Dungeon Defenders II Coming to PS4 September 29th

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Dungeon Defenders II Coming to PS4 September 29th

Hey everyone! I’m Philip, and I have some very exciting news: Dungeon Defenders II will be available for PS4 on September 29th in Pre-Alpha!

For those of you who didn’t get to play the original, Dungeon Defenders is an action tower defense game filled up with classic role-playing elements like loot, levelling, and pets. We’ve been in Early Access on PC since last December and can’t wait to bring Dungeon Defenders back to PlayStation.

For this version we’re shipping two of our favorite Dungeon Defenders features for the first time in the sequel — controller support (obviously) and two-player local co-op. We can’t wait for you to get your hands, literally, on these and let us know what you think.
But please note that Dungeon Defenders II is still under development! During this time, some features, like local co-op and controller support, will be ahead of the PC version, but other features and content will be rolling in after they are released on PC.

Dungeon Defenders 2

In the future Dungeon Defenders II will be free, supported by ethical microtransactions. Pre-Alpha Access will be immediately available to anyone who purchases a currency bundle on PlayStation Store on September 29th. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more updates on Dungeon Defenders II!

Have any questions? Ask away in the comments below! I’ll be available the rest of the day to answer your questions.

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  • This looks so great! I’m looking forward to it!

  • How about council members that have bought in and supported your game for quite a long time now on PC? I’ve personally been there since it was originally part MOBA myself. It seems a shame that we wouldn’t be granted access to this as well. Will all of the extra content we get on PC upon release transfer over to this version atleast? I ask because I would really rather play on PS4 and support you guys on there than PC. I’m much more active on my ps4 as well.

    Please let me know thanks!

    • I’m not, since Sony doesn’t care about its past loyal customers or their past digital library, to give backwards compatibility or movie downloads that can be downloaded more than once.

      Look forward to this on PC now.

    • @Joker_13zz Thanks for supporting us for so long! You should be able to redeem your Defense Council rewards on PC or PS4 at release, but not both. We currently do not have plans to support transferring accounts from the PC to PS4, but it’s definitely something we may be interested in after release!

      P.S. I just got off a flight, so I’ll be replying to everyone’s comments shortly!

    • @Philip Asher

      Thanks for the answer! I’ll be looking forward to being able to redeem the rewards and most likely playing on ps4 on release.

  • I’m not sure if I understand how to get the early access. I have to buy something from the game in order to play it early?

    • It seems like you will need to purchase an in-game currency bundle micro transaction. Think of it as like a way to get the bonus early access through pre-alpha. Or it seems like you could wait until the game is finished and get it for free…although that seems like it would be a pain to wait for.

      I wonder what the minimum currency bundle would be…maybe $5 USD?

    • Dead-Sync is 100% correct! You’ll be able to get early access with the purchase of a currency bundle. There will be three bundles available on the 29th. These will contain gems, Hero accessories, skins, additional Hero slots, and more.

      These bundles will be identical to the ones currently available on PC ($14.99, $24.99, $74.99), and will launch with an additional discount for PlayStation Plus members!

  • OMG been waiting, where have you been all my life. Cant wait, great job guys

  • So this is the “little” announcement y’all was talking about during the life stream. Trendy you need to buy a dictionary because this is not a “little” announcement. Good bye social life. Hello glorious loot. =)

  • So happy to hear a date for this! Played the first on X360, and after hearing about DDII maybe coming to PS4 I was really happy I switched consoles this generation.The first DD was a blast!

    I have 2 questions if you don’t mind answering:
    1.) Can local coop be combined with online play?
    2.) Will our characters and progress carry with us as the game moves from alpha to beta to retail?

    Anyways really looking forward to gettin my hands on this title especially with local coop! Only 8 days!!

    • How long after September 29th do you have to purchase a currency bundle to be eligible for the pre-alph access?

    • 1) Yes, local co-op can be combined with online play. That’s the whole point!
      2) Yes, your progress will carry with you. However, there will be occasional wipes when needed from a technical stand point. So, for example, PlayStation 4 players will get to participate in Wipeaggedon in a future patch, like PC players did earlier this year. This will be a chance to get gems, exclusive skins, and pets for leveling before a patch which wipes progression but adds in a lot more content to the game.

    • There’s not really a retail version of a free-to-play game. It’ll be the official release, if not the beta release, or some other fancy word.

      Also Dungeon Defenders 1 was on the PS3. Lots of content, not the full PC experience, but IMO worth the $20-30.

      I always wondered why they didn’t make Dungeon Defenders 1 Free to Play with all the extra characters and stuff they had DLC for. Seemed like a no brainer.

