Destiny: The Taken King Exclusive Content Detailed

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Destiny: The Taken King Exclusive Content Detailed

This week we had the chance to celebrate two important video game milestones. September 9th, 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of PlayStation in North America. It also marked one year since Destiny first launched on our platform. I had the chance to celebrate these two events on a livestream earlier this week with our friends from Bungie, where we unboxed the gorgeous Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation 4 Bundle and played through our PlayStation exclusive* Strike, Echo Chamber (where I failed the boss battle in an epic manner).

Did you miss Wednesday’s stream? We’ve got you covered! Watch the archive from our Twitch livestream here.

Huge thanks to Bungie community manager extraordinaire (and Fireteam carry) DeeJ and lead designer James Tsai for joining us. With their help, I now feel prepared to take on Oryx when Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15th.

I’m thrilled to kick off the next chapter of Destiny. We’ll have a ton of great content only available on the PlayStation platform including a co-op strike for you and your Fireteam, new crucible map, and sweet Legendary and Exotic gear.

Can’t wait to embark on your next great Destiny adventure? Join me and the rest of the crew at PlayStation this weekend and treat yourself to new PVP maps and modes as part of the pre-launch Crucible Preview Event.

*Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2016.

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  • It always annoys me how so much destiny footage shows from a third person perspective but they don’t allow you to play that way outside of a few very limited instances. Oh well, the game’s so high-priced here in Canada it’s probably for the best I don’t have to buy it.

    • Destiny is the same price as every other game…. I don’t understand the hate. It is a FPS RPG MMO, of course it is mostly first person.

    • Well Mega-Gazz, maybe its because they charge full price for what turned out to not even be half a game. And then they charge you an arm and leg just to get the rest of the game unlocked. Added onto the fact the guy seems to be from Canada, therefore the price is higher than if he lived in the United States.

      The game mechanics are great, which is why so many people got hyped up for the game. The release was an utter flop because people beat all there was to the game within the first day, which left people with nothing but grinding for slightly better gear to use during Instances you’ve already completed dozens of times.

      Bungie may have butchered their chance of succeeding on the Sony console due to their very first game being a giant middle finger to the average gamer. One can hope that their next game won’t be butchered, but many of us won’t be bothering with buying it just based on principle.

      I’ll agree with you on one matter though. It is a FPS, so expecting third person is kind of ridiculous.

    • @Mega Canadian prices are not as static as American. Different companies choose to gouge Canadians more than others. For example, Disgaea 5 is going to be 59.99. SAO’s new game is going to be 69.99. destiny’s regular baseline edition was 79.99 and The TAken King will be another 79.99. Sports games are either 89 or 99 dollars, respectively.

      Destiny is ABSURDLY expensive in Canada. Especially given the price of its expansions.

      @Both – as to the third person comment… they’ve already done the work to code it. There’s literally no reason to not allow people the choice in pve content. In a lot of first person games, third person camera angles were never added or coded to work, so expecting them to add it is a lot of work. But Destiny has already coded it – it ALREADY EXISTS AND WORKS – they’ve already done the work. But they’re just not letting people make the choice of how they wish to play. And to me, that makes them a terrible designer. I can appreciate leaving it out of pvp to avoid any balance issues… but since it is coded, there’s no appreciable reason to not allow people to use third person in pve if they would prefer it.

    • @Seluhir – I am canadian, and bought TTK for $40. I paid $100 CDN at launch for the game and the season pass. In terms of dollars per hour entertainment, it has been a steal.

    • death8u4u….

      You lost all validity at this point…

      “they charge full price for what turned out to not even be half a game. And then they charge you an arm and leg just to get the rest of the game unlocked.”

  • Which… doesn’t change anything…. hopefully this games online community will just plummet and die.

    • Why exactly? The game is great and has 20 million+ players.

    • @MBFtrace, had maybe.. I doubt there are 20 million active accounts right now. And many of those accounts were people playing under false pretenses and promises. Most (like me) have stopped playing when Activision and Bungie avidly waved the hahaha suckers flag in our faces. That and we realized there was no point in continuously grinding over and over again without any reward for our efforts and wasted time.

  • Destiny pretty much sums up everything wrong with gaming, from cut content to be sold later, to stupid fans

    • Really? Because I’d claim mindless hatred fueled by bigotry and ignorance is what’s wrong with the world, and you are what’s wrong with gaming.

    • How exactly am I what’s wrong with gaming? Because I’m sick of a company lying to me? Because I’m sick of a company cutting a game up just to sell that content later? Because I hate paying for content that’s already on the disc? So tell me, HOW THE F*** AM I WHATS WRONG WITH GAMING?

    • because your a whiny apple.

      oops, forgot to hold my tongue…

    • @jchill001, couldn’t agree more. @kitler53 did you just raise a fanboy flag. Because god knows why you’re referencing Apple here…..

  • I don’t get these limited edition consoles… it is just a sticker.

  • This should be from start…..milking fans.

    • They aren’t “milking” fans. They put out a [very good] game, the community criticized it in some specific ways, and their first expansion took it to heart and addressed some of those problems. Do you really think that they should be giving away their products for free? Hundreds of people working for a full year, and you don’t think they deserve to be paid?

    • @Mega-Gazz, as someone who’s put 100ish hours into the game, you’d have to be one heck of a naive follower to not see how they’re milking fans….

