Laserlife Zapping to PS4 on September 22nd

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Laserlife Zapping to PS4 on September 22nd

Good day, fellow video game enthusiasts. I’m Alex Neuse, Project Lead on Laserlife. I’m here today to talk to you about our latest project, which has been a long time coming.

That’s right, we finally got off our keisterbunnies and decided to make that high-concept-dead-astronaut-music-biography-game that we announced at IndieCade in 2010!

Laserlife is finally here.

What are we Dealing with Here?

Laserlife is an interactive biography about a dead astronaut floating through deep space who is discovered by future intelligences who have no concept of humankind.

These deep space explorers, who we are leaving up to your imagination, have technology that is capable of extracting the physical elements of memory. As they themselves have no memory or knowledge of humanity, they extract the astronaut’s memory fragments to learn about their strange discovery.

Why is the astronaut here? Why is it alone? Why is it dead?

It’s your job, representing these entities, to piece together the astronaut’s memories so that you can gain an understanding of what it is. And you do this with lasers. To the beat of the music.

What are We Getting Out of the Experience?

In case you weren’t sure, Laserlife is the latest rhythm/music game created by the studio that brought you BIT.TRIP and CommanderVideo.

Mike Roush (the other Choice Provisions Co-Founder) and I are fascinated by what makes a human a human. What makes us whole, and are we simply the sum of our accomplishments, or are we more? While we touched on this a little in our BIT.TRIP series, the primary focus of those games was to create retro-difficult, super abstract rhythm/music games for the sake of incredible gameplay — and broken controllers. And swear words.

Our intention with Laserlife was to create a rhythm/music game that was accessible to everyone (If switched to Easy Difficulty, even my mom* should be able to complete it).


Laserlife is an experience that’s meant to be played through in one sitting. It’s an exploration, largely through symbolism, of what it means to be a human. By the end of the game, you will have unlocked several key memories of the astronaut’s life, allowing you to review their existence, as if looking at a portrait. By the end, you should feel as if you know this astronaut. And your knowing holds value in the knowing itself.

Go grab Laserlife, turn down the lights, turn up the audio, and remember what it means to be a human.

Also, feel free to plop some comments down below, and we’ll do our best to reply to each and every one; some multiple times.

*My mom actually beat BIT.TRIP BEAT. True story. I have no idea how she did that.

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  • While I always appreciated the BIT.TRIP series of games for what they were, they never really clicked with me. This on the other hand, looks fascinating due to its plot, setting, and implications for the way we view ourselves in the world :-)

    Given you’re launching on PS4, are there any particularly interesting ways you’re using the DS4 controller (touch, lightbar, etc.)?

    • I think if you were appreciative of what BIT.TRIP was, but didn’t get into them, you’ll definitely find Laserlife more accessible and interesting.

      We are really delving into what it means to be a human, albeit through pretty abstract symbolism.

      And when you find out more about the world that the Astronaut “lives” in, I think you’ll be even more fascinated. ;)

      We aren’t using the unique features of the DualShock 4, unfortunately. Other than the fact that it’s basically the best video game controller on the market and we use it to control our video game. :)

  • looks cool. does it play like entwined?

    • It does play somewhat similarly to Entwined in that you control two “characters” with one analog stick each. But we tried to lean more on our rhythm/music heritage than a character-control approach, if that makes sense.

      Basically, we wanted our game to feel like you were surfing on the music rather than moving characters through a world. So, while there are some similarities, it definitely feels distinct from Entwined.

      I think you’ll be stoked.

  • Game looks very innovative and interesting. Great idea! I liked bit.trip but it was too hard for me lol. I love music based games and this looks right up my alley. Can’t wait to try it out. Any chance the game will get a platinum trophy?

    • This is definitely a kinder, gentler, BIT.TRIP-ish experience. If you like music games, but the BIT.TRIP ones were too insane for you (and let’s face it, they’re BRUTAL), you’ll probably dig Laserlife.

      Unfortunately, it does not have a platinum trophy. We will have a platinum trophy in another game of ours soon, though.

      Another game we’ve yet to ever speak of publicly….


  • Looks a BIT TRIPPIER!

    I’m sorry.

  • Looks neat, reminds me of Rez a little bit.

