Flame Over Heats Up PS4 on September 15th

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Flame Over Heats Up PS4 on September 15th

Hello everyone. I’m really happy to be back on PlayStation.Blog to tell you that Laughing Jackal’s firefighting action Roguelike, Flame Over, is finally making the jump to PS4 and will be available on Tuesday next week. Yay!

Flame Over

So, for those who haven’t tried, or don’t remember the PS Vita version, Flame Over is a top-down shoot ’em up firefighting game featuring 16 randomly generated levels, four environments, stacks of secrets, and a ton of replayability.

Unlike other shoot ’em ups, you’ll be using hoses, extinguishers, and waterbombs (plus a ton of power-ups you’ll grab along the way) as you struggle to take down the toughest fires ever seen in a video game. And believe me when I say these fires. Are. Tough.

As a game inspired by the roguelikes of old, as well as more modern interpretations like Spelunky, Flame Over is a brutally difficult game, but one in which you’ll learn as you go, getting a little further each time and inspiring you over and over again to try one last time (Honest!) to make it the whole way through, rescuing all the people and cats trapped within and maybe even speed-running your way to the top of the Leaderboards!

Flame OverFlame Over

As you’d expect, the PS4 version of Flame Over boasts a ton of improvements over the PS Vita original, including:

  • Amazing graphicalness: you’ll be blown away by the amount of detail in our 3D environments, which really get to shine on the big screen, plus we’ve thrown in lots of sexy touches like bloom, real time shadows, and all that jazz. The game also loads near-instantly and is full 1080p 60fps.
  • Interactive tutorial: we’ve made a training-friendly tutorial where you can play through two levels of the game fully powered up, getting to test out lots of the game’s extra equipment and power-ups in a slightly less dangerous environment. This is firefighting, however, so you’ll still need to be on your toes if you don’t want to fry!
  • Even more extra stuffs: the PS4 version of Flame Over features additional rooms, secrets and mechanics to make it the ultimate version of the game.

For those of you who are up for a challenge and a lot of laughs (And tears!) along the way, be sure to check out Flame Over next Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you on the Leaderboards!

You can find out lots more about Flame Over by visiting the official website, and can come and check out the Laughing Jackal website, Twitter, and Facebook pages to keep up to date on the game.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you heading into the fire next week!

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  • Is the PS4 version cross-buy with the Vita version?

    • Hi Thermopyle2 Sadly not.

      We added quite a bit of extra stuff to PS4 much of which couldn’t be done on Vita from a technical standpoint, so it wasn’t really plausible or fair to throw both sets of players in together. However, what this does mean is that both versions play to their own console’s strengths and a Vita patch is in sub that will bring it as close to the PS4 version as we can. Hope that answers your question.

      Nice fiery-sounding username too btw! ^^

  • Thanks but no thanks guys. Already bought this on the Vita and you should have made it Cross Buy. I won’t be double dipping on this.

    • Well, thanks for supporting the Vita version Mercenary09. We appreciate it. My previous comment indicates why we decided against crossbuy / crossplay. We’ve tried to price both versions accordingly to reflect that.

  • Game looks like a lot of fun. Any chance the game will get a platinum trophy?

    • Yeah, there’s a Platinum in there, but it’s no easy feat! We have a total of 20 Bronze, 10 Silver, 5 Gold and the Plat. ^^

      If you want to find out more about the game there’s a trailer on Youtube, plus quite a few big-name Youtuber’s have covered it, like NerdCubed, SSundee, TotalBiscuit etc. Also a dedicated website. :)

    • Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely check out those videos. Day one buy for me just for including a platinum. I’m glad some developers understand!

  • This Vita patch has been in submission since June… sorry but I’m not buying it again.

  • how much? pre order bonus?

  • There aren’t many games about public servants outside of police, what inspired you to make a game about firefighters?

    • I was inspired by a fire safety lecture about the chemistry of fire and whether that could be modelled and turned into something. It had to be top down in order to allow the fire to move around and surround the player.

      I’m a huge fan of all kinds of roguelikes and action games so wanted to throw that in. Also The Fireman on SNES was a favourite of my teenage years, so that’s an influence.

      And the appearance of the main character was kind inspired by the Doozers from Fraggle Rock. ;)

  • I´m very sad about the no cross buy feature, at least give us a discount for Vita version owners. there is no way to buy it again to full price.

    • Sorry about the cross buy thing, but we weren’t exactly sure WHEN the PS4 version was coming up as we had moved on to other things. I’d like to thank you for supporting us and picking up the Vita version – really appreciate it!

  • I appreciate you detailing the improvements that went into the PS4 version, and noting that some of that work is being back-ported to Vita. Showing the value proposition of the new version and doing right by previous buyers with post-release support is fantastic. I appreciate this kind of transparency, and also that cross-buy shouldn’t be an assumed default when there’s appropriate value-add for a budget-priced title.

    One question: were any female firefighters added in either the PS4 version or the incoming Vita patch?

    • Thanks for the comments. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but we did what we felt best. Originally we wanted to charge £15 for the game instead of £8.99 so I’m not 100 per cent sure of the dollar equivalent…

      We priced both versions accordingly. We’re really happy with the PS4 version, which I’m confident is best.

    • Realised I never answered the last part! Blaze is still the only firefighter I’m afraid. Sorry ’bout that. :)

  • @LaughingJackal

    Just so you know, Destiny The Taken King launches the same day as this game your talking about, everyone will be busy playing the taken king just saying!

    • That’s true, but I think we’re not really competing with AAA titles. Most people who are into Destiny probably won’t have Flame Over on their radar! Well, maybe they will – I’d love that audience! ^^

  • if the game don’t support Cross Buy why not a discount to the vita owners of the game??

  • As a fan of Roscoe McQueen: Firefighter Extreme (on the original PlayStation), I’m looking forward to picking this one up!

  • No cross-buy leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth. I’d been waiting on it to see if this was there or not. I’ll get the Vita version down the line.

  • This is a very interesting looking game. I’m loving the looks of it, and the fact that it’s a new twist on a great genre. Definitely going to get the Vita version (hadn’t heard of it before now), and if it’s as fun as it looks, the PS4 version will be an easy decision as well.

    Btw, I LOVE the rougelike touch. I never tire of procedurally generated level systems in games. It adds so much depth and replayability. So hyped about this! :D

  • I bought the game for my Vita and play it all the time on my PS TV. It’s such a fun but really HARD game. It only took me four weeks and a lot of attempts to finally make it through a level. I’m glad to see it’s coming to the PS4 and hopefully more people will get a chance to try it out.

    (and for the record, I don’t really care it’s not cross-buy. I think some are beginning to feel that cross-buy is an entitlement they’re owed with ever game, and I’m wondering if that is scaring away some devs from making games for the Vita)

  • I enjoyed The Firemen for Super Famicom/PAL SNES plus I enjoy Rogue Likes so I may give this a shot.

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