Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1 Hits PS4 on September 22nd

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Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1 Hits PS4 on September 22nd

Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1 storms onto PS4 on September 22nd before any other console! And only PlayStation gamers will be able to get a special discounted Trilogy bundle containing all 3 volumes of the game for 20% off the regular retail price, and PlayStation Plus members will get the bundle for 30% off. Purchasers of the bundle will get the first game of the series, Volume 1, on September 22nd. Volumes 2 and 3 launch at a later date.

But this means nothing to you unless you know what Afro Samurai is. To set the stage, it’s one of this century’s coolest manga/hip hop universe incarnations that has a rabid fan base who is passionate about the characters and story. If you like manga, anime, and hip hop, you’ll love this.

Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1 Hits PS4 on September 22nd

Afro Samurai was originally a Japanese manga created by revered artist Takashi Okazaki. The story centered around this cool looking character called Afro Samurai. As a young child he witnesses his father being brutally murdered, all for the sake of the #1 headband (believed to give the wearer super powers). As he grows up, he is driven by an insatiable desire to avenge his father’s death, a desire that ends up getting a lot of innocent people — people that he would call his family — killed in the process.

It’s a dramatic, tragic story, full of action and a lot of brutal combat. Needless to say, the opportunity was ripe for the picking, and after being picked up by GONZO, the original story was turned into a cult animated TV series which aired on SPIKE TV, and also a video game. Fast forward several years and fans have almost been starved of any new piece of content that they could consume. Until now. Indie dev studio Redacted got the rights to breathe new life into Afro Samurai, and they’ve breathed a whole lot of action packed slicing and dicing into it as well!

Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma is the action-packed sequel to the original story and picks up where the first game left off. However this time the story follows the path of Kuma, a cybernetically enhanced killing machine with a bear’s head who was actually once Afro’s closest childhood friend called Jino.

Kuma regains consciousness after being defeated by Afro (that was the ending of the first game) and has to regain his strength, humanity, and sanity in order to go after Afro to avenge the deaths of all those he loved, especially that of his adopted little sister Otsuru who was one of the children murdered at the Sword School massacre.

It’s a 3rd-person combat on steroids, with a bit of Tomb Raider type exploration in it, and a whole lot of hack and slash fighting with visceral, bloody finishing moves. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1

One of the cool things that came up unexpectedly with this latest Afro Samurai game is being able to add in original work from Takashi Okazaki himself — that’s right, the creator of Afro Samurai himself. The Redacted team is using manga drawn scenes to tell some amazing stories. These scenes add the drama, emotion, and violence in a way that fits right in with the Afro vibe. They come in as small cells, pop-ups, or full screen images as you progress through the game. It’s been many years since Okazaki-san has completed some new Afro images and the fans are going to love it!

The game is being delivered in 3 distinct volumes, each with its own new story arch, characters, and combat styles to master, plus original soundtrack by up and coming indie hip hop artists that have been mentored by the one and only RZA of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

He’s been the music director on the franchise since the original animated series (and did you know he’s actually now been immortalized in Afro Samurai as a new character, Bobby Digital, who you’ll get to see in this game). Music is such an important element to the Afro Samurai brand. They tell stories, provide context and drama to some of the most critical story elements of the game. In fact you can almost say the music was being worked on before even the game development had begun.

Hundreds of hours have been put into the soundtrack. It’s a labor of love, and a love for the franchise, that these tracks were created. Taking all this in — and with the guidance and support from RZA — you are going to experience a great Afro soundtrack.

Fans of Afro are going to like listening to this soundtrack outside of the game. As a special treat though, you can listen to and see the debut music video that was just released from one of the tracks on Volume 1 by indie artist Visual Eyez here.

Sharpen your blades, PlayStation gamers — September 22nd is approaching fast!

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10 Author Replies

  • Will we be getting a remake or digital release of the first game?

  • Afro samurai always looked sweet but I never got around to playing it. This game sounds pretty sweet as well. Should I play the first game before I try out this one or will I be okay enough to start at the second game?

    • We’ve got a lot of flashbacks and info to help new players understand what is going on – however, reading the manga, or watching the Spike TV series will certainly help you get an idea of the world and the characters. Our friends at RevoltTV are posting the episodes from the series now actually should you want to watch there.

