PlayStation Blogcast 179: Take Me, King, Tonight

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PlayStation Blogcast 179: Take Me, King, Tonight

Our courageous leader Sid Shuman makes his triumphant return to the Blogcast. Today, the team is honored to sit with DeeJ and James from Bungie to discuss Destiny: The Taken King, which is out next week. What’s it like working on such a huge project for such a long time? What’s their reaction to the dedicated player community?

Plus, in celebration of the North American 20 year anniversary of PlayStation, the team recalls its Top 3 original PlayStation games. Download at will, and enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Destiny: The Taken King
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • PlayStation 20th Anniversary
  • Laserlife
  • Final Fantasy
  • The Dark Tower
  • Space vans

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The Cast

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1 Author Reply

  • Enjoy the show!

  • Wow here I was thinking this wouldn’t be posted until tomorrow. About to download now and Happy 20th Anniversary!

    • I swear we must be in sync or something we’re always like the first ones here. lol. Do you also get PlayStation’s tweets on your phone?

      Although around 6pm on Thursdays I’m usually refreshing the libsyn page every 20 minutes, as that’s where it’s usually posted fist.

    • Nope don’t have cell phone lol. I just saw the tweet and usually check back here on thursday and friday nights waiting on it lol.

  • Can’t wait to listen, love the show. Off topic would love to hear some Disney Infinity 3.0 talk, game is simply amazing. keep up the great work OH MY!!!!!

  • I, like Mercenary, was also starting to give up hope on it posting today. Haha.

    Glad to see Sid is back, I’m going to assume THAT, along with the interview, is why today’s episode is longer. Good, good. Just how I like ’em; long, funny and uncut, er.. off-topic. Yeah, that too.

  • Well just got done listening and another great show guys! Sid’s dream of having a wave of kittens wash over him and the Metal Gear talk had me laughing so hard. “You’re going to extract him!?”

  • Hilarious show once again but… something is bugging me…

    Why wasn’t “5 Ways the Creatures Stay Creepy in SOMA on PS4” in your “News You Can Use and so on…” segment?

    I figured with Sid running the show this would have been a highlight!

    That blog post I’m referring to is so interesting. Even if you don’t care about the game it’s an interesting read.

    That game sounds like Outlast style suspense in a Bioshock atmosphere. I can’t wait to pop a few anxiety pills and live stream it for other’s sadistic entertainment.

  • Sid returns and balance is restored to this new episode.

    • SId, I loved RE 3. It was the first one I played from the series and I had the best time playing that game. Then I went and played RE 1 and 2 which are also amazing, probably better games than 3 but that one being the first and me loving the characters, Jill Valentine and Carlos, and being chased by Nemesis countless times was such a ride.

  • Great show (as always)! Fun fact: Basketball was created by a Canadian born in Ontario who later emigrated to the US where the sport would be invented.

  • NI NU NA NA.

    (Thanks for reading my comment!)

  • I agree that kittens would be too scratchy, definitely go for the wave of puppies. Loved the bungie interview. They get a lot of hate on the Internet, so let me be a voice of love. Love the game, and appreciate how much they are into the fan experience.

  • Hey, did you guys get the name of this post from Eddie Money’s Take Me Home Tonight? I can’t get that song out of my head now, dagnabbit!

  • Sid is back, missed you last time!

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