to be with my Journey one, but it cost to much.

  • I’ve been looking for a good, dark (literally and figuratively) theme form my PS4. This may be it., ::crosses fingers::

  • Looks like someone is preparing for the Last of Us 2 announcement at PGW! I hope the rumors are true! What’s really funny about this article is that there may be someone out there that hasn’t played The Last of Us yet! HAHA! J/K If you haven’t, then you know what must be done starting today! Your mission and you better except it…….is…………..PLAY THIS AMAZING GAME!!!!!!

  • It says product not available >.>


  • Everybody needs to wait about 6 hours for the store to update, to buy sale and new items on the PS store. They don’t update it until around 2pm, when the Store update article posts on the blog.

    And before that response, yes you can find it early, but it’s not guaranteed at that price, until the publish blog post.

  • Come on! At least a price tag?

  • @Eric Monacelli

    Does the theme go on sale today?

  • So.. are they sold out already? or are the pages just not up for Gaming Heads yet?

  • I was like “Holy F !!!” to “mehhh….” when i see dat TLOU pic.

  • Hopefully nobody here is delusional enough to assume the clicker statue will be less than $299, with the exclusive edition being even more. Don’t get me wrong Gaming Heads does some amazing work on all of there items

  • Awesome!

  • I’m guessing I won’t beable to buy just the theme because of the $5 minimum purchase right? Ugh.

    • If you use a credit card and buy something worth 1 dollar, they will had the remaining 4 bucks to your account for future purchases.

  • The price of the game should be $14.99 or less due to the fact every vendor on the internet has the download card for purchase or you have received it free with your bundle. What do you say Sony/Naughty Dog?

    • What a terrible price you have set for the PS4 version. Really? $29.99/$27.49. Epic Fail… when you can get through Wal-mart for $14.99….shame shame

    • bought the batman bundle and it came with last of us for digital download and i got 3 cards for the game so 3 duplicates of the same game (still have 2 codes ), even still for this game i thought $20 is a sale but this is a slap in the face it is nearly free in every other store with some promotion . i have bought games like that new music rpg $70 in Canada sale $16 last week , alien $21 , helldivers $15 (bestbuy sale) ,hyperdimention action neptuna $11 , DyingLight $25 , Hardline $20 all new , those are salesmost are disk versions and a few digital so when i saw this i cried its as bad as all the horrible GTA sales for there newest game. you guys think $5 or $10 is good its not even covering tax in my area . sony is just as bad with the movies also $.99 off is not a sale its a insult to any gamer or movie fan and thats even crazier when your movies are so overpriced compared to retail. But i will say you guys do have some insane good sales at times and its nice that most games arecheaper on ps4 then my x1 as tax is not charged so on my x1 GTA $80 plus dollars after tax and on ps4 $69.99 not a penny more same with brothers $19.99 on ps4 on my x1 $27 after tax so thats great

  • The Last of 2 US :)

  • If any of you read the post the sale starts tomorrow the 23rd

  • The tLoU theme sounds cool so I will probably get it. I think that it should be released with the remaster and given to everyone who got the PS4 bundle,,, just saying.

  • Could you guys release a video on youtube showing the theme. I like to know what I’m buying before spending money.

  • New maps please…. I have my wallet ready and everything!

  • Why? Why don’t you make a new Joel & Ellie statue? Whhhyyy :'(

  • YES! Finally a TLOU theme.

    Still holding out for one in the style of the game’s main menu though :)

  • Okay, this is odd. Go to the Store on a PS3, go to games, deals, all deals. The Featured icon at the top shows The Last Of Us, $29.99…or Free for Plus! Select it, and you see it’s really $19.99 for Plus. Drat…got me ***SO*** excited for a second, but it looked too good to be true.

    • Hmmm…re-reading above, it says the sale starts the 23rd. That’s tomorrow, so I shouldn’t expect any sale prices yet. No other LoU deals were showing up today, which makes sense.

      I wonder…is there ANY chance that graphic is early, but otherwise accurate? Probably not, but I can hope…!