  • Destiny has been one big disappointment for me. Buneige insists on making co-op exclusive content, but won’t give us matchmaking options, and on the other hadn they force matchmaking on activities that I would like to try on my own.

    I also regret buying the original collector’s edition. Paying another $40 for an expansion of a game for which I already paid $100 is outrageous.

  • So will there be any rabbit themed gear for me to match my Made Rabbit with? And could there be a trophy for equiping such legendary gear. Something something, slow and steady doesn’t always win the race?

  • I will be the first to say that I really enjoyed the first two expansions and have already preordered TTK, I’m excited.

    • there will always be cheap fans that complain about wasting money on DLC. muahahha get a jobb fools

    • I get very bored of the game, but I hope TTK sates the boredom for the game. Not that I’m bored at all, playing Fallout NV is very fun. I never get bored of it. always new places to explore. But the thing I’m bothered with is that Activision is practically enslaving Bungie, and milking the consumers of their money. But I understand the reason for cutting out content. Is was cheaper, both companies agree on that.
      The price for the game with all content would have costed greatly, and cutting most out eased the pain of the cost of the game itself. I hated what Activision did, but I can’t do anything about it, I’m just another mindless consumer for a hardly entertaining game, at least right now it is. :/

  • Exclusive content is not something that should be celebrated. You are not providing something extra to people, you are simply denying access to this content to others. Gamers need to stand together and stop playing the console war “game”.

    Gamers always lose with exclusivity!!!

    • Disagree. Ps4 is a superior machine. That cheap ram and 720p-900p in games on box is pathetic.
      Ps4 should get exclusive content if Sony outbid Microsoft.

    • I’m not too excited that we have this type of exclusivity. Even less due to Xbox users having to wait an entire year; by then many would have moved on to other games. I’d feel better that if Sony does want this type of agreement, that it would only last like 2 months tops. That way players would have something to look forward to.

    • @ Fuhr31 and LunarStriker – You two feel sorry for them bots?…..unbelievable.

  • Destiny sucks balls, why are people still playing this repetitive mediocre money grab of a beta?

  • For all the haters who think that the financials are unfair – Compare it to WoW (really the best comparison):
    – takes a $15-$20 monthly fee
    – expansions cost 60$
    – When expansions are released, they don’t package the whole game and all expansions into one box like destiny is.

    Destiny’s pricing is more than fair.

    • That is not a very good comparison, I know nothing about WoW, but the way you described, it sounds like any pay to play game.
      Most pay to play per month games offers a service. From maintaining the servers, adding additional content, fixing in game content from adjusting player characters to NPCs and monsters.
      Take Final Fantasy XIV for an example, they have seasonal events about once a month for a couple weeks or so.
      They also seek out people that exploit the game and remove that exploit and the players the uses that exploit.
      Sure it sucks when a game like WoW or FFXIV is down for maintenance, but they are always trying to improve the game experience for their paying customers.
      Games like WoW or FFXIV don’t necessarily cut the main game to sell expansions like Destiny, a MMORPG normally are working on the expansion as the main game has just been released. Destiny on the other hand had two expansions announced months before the actual game came out. That tells me that it was suppose to be apart of the main game, at least the 1st expansion.
      Over all, in my opinion, MMORPG pay to play games and expansions are totally worth the money.

    • Are you kidding me? World of Warcraft (or any MMORPG for that matter) has literally DAYS worth of content, sometimes weeks or months worth. You’re comparing that to a game that you can beat within 24 hours including doing every single Raid available?

      Something wreaks of Bungie employee.

    • not true i play wow too and it cost $15 a month and all but one expansion was $40 the latest was $50 and when the new expansions come out usually the others get drastic price cuts and they add the other expansions into the box set at a lower price right now you can pay $20 and go from 1-90 which isnt bad

  • If you did not enjoy the game, that’s cool. Don’t bash other thatdo. You all need to stop trying to shove your opinions on others. And bungie is a company in the business of making money, they have to do things that will maximize their profits. I for one enjoyed the game, doesn’t mean I agree with everythingthey have done.

    • Companies screwing over their customers is what people are getting at however. You can make a pretty penny off of a situation without having to absolutely screw over your fan base. Have you seen Naughty Dog completely screw over their customers even once? Are they bankrupt?

    • Is it wrong to point out other people are blindly getting screwed over? If I was being ripped off and I didn’t think so, I’d like someone to educate me. I may or may not accept what they state, but if there’s an overwhelming amount of people telling me one thing, it’s at least worth noting the possibility that I’m naive ….

  • Sorry for the typos. Lol

  • Damn I wish ma brother hadn’t bought Destiny on launch,I did warn him to wait and get the game later…activision really got us this time around though,gotta handle to them for this bait.
    They never release special editions of their games with all the DLCs,they’re the only company that never do that.I for one never expected Destiny would have one.
    Well it ain’t a problem for me though cuz I’ll never buy those overpriced DLC,when they’re on sale for at least half the price then’s the time to buy.

  • Do you get the PlayStation exclusive content immediately? I bought and downloaded the Digital Collector’s Edition , but didn’t get the 3 legendary armor suits, the jade rabbit scout rifle, or access to any special strike. Do I need to be s certain level or something?

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