  • Does it shows how he died?

    • So, you’re exploring several of the most life-impacting memories of this astronaut, from early childhood, through adulthood, and up to the end. The Astronaut’s memories have to end somewhere.

      What’s more life-impacting than your own death?

  • This looks pretty awesome. It really reminds me of the game REZ in a way. (Which I totally loved and wish for a PS4 remake in the future…. sigh..) That music is totally badass though. Right up my alley. I hope there will be a way to obtain the soundtrack from this game as well. Anyway, looking forward to the release of it. Definitely a buy from me. :)

    • Dude, it’s like you were in my SHARED FOLDERS!

      I just today finalized the soundtrack, and it SHOULD go live on September 22nd, alongside the game. You’ll be able to find it on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

      I also wish for a PS4 version of Rez.

      Oh, and thanks for your compliments on the music! One of our old pals, Chris Osborn, is the mastermind behind the tunes. He composes under the handle of TRACER, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have worked with him on Laserlife.

  • Kind of strange… How is this a game?

    • You control the lasers with the analog sticks, and fly through memory molecules to the beat of the music. Depending on the timing of your button presses, and the accuracy of your flying skills, you’re awarded points.

      You work your way through from the deep-space real world, to the metaphysical plane, then the subconscious and back, all before energizing the Astronaut’s dead body, enabling it to create a physical manifestation of its dormant memories out of the laser energy you’ve collected, harmonized, refined, and unleashed.

      Also, you play it on your TV with a controller. And the lights off. And the music cranked up to 11.

      In these ways, it is a video game.

  • I was about to say from the makers of Bit.Trip?…well count me in already,as Runner 2 is one of the best PSN games I’ve seen.
    Trailer was nice that is until 1:26…really?….uh disgusting.Count me out already.

    • What happens at 1:26 that’s so disgusting?

      Ah… the trailer starts to end.

      All good things must come to an end, I’m afraid.

  • Looks Trippy.

    I’m sold.

  • Between this and Soma we’ll be having all sorts of existential crises.

    • I love horror games. We’re all very excited for Soma over here at Choice Provisions!

      And those Amnesia devs couldn’t be nicer folks. Can’t wait to pick it up!

  • Gameplay reminds me of Entwined

  • After watching your trailer, so much greatness just happened from within me. All of my memories of past played rhythm games are at the foreground of my mind: Child of Eden, Rez, Frequency, Dyad, Entwined, Cosmophony…and now Laserlife :D With my constant hunger for rhythm games, Laserlife is coming at the most perfect timing ever! I am intrigued to the max by this, and I am eager to play it.

    The overall story and concept — it delves really deep into the mind, life, and Universe of a being. And to base it on someone who is non-existent in the physical form, makes it 100 times more exciting. It makes you think creatively about life itself overall. Through music, it’s like you’re spiritually connecting to the subject to bring important element to light.

    Ah, I truly appreciate this direction in a game. I just can’t wait to play it lol.

    Thank You!

    • Dude. It’s as if you were in the office while we were developing it!

      This is the kind of stuff we hope Laserlife evokes in people. It’s the wonder of what makes life meaningful that the beings who find this Astronaut are interested in experiencing.

      Hopefully you’ll feel like one of them when you play it on the 22nd!

  • Trippy! And always love a good electronic soundtrack! :D

  • I just finalized the soundtrack yesterday, and we were all listening to it in the office and marveling at how wonderful a job Chris Osborn (TRACER) did on it.

    You’re going to dig it.

  • damn… If it controls like entwined… thats disappointing. Im a HUGE trippy rhythm game fan (Amplitude, Rez are some of my all time favorite games…) but controlling two lines with two sticks at the same time is NOT fun, no matter how awesome the visuals or music is. Even Dyad had better more original controls than entwined. In fact the only reason i hated entwined was the controls. it just was not fun.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about it being similar in controls to Entwined.

      The fact that it uses both analog sticks is really only the primary similarity. Trust us, it feels very different from Entwined.

      I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • @ Alex Neuse – Very clever Alex…you do know what I’m talking about.

  • Is this an “on rails” experience albeit controlling the lasers? Is it procedurally-generated? Thanks.

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