New Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Trailer, Uncharted 4 Beta Dates

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New Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Trailer, Uncharted 4 Beta Dates

Earlier this week we gave everyone a first look at a section of the remastered Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on our Twitch stream. We played it live from our pre-release copy of the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. But no, we’re not going to stop there. Just about every week up until launch on October 9th, we will pull back the curtain bit by bit on all the new features and upgraded visuals to be found across the three games in the Collection.

Ready for another look? Keeping with the action-packed theme from the Twitch stream, this trailer showcases many of the awesome Uncharted moments; all of which can be experienced in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

If you missed the end (And you should have watched the whole trailer!), mark your calendars for December 4th through December 13th. Those are the dates the exclusive Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta will be available to everyone with a copy of the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and PlayStation Plus membership. So be sure you pick up a copy to be able to see what’s in store for Uncharted’s newest multiplayer mode, you can now pre-order either the standalone collection or the newly announced PS4 hardware bundle.

We know you are all looking forward to hearing more about what’s new in multiplayer, what’s new with gameplay, and what new modes and maps you can expect. We’re planning a grand reveal that will answer many of your questions about Uncharted 4 multiplayer before the Beta goes live this December.

We have just a few weeks to go until our October 9th launch date. Don’t forget, we’ve got two more Uncharted Moments Twitch streams left to go on September 29th and October 6th. Be sure to vote for your favorite Uncharted moment if you want to see it on the stream! Then you can get your hands on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection early when the much anticipated single-player demo drops on PlayStation Store September 29th.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone post their own #UnchartedMoments directly via the Share button from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection when it launches on October 9th, 2015.

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  • Sweet. Just in time for PSX. Happy holidays everyone. :-)

  • So if anyone is planning on giving the Uncharted Collection as a Christmas gift, consider giving it early so the recipients can take advantage of that U4 Beta Dec 4th – 13th! :-)

  • I’m hoping the lab makes it back into the multiplayer, those block mesh maps and fun game types really made me love the online.
    volleyball with grenades had never been so fun

  • Release this thing already!!!

    I just want to play those games again :-(

  • Beta…. window…. so ….. small

  • I know this has been asked before, but can you please tell us how big the install size is for this game? I know I will need to delete some games from my system, but I would like to know how much space I need for this.

  • Already proudly preordered! Really looking forward to the Uncharted 4 MP beta.

  • Song is from inFamous 2, isn’t it? Going to use that to convince myself is somehow means Bluepoint is working on the Cole MacGrath Collection next

  • Great first time gonna play this series :D but my first exam is on 8th oct lol

  • Really hope the multiplayer in 4 is more like 2 than 3. Would be a double slap in the face if not, with no multiplayer in the collection at all. Had a great opportunity to do playlists just like MCC.

    • Same here. I can’t explain why, but 2’s multiplayer felt great and I felt like I could have some good matches. 3 never felt right and I never had the same fun as I did with 2.

  • Shouldn’t it be called the .5 Collection, since you took out multiplayer and 3D support?

    • I’ll admit 3D kinda sucks for ppl like me who actually used it, but eh, I’d rather ND focused on making U4 MP great instead of polishing up U2 & U3’s MP on PS4 for the 10 people who would actually play it.

  • I better not miss it.

  • I pre-ordered Uncharted 4. Shouldn’t we have beta access too?

  • 30fps option for a CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE please! Some of us wants to experience the ENTIRE series in 30 fps, especially since Uncharted 4 will be 30 anyway. And please no black fade-ins whenever a cutscene starts. Please forward this link that explains all that if you must !

    • What? No! Absolutely never. 30 FPS is not a “cinematic experience”, that’s just some garbage Ubisoft spewed to try and convince everyone that 30 FPS is better because they couldn’t hit 60 FPS. Don’t fall for that line of bull, 60 FPS is better in every way. The gameplay is going to be so smooth in this collection.

  • What about the beta for people who preorder Uncharted 4 on the PSN store?

  • Brutality mode unlocked from the beginning please. Thanks

  • Can’t wait to try it, and please in the main game mp can we have a donut versions of chole and elena it make a refreshing change of just donut versions of the male characters.

  • I played every Uncharted game. Uncharted Trilogy games are my favorite PS3 games and Uncharted Golden Abyss is still my favorite Vita game (even after all these years). Nothing since on Vita has come close to Golden Abyss (well, maybe Killzone Mercenary). I will be getting this on PS4.

  • Great news! But only 10 days U4 MP BETA? Not at least a full month like U3 MP BETA?

