Rally Copters Out Today on PS4, PS Vita

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Rally Copters Out Today on PS4, PS Vita

Hello, PlayStation fans! The team at Depth First Games is thrilled to reveal our game, Rally Copters, which is available starting today as a cross-buy download for PS4 and PS Vita! Watch the trailer here:

Rally Copters is a 2.5D physics-driven, helicopter time-trial game. The vibrant style is reminiscent of a classic, vector-based arcade game. You will guide your helicopters through a number of challenging obstacles and gauntlets. Mastering the momentum of the vehicle will be crucial for navigating the 27 increasingly-difficult levels. Fortunately, the game’s twin-stick controls allow you to perform advanced maneuvers that will shave precious seconds from your track times.

As you learn new and advanced techniques, you will be able to see your times improve and compare them against your friends and the world. The leaderboard system has a unique twist that will dynamically update how difficult it is to achieve a medal. The medals that you earn today could be lost tomorrow. In order to keep your medals you will need to consistently improve your track times!

With four different helicopters to choose from, splitscreen two-player support (PS4), and a competitive medal system, Rally Copters creates a dynamic, competitive gaming experience for PlayStation fans.

Depth First Games is a studio that consists of industry veterans and friends that want to explore working on their own passions. Projects are organically chosen and engineered in a collaborative fashion. A game created by Depth First Games is only released when the team feels it is truly ready to be shared with everyone. Learn more about Rally Copters and Depth First Games here.

Rally Copters

Rally CoptersRally Copters

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  • Looks great guys! Congrats on launching your game!

  • Looks fun. I’m glad to hear you’ve added a local multiplayer option for the PS4, too. Is it co-op or competitive? Is it in some way more challenging because you can crash into each other too?

    • It is competitive co-op with dynamic split screen. Yes you can crash into eachother and push eachother around or into obstacles which leads to some very fun competitive scenarios!

  • Looks fun, but is there some PSN policy that prices cannot be listed? If it’s out today, surely the price has already been set? And if so, surely the price could be listed … just saying.

  • This game looks pretty great! I really like the idea of the moving split-screen, so it’s easier to keep track of where the other player is.

  • Where are the playstation plus discounts again this week?

    • It looks like the volunteers at Sony still can´t figure out the store, tons of games have ps+ prices in yellow but it´s the exact same price as non ps+…. Most of the actually discounted games that do have a ps+ discount don´t even show up under ps+ discounts. I guess Sony got a strategy of supporting employees who don´t get the job done and that´s why they´re almost bankrupt. I mean why do all other stores, amazon, google play, steam, xbox,. even nintendo not have these daily issues sony has?

  • It looks pretty fun and i like the artstyle. It reminds me of the game kuru kurin from gba. I just saw there´s at least one purchase already lol despite “marketing” it thru the blog here. You can´t be serious putting this at $12.99 with no refunds like in steam and google play. Maybe at $2.99. We´re not living in 1998 anymore, Sony.

  • Man, this looks great! Like an old PS1- type game! I am completely in. I am a sucker for games that exist in a “VR Style” world, (MGS: VR Missions, Volume, I.Q.) Looks very cool, gonna go purchase it now!

    One small question: Why 27 missions? Why not 30? Or even 25? Am I the only person with OCD that has a problem with odd numbers?

    • Nah I’m with you on that.Hate odd numbers.

    • If it helps your anal-retentiveness about odd numbers, 27 is the product of a perfect square multiplied by it’s square root (9*3). It is the 3rd such whole number to have that distinction. The first two numbers to have that distinction are 1 and 8, the sum of which equals 9. So 27 is also the number you get when you multiply it’s own position within a series of numbers by the sum of the numbers that occupy each position in that series before it.

      There, that is about all I can do to make the number 27 seem cooler than it is.

  • This game got ma interest on The Drop post and damn ma intuition was right…the game looks great and pure fun,right up ma alley.I’m getting this and because of the 2 playa co-op I will play on PS4.

    Good job y’all at Depth First Games.

  • why dose the the vedio on ps blog say privte youtube vedio

  • A demo would have been useful for a game like this, where there hasn’t been much word of mouth and it seems no one has reviewed it. Like the concept, but for $15 you kind of want to get an idea or a feel of how it is.

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