Sound Shapes — 3 Year Anniversary Update

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Sound Shapes — 3 Year Anniversary Update

Hey everyone! Sound Shapes just passed its 3rd anniversary and today we’re celebrating our awesome community of players who have continued to blow our minds with creative levels.

First, to everyone that downloaded the game for free during the PS Plus promotion in September, welcome! We hope you enjoy the game, it’s been awesome to see a ton of new creators building cool levels. Fun fact: during the month of September, we averaged 200 new levels per day! Even if you’re not into making levels, there are still a ton of great new levels to play.

We’re celebrating this momentous occasion with six new Milkcrate albums of curated community levels from the creators of the game. Creating Sound Shapes was truly a collaborative effort, and it’s been special to have everyone back to see how the game has evolved since launch. Needless to say, a few minds were blown!

Sound Shapes Sound Shapes Sound Shapes
Jonathan Mak
I Am Robot and Proud
Cory Schmitz
Graphic / UI Designer
Sound Shapes Sound Shapes Sound Shapes
Jim Guthrie
Musician / Corporeal
Developer / D-Case Art
Developer / Hello World Art

We hope you enjoy these new albums!

In other good news, we’re having a huge sale this month where all Sound Shapes DLC is 50% off in the month of September, including the Ultimate Bundle (game + all DLC) and Add-On Bundle (all DLC).

Sound Shapes Ultimate BundleSound Shapes Add-on Bundle

We’ve also lowered the price of the core game permanently to $9.99 (previously $14.99) and that is one price for all three platforms (PS4, PS3, PS Vita).

If you’re a Sound Shapes player, thank you for playing and contributing to our great community! And if you haven’t had a chance to pick up the game yet, now is a great time to check it out!

Here are a few tips so you can check out what community is all about:

Greatest Hits

Here you will find some of the best of the community, updated daily based on plays and ‘hearts’ (likes).

Sound Shapes


These are play lists of community levels, in the form of albums complete with liner notes by guest curators. There are curated albums by The Verge, Ghostly, Gamespot, Baiyon, Santa Monica Studio, developer Queasy Games, and even PlayStation’s own Shuhei Yoshida and Scott Rohde.

Sound Shapes

Daily Level

A new level is posted here every day with a fresh leaderboard for discovering new content and challenging your friends.

Sound Shapes

Difficulty Rating

Maybe you’re in the mood for a challenge or maybe you’re just looking for something chill. The difficulty rating helps you know the challenge level before you play. Ratings are continually updated based on plays and deaths.

Sound Shapes

For updates in the future, please follow @soundshapes and @SonySantaMonica on Twitter.

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