    But I thought we only require the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection in order for us to access the MP BETA without PS Plus membership?

    Could you please clarify this again?

  • So will this collection actually have Crushing mode unlocked at the start? I’ve already played each game twice, once normally and then once again on Crushing. If I have to unlock Crushing again in this collection, I’ll probably pass.

    • Don’t forget the new extremely hard difficulty that’s only unlocked after beating the game on Crushing… So, if Crushing ISN’T unlocked from the outset, that means a minimum of 3 playthroughs for each Platinum trophy, more than likely.

  • Game looks great, but I’m super disappointed that the beta is so short. 10 days for us to play and give feedback? I remember U3’s summer beta being pretty long.

  • The graphics looks sooo good.

  • Is it the 60 FPS that makes it all look so good or there was that much change graphically?

    • The answer to your questions is yes. The 60fps adds a lot of smothness, while a lot was also added visually. This is shaping up to be a VERY solid remaster collection!

  • Great news on the beta can’t wait calendar updated.

    I just wish they’d consider patching in SOME kinda U2 and/or U3 multiplayer in U:NDC AFTER the U4 multiplayer beta expires. I understand most people on PS4 will eventually be playing U4 multiplayer once it launches, but still kinda bogus once the U4 beta expires, U:NDC will have no multiplayer to ever reference (and they are each great in their own right).

    As it stands now, anyone who gets U:NDC for Christmas won’t be able to play ANY multiplayer ever, unless they buy U4 in March next year

  • Well this is fun, just wondering why does it start when PlayStation experience starts? I guess will get to leave PSX and run home to play the end of the beta.

  • You guys had BETTER do a special edition PS4 console for Drakes last game… The great franchise deserves a proper sendoff.

  • Kinda worried we’ll get Uncharted 4 beta codes at PSX on dec 6…so I’m not sure if I should buy the Nathan Drake Collection before that…

    Either way, I’ll be buying this soon. Uncharted is the only series I can say I’ve played more than once… more than 2-3 times actually. Too fun. Great action, great comedy / charm, great graphics…. as always from Naughty Doggies! :P

    Uncharted 4 online is going to be sick… we already know how gorgeous the one player is…I cant wait to see some online maps / gameplay!! Jungle setting that we’ve seen from the one player for example would be f’n awesome.

    Uncharted 4 Online, Metal Gear Online, and Rainbow 6 Seige will keep me a happy competitive online gamer for a LONG time. :)

    Until Last of Us 2 shows up and blows my mind!! :D

  • September 29th what a terrible birthday gift?…hell that ain’t even a gift.How about the people who pre-ordered UC4?…pretty ironic hu?…not giving the beta to us who pre-ordered UC4.Hmm not forcing people to buy the recycled collection to get UC4 Beta hu….NOT AT ALL.

    • Firstly, they’re not “forcing” you to buy anything. Secondly, the Beta was NEVER said to be coming with UC4 preorders and was only ever stated to be coming with The Nathan Drake Collection. Thirdly, are you really that upset about not getting a beta that lasts a whopping 9 days?

  • Impressed that the improvements go beyond the expected 1080p60 buff. Like Sully’s face wrinkles at 0:47 and Flynn’s arm veins/muscles at 0:54. And most importantly, no more shiny Uncharted 2 bug eyes!

    Will definitely be picking this up. Goodbye PS3 versions!

  • When can we expect Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Collection? I always preferred the Jak trilogy over the Uncharted one.


  • Is there gonna be an Uncharted: The Victor Sullivan collection? Or Uncharted the Elena Fisher collection?

  • Uncharted 3 should of been scrapped, the game was really bad. What made it bad was the hand holding and pacing of the game, I really hate that. I would of liked the Uncharted 2 multiplayer in the collection instead of that flop that was Uncharted 3.

    Uncharted 3 goes down as one of my biggest disappointments in videogames. The first two were good though, but Uncharted 2 multiplayer was the best of the lot, such ashame its not included, its basically a kop out collection.

  • Wow it comes with a Uncharted 4 beta wow. What’s wrong with putting a Uncharted 4 single player DEMO for everyone to play for free? Not in any rush to play Uncharted 4 anyhow it comes out 18th March which isn’t far off.

  • Just pre-ordered my Uncharted PS4 bundle!! Glad to be going back to playstation!!

  • So just a question do i have to pre-order to get the beta or does it come with the game if i bought it from a store?

  • Do u have to get the collection or can we get it if we have Ps Plus and if available preorder Uncharted 4

  • Only 10 days for the Beta access?? Lame.

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