Overruled! Heads to PS4 on September 15th

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Overruled! Heads to PS4 on September 15th

Hey PlayStation.Blog readers! Along with independent developer Dlala Studios, we’re excited to announce that their 2D multiplayer brawler, Overruled!, is heading to PS4 on September 15th.

Choose from a diverse cast of 9 characters and challenge friends to a battle with both local and online multiplayer for up to 4 players. All you have to do to win is score the most points by the end of the game. But the rules are yours to play with, and with more than 30 dynamic change ’em up cards that can directly change the gameplay, you’ll never know how the battle will go!

Don’t incite the enemy as they are the master of your fate. You could be playing Headhunter now, but one of your rivals might decide to change it to Swag Bag. Or King of the Hill. Or Fire Tag.


Everyone dead? Double the respawn timer! Not doing so well by yourself? Turn on teams!

As well as the madcap multiplayer modes, Overruled! features an extensive single-player campaign with 54 challenges to conquer.

Overruled! will be available to download for PS4 on September 15th for $14.99 with a 50% limited-time launch discount.

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  • Guys, guys, GUYS games!!! These are all mostly for GUYS!!! Shoot ‘Em. Kill ’em, military, etc…give us a break. We may not be your biggest audience, but girls DO spend a LOT of money on PSN. SEE US!!???? HELLLOOO??

  • Always glad to hear a new local multiplayer game coming to PlayStation, and that there’s a single-player mode to boot. The changing gameplay dynamic sounds particularly interesting, how does one earn & apply cards throughout the match? Or does everyone start with the same set / random set?

    • Hey Paulogy,

      Thanks for your message, one of the developers here, card boxes spawn on the map as you play and you can hold a hand of up to 3 cards and play them when you like. Cards continuously spawn throughout the game (unless you whack the settings down in the preset).

      It’s always a random pick up though!



  • Oops, sorry wrong comment box. Sorry.

  • 9 “wacky” character designs that you never see because the camera is zoomed out so far on the maps, doing uninspired “brawling” while being voiced by “famous youtube” people I’ve never heard of? I’m all for indie games, but this one’s definitely not for me.

  • Funny thing is the number of games that feature female protagonist still outnumber games that feature minorities by a wide margin. Not only that, but developers have been going out of their way to remove gender bias, while doing nothing to address minority representation. This game seems to be a perfect example of that.

  • Another game that should be on the PSVita :(

  • I bought this game for the online but have no one to play with… does anyone else have this who would like to help a streamer out?

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