      Get 10 million people to try it, get some hooked before you know it they’re buying Jesters, and all of that.

      They could have offset people being upset by the change by giving the DLC for free to the people who had already purchased the game.

      Maybe retooling the whole game would have been to expensive, but then again they outsourced that for Eternia.

      However in DD2, there’s no advantage with real money. The Super Saiyan Kitty and the Apprentice clothing I have give me no real advantage. I think my Legendary Dragon with the Treasure Chest out performs my premium upgraded pets.

      Also the Saiyan Kitty sort of glitches my jumping. It zooms around and blinks around, while also making my character do a similar thing. Or maybe it’s just that my computer is THAT bad.

    • + MakaiOokami Why would you expect money to give you an advantage? That’s the worst possible thing you can do in today’s gaming.

  • i played the first and was hooked after a few games. So, bring it on .. I’m ready !

  • Fantastic news! D1 buy for me. My son and I will have a blast with this. Loved the first game! The art direction is truly beautiful. Well done and thanks for bringing it to the PS4!

  • Will the pre alpha build have trophy support? If not when it does will our accomplishments be retroactive?

  • So why exactly are you guys not going to bring co-op up to 4 players. This was mine and my 3 sons fav game to play together and if 4 players is not even on you guys minds, I cannot help but not support this game, it will cause spats and fussing over something that should be fun. Please tell me 4 player isn’t fully dead?

    • On the live-stream last week they said that this game was kind of resource intensive and anything more than split screen would really slow the game down. It’s not because they don’t want to. It’s so the game can run smooth enough for an enjoyable experience. Or something along those lines. Maybe it’s possible the game gets refined enough in the future for 4 player, but I wouldn’t hold out too much hope. I guess if you truly LOVE your kids like you say you do, and want them to be happy without the cost regards of material things, you could just buy an extra TV/Console and join each others games, because the game will be free-to-play once its ready for release. Or, just pick your favorite kid and game with him. The choice is yours.

    • Like @danimaltastic said, it comes down to technical issues. We’d absolutely love to support 4-player co-op, but since the game is fairly resource intensive it can only support 2-player local co-op.

    • no its not they said, but they need to do other stuff first what i know

  • OMG DD2!!!

    As a PS4 gamer im super excited. Now from what I read and if correctly you would have had to bought the game on PC in order to get access to the beta on ps4. So this excludes people who received the game as a gift? really sad to hear this since i did not buy my copy of the game. Still look forward to this though!!! I would be happy to shell out a bit of cash for the beta with maybe like beta status currency or something like that xD

    • We’re excited too! You won’t need to own the game on PC to get Pre-Alpha Access, you’ll just have to get a currency bundle from the PlayStation Store :).

  • I liked the first game, but not the company’s complete lack of console support and their attitude about not doing so. They took a “Sorry, we’re too small. We can’t afford to support that thing that you paid us for.” Line with it. I fear seeing more of the same as this is the same company and the same QA process that they “couldn’t afford” last time. Any thoughts or comments from the deva on that?

    • Let’s say it costs $1,000 (probably more like 3-5k)

      Sony takes 30% of the profit. So in order to make back that $1,000 (low ball) you’d have to get $1,300 in sales (rough dirty estimate)

      The full amount of money you could possibly pay for the game was $40

      33 people would have to buy all $40 worth of content.

      87 people would have to pay $15 dollars just for the base game.

      This is JUST to break even with the QA costs. That doesn’t pay for any of the development time, the time those developers are working on that and not other projects, and the QA costs were more like 3-5k (from what I’ve heard from other developers)

      So you’re looking at needing 500-1000 people willing to buy the game, or buy content for the game, in order to make the effort worth it.

      And that’s every single patch.

      They are able to do it now because that WHOLE process has been completely changed because the development process was designed with development first, consumers second, profits is now a tertiary goal designed to follow with good consumer experiences and good developer access.

  • @danimaltastic was there some reason you wanted to add snark to your reply at me?

  • “Pre-Alpha Access will be immediately available to anyone who purchases a currency bundle on PlayStation Store on September 29th.”

    Now the gaming community is being “asked” to purchase something to take part in a Pre-Alpha access build of the game. Pre-Alpha…. Means this is at the beginning stages of development… for PS4 im guessing since its on the PC for awhile now. Are they in need of money that much that they need PS4 gamers to buy some thing to help them make this game?