    • They got me the same way but not just that assassins creed was “free” too

  • There needs to be a TLOU Factions MP Dynamic Theme. I’d pay $1.99 for that. Pls. K thx. :D

  • How about re-releasing the ultimate version of Naughty Dog’s action adventure game with The Last of Us Game of the Year variation for PS3™ on USA/Canada soil?

  • The story line was so good after i had finished the game i felt like i new Joel & Ellie personally

  • I will get that theme right away just to listen the beautiful songs from Gustavo Santaolalla!

  • That theme looks sweet! Is it available yet?
    It’s 23rd! :D

  • Where is the new theme located? I don’t see it on the PSN.

  • Is anyone seeing these discounts yet? Not seeing a thing on my side

    • Can’t see anything either and I would really appreciate if the blog got its act together and published this once everything was ready; Come on, I’m sure we can be a little more organized here.

  • Where is the god damn theme? Its almost 24 sept and still no sale. If u are able to say 23 then u must be able to release the damn sale…

  • Am I the only one noticing an add that is actually an increase in price of the game? It went from 19.99 to 29.99 but free for Ps+. I’m curious if that is a typo or I should buy it now while it’s 10$ cheaper?

  • Call Playstation support. Talked to Angel and then Aaron (I think that’s his name). Take it for what its worth, but I don’t think either of these two know anything. Their answer: We don’t control this. You just have to wait till the store updates or the developer approves; which is generally on the weekend.

    Has anyone else call support? And if so, did you get a different answer?

  • now it it just a theme on sale or all the last of us stuff on slae becuase iv been looking at the psn store and it still says 55 dollars for the game on ps4 . any one know when the sale price will be in so i can see how much of a drop in price the game will be.

  • Nothing discount yet …

  • Where do I buy the Theme? looks pretty cool but it isn’t on the PSN store on my PS4 or the website.

  • It’s about 12:35PM pacific time on the 23rd and still NO theme or discounts. HOWEVER, the store app on my PS4 console is currently under maintenance so hopefully that’s a good sign :)

  • The game is now discounted to $10.00

  • Seriously?? Once again, Left Behind is discounted as Stand Alone but not as DLC?? Please someone tell me, is the Stand Alone version like a “bundle” of the DLC version and some kind of client or something like that? I was hoping for the DLC version to be discounted this time, not like last time. I have the full game and want to buy Left Behind as DLC (because of HDD space restrictions). Come on Sony, why is it so difficult to discount the DLC version as well?

  • Is anyone else showing the last of us free for PS+ but not able to download it?

    • Shows up as Free (for Plus) on the splash pages, but $10 (for Plus) in the actual store page. Makes me think it’s really supposed to be $10 (it was $20 yesterday).

      On the web store I’m not seeing the “Free” splash ad, only on the PS3 itself. I suspect $10 is the real price (and a decent deal, IMO). Now if it ends up being free 1-5 weeks after I buy it on discount for $10, I’ll be kicking myself, so I’m holding off for now…but I may not be able to hold out too long. I’ve just heard too many good things about this game.

  • I just purchased the Outbreak Day theme, and it didn’t download to my PS4, it’s not showing up in my download list or in my theme library. I got the confirmation email for my purchase and the money was taken from my wallet. If I got to the item’s page from the store on my PS4, there is a blank, nonfuntional box where the “Download”option normally is, and I also am not getting the option to add it to my download queue from the PC store, in fact, I can’t get the item’s page to load at all. How do I download and apply this theme?

  • I downloaded the remastered version on PS4, however it won’t download. The Download button is there, but when I select it nothing happens. I’d like to be able to download this as I just bought it :(

  • I bought the game and the theme as well, but I can´t download neither, what can I do?

  • Also having the same issue where I am unable to download the theme I just purchased. Not showing up in my download list either.

  • i jist bought the dynamic theme. but cant download it. why?

  • Don’t fret guys, I can’t seem to download the theme either. *goes into fetal position and cries*

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