    I could understand if this was for access to the beta for a game that was soon to be coming out, and what we buy for access to the beta would be some thing we can use in the main game. As it stands right now, we have no idea if this currency bundle we are being forced to purchase to take part in a PRE-ALPHA game, will be some thing that will be usable in the main game when it comes out. For all we know this currency bundle is only for the Pre-Alpha and we could be “asked” again to purchase something to take part in future Alpha and Beta phases.

    • They really need to give us more info on what this currency bundle thing entails and how far it will carry on to the main game itself. Im not saying i wouldnt take part in this currency bundle, but i sure need to know a lot more about it before i can give it my support.

      Im just hoping this doesnt start a trend where game companies are “asking” the gaming community to purchase some thing to take part in Pre-Alpha and Alpha’s in the future. I’ve been in Alpha’s before and all it required was to sign up to take part in it, and maybe a little luck to get picked to take part in it. I enjoy helping games with Alpha’s and Beta’s to help make a game the best it can be. Im not sure how much im going to enjoy having to pay to take part in Alpha’s in the future.

    • Sorry for the 2 part post. Sadly this Blog limits us to 1200 charas. I can understand why cuz of people spamming, but to those of us that are writing a post that isnt spam its annoying

    • @mixedkidbx Thanks for your comments! Everything in the bundles will carry over 100%. Your progress will also carry over, however there will be wipes. When there is a full wipe, you will find all of your rewards back in your mailbox to redeem again.

      Like you suggest, we will also be opening sign-ups and other ways to get access in the future. That said, whether it’s now or later we can’t wait to hear your feedback!

    • No one is forcing you to.

      If you want to play a game in development, you can support them.


      Then you can.

      You can’t sit there and complain because they OFFER you a chance to be impatient with a possibly not finished product. No one is forcing you to, wait for free-to-play.

      There’s no excuse for this criticism.

    • Sorry but I bought the pre-access, and I love it, even though my computer runs it poorly.

      I will gladly buy the in game currency and play it on the PS4, because doing that is cheaper than building an entire computer that runs better (mine is something like 7 years old)

      I’m not trying to be a jerk, and I flew off the handle with the first response sorry, but… I’m just tired of the entitlement gaming. People want it now, and if it’s broken because they kept screaming about delays, they are then infuriated. But it was only released broken because people were impatient. So now groups are trying to offer a way to play the game, support development, and be a more open process, and now people are complaining because they get the option playing immediately.

      I’m just fed up with seeing complaints of EVERY single possible option.

      Worst case scenario, people play the game, they discuss whether pre-alpha access is worth it, you make that decision to buy now, or wait on it.

      I’m buying it again. I paid $15 or so on PC, I’ll likely pay $50 on console. At least $15, likely $50.

    • @MakaiOokami Your confusing a lot of what other gamers have want and complained about towards what i said. In no way did i say i want this game now, and then gonna complain about it later. In fact i think you didnt understand the purpose of my post at all.

      Good for you that you are giving your support behind them. Thats great. Sorry if my questions, which a lot of people would have, and something that upset you. Some of us want to know what this “currency bundle” was and how exactly it would work. Obviously Philip Asher understand what i was saying and asking and took the time to explain. Now we know that this currency bundle we buy will carry over to the full game. We now know that if (and when) a wipe happens that the currency bundle will pop back up to use in the next phase.

    • Makai not everyone is an entitled gamer. I’ve been Alpha and Beta testing since…. i was a teenager and that was long ago. Some of us grew up in the golden age of gaming. Next time dont be so quick to judge someone for the valid questions they ask. Im still looking for a little more info on what all will be in this currency bundles (since there are 3 different tiers and one alone is $80) but at least we know now it carries over to full release. Some of us might have been wondering if we were going to need to save them till the full game or if we should use them in these Alphas and Betas.

  • I liked Dungeon Defenders on the PS3 so i’ll “at least” check out DD2 on PS4 as long as there’s an offline mode.

    I frown upon and dismiss games with EXTREME prejudice with always online required or won’t even boot up even for single or local multiplayer co-op without a constant internet connection. CAUTIOUSLY optimistic.

    My .02

  • Shame i would love a physical SP release :( stupid F2P crap

  • Can’t wait to play DDII. Mostly played by myself on the PS3 can’t wait to maybe get some of my friends to pick it up and play with them. Just hope PS4 might get some of the DLC characters this time around instead of them only being on PC.

  • $15 for the currency bundle? Thats a lot to pay for a pre-alpha build. I’m curious to see if console gamers will be as open to this ‘early access’ thing you guys do on pc. It personally sounds ridiculous to me that people would pay for an unfinished version, especially at $15.

    I loved the first version of Dungeon Defender on ps3 but i’m not to happy with how this free to play model is being used for the sequel. :(

    • If you’re willing to play the game, $15 isn’t that much and you get some goodies and rewards from it.

    • 15$ w´that is nothing but you can wait a few months for at the Full version than its F2P..

    • If you were planning to buy Gems , it basically cost nothing since the gems they give equal their cost . You even save money with the discount we got now .

      I think it s worth mentioning if anyone ever come here in the future .

  • Philip,

    Thanks for answering my question (#6) about character progression. The “wipeaggedon” seems a bit worrisome as people love investing time in their characters. I would make sure people know well in advance this will happen and also notify everyone of when there will be no more (so they can rest easy hah) I understand why it must be done though sometimes.

    That said my concern is with our micro transaction purchase (which we need for pre-alpha) if we use our real money purchase for ingame currency, will those items and benefits we use on our characters get wiped as well? You can see the concern of spending money for content that potentially could get wiped.

    I appreciate your time answering these questions!! Thanks!

    • I can totally see that concern! Luckily, that’s not the case. When there is a wipe, any gems you have purchased will be refunded for you to use again. You’ll be able to find them back at your mailbox, along with any other rewards you may have.

    • Beautiful! Thanks for your time! Speaking of time, now I just need to wait 8 days!!

  • You can’t promise anything, I’m know, but I would enjoy cross-platform multiplayer.

  • Very happy to see this game on ps4.

  • What comes in the bundles ?

    Will there be support for Remote Play because that is a big sales point with me ?

    And last but not least who would i need to contact about DD1 on PS3 i did everything to get the Platinum Trophy but its saying i didnt complete the tutorial when i did ? Only game i Platinum so yeah its important to me lol.

  • ohh my God im waiting so Long, thx Phil and your Awesome Team :DDDD

  • For a game that started out play for free it is now a pay-to-play monster. I was one of the PC testers and soon quit due to lack of support by trendy. if you pay for this game then u will be allowing game companies to continue the lie of free to play……I loved the original game on 3 platforms PC, Xbox, and PS3…. this time trendy has not got a winner…… these are my thoughts…..

  • Cant wait! been craving some sweet DD action since gamespy shut down.

  • so if 4-player-co-op is not possible because the ps4 has not enough ressources…I’m no expert but can’t you just make it possible by not so good graphics like lower resolution or sth like that…

    The fun would be definitely worth turnning the graphics down ;)

  • Will the packs still be available after release date…?

  • PLZ PLZ !!!! ” Tell me the game savedata will server based”” !!! I will only pay for alpha is this can be confirm my reasons: I don’t want a game that can possibly be modded or hacked in the future. This is the type of game i dump hours in to have fun and on ps3 during the last few month of the game being live it got FLOODED with MODS. I would love to purchase the collector edition if it available on the PSN but this is my only determining factor. I assume it will be server base because of micro transactions but who know right? Can Someone a moderator plz find out I think a lot of the player will be HAPPY knowing this question.

  • Is there online co-op in this release? The game page says yes, this post doesn’t mention!

  • So very excited for this. Been a fan since the beginning. Played on PS3 / PC and was part of the original beta team for DD 2 ( when it was starting as a MOBA experience ).

    Watched the progress over the past several years and when I found out it was being announced for the PS4 was simply overjoyed.

    Can’t wait to pick this up and experience the magic all over again.

  • Does anyone know how big the whole download will be?

  • How do I download it??

  • so what time is it comming out?

  • What kind of trophy support can we expect? Platinum? It seems most games with the F2P model don’t get a plat, but thought I would ask! Thanks!

  • I loved dd1. I’m stoked to see it on ps4.

    That said.

    I was a part of the scrapped moba and dde. I also played on ps3 , not getting any support or dlc after the purchase.

    I don’t understand how you can ask for people to pay for an alpha to play a game that will be free regardless. I know you guys are a small studio from gator country and I supported you. I will play when it’s f2p, and continue if I enjoy. What exactly would qualify as “unethical” transactions. I think unethical is asking customers to pay for an unfinished game.

  • I Am Thinking About Getting The Defenders Pack Right Now, I Would Love To Test Any Alpha & Beta.

  • ok it the 30?09 why can i not buy it jet?

  • No 4 player local co-op is a huge miss. I won’t be buying this unless that becomes available.

  • what happens with the early access pack and multiple accounts on your ps4? will all the accounts get the content?

  • The Great Dragonsbreed is Back on DD .. Cant wait to kick out people in lobby !!! xD

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