  • The music video is set to private. Can’t access it =(

  • Any chance we’re getting a physical disc release once all three volumes are out? I’m willing to wait and pay extra money for a physical disc instead of the digital download :)

  • So I take that we are going to get these games digitally 1 volume at a time, and then a disc release with all 3?
    Perhaps at that later time, you could include a remaster of the original as well?

    “We’re not sure as we don’t own the rights to the first game. Up to someone else!”
    I am sure you guys could make it happen, or at least collaborate with them to make a “definitive” release that has the original and Afro Samurai 2.

    Most people dislike having a story-driven game be on 1 console and then its sequels on other console(s).
    It feels weird in a weird way and it reduces the chances that even fans would even buy the older console to play that 1 game.

    • Not sure we’ll do a physical disc (that’s a huge cost) but maybe.

      Totally understand, but Afro as a Franchise is already scattered among Manga, TV, Movie, and Games. We’ve built Afro Samurai 2 Volume 1 with that in mind and we’ve included a lot of story and flashbacks to help keep people informed about what’s happening.

  • Loved the original. Can’t wait for this one. Would love to see the original come to PS4 (even if it is not remastered).

  • I had never heard about this until now. Looks so goooooooood!

    • Trust me it’s not , I thought the same thing , it was so bad I was about to cry because I know this game could be better and this game could of been the best but they F up bad

  • Thanks :) We’re pretty excited to get Afro Samurai back out there!

  • So just so we’re clear on this.

    The bundle is 20% off buying the volumes individually.

    So if the three volumes are say…. $19.99 each, the bundle would be $47.99.

    And then Playstation Plus members get an extra 30% off the bundle, making the hypothetical price $33.59?

    Is that how that’s working?

    Or is the bundle 20% off buying piecemeal, and then PS Plus gets an extra 10%, totalling out to 30% off, and a $43.18 hypothetical price?

    I’m just trying to make sure I have this clear in my head.

    I’m totally going to pick this up, I LOVE Afro Samurai. I just want to make sure I have the price right in my head first.

    • I should say pricing scheme, not the actual price lol

    • Howdy – we haven’t announced the prices yet, but think about it like this:

      The Afro Samurai 2 Bundle = will be all 3 volumes and you’ll save 20% off the total price of them. (PlayStation Plus users will save an additional 10%)

    • Okay, that’s a lot more clear. The way it was worded above made it seem like it was 20% off to get the bundle, but then another 30% off that for PS Plus, which while it would have been amazing, sounded kinda iffy.

      Thanks for clearing that up!

  • This was very very unexpected,never thought I would see Afro 2 happening…played only the demo of the 1st one but it seemed like a nice game.
    I did watched the anime though and its great,anime and hip-hop well that combination couldn’t go wrong,still need to watch the movie though.

    One question…is Sam Jackson voicing Afro in this new game?

    Also a bit disappointed that it ain’t releasing on PS3 as well…what gives?

    • What gives is the PS3 generation is over, dude. You were promised a ten year life cycle, you got a ten year life cycle. It’s time to upgrade.

  • What about the games voice actors?

    Like will there be a return of Samuel L Jackson?

    • I assume it’ll be like the last game and the movie. Where he doesn’t speak much, if it all. I can’t imagine them leaving out S.Jackson voicing him. So I would assume he’ll be a mute.

  • SOLD! So does the story take place after or before the movie?

    • The Story picks up right after the first game ended! But we’ve got some flashbacks and story telling that helps explain it as well!

  • I love Afro Samurai, and really liked the PS3 game. It has a really great cartoon look to it. Here’s another vote for bringing the original to PS4 (and Vita!), even if Gio Corsi and Shahid have to go hunt down the publishing rights!

    I’m a little confused on the whole-season PS+ pricing as well. It sounds like a no-brainer, but I need to see actual amounts as I can’t quite follow the trail of breadcrumbs.

    I assume Sam Jackson and Ron Pearlman doing the voices is a given? I’m psyched to hear the score/soundtrack as well — I assume that will be HD audio (24-bit FLAC) assets since you’re targeting PS4?

  • If my memory serves me right, the original Afro Samurai game had this technology “things get sliced where you swing your sword” kind of thing, i couldn’t play the first one, but that feature was interesting enough for me to remember even if I only saw it on that one trailer some years ago, does this release include that kind of mechanics? it’s more fun and rewarding when your slice stuff the right way

  • So is this game going to connect to Afro Samurai: Resurrection? Will Shichigoro be a character? Will Sio be in there?

  • So is it on the PSN now to like….pre-order the whole bundle? So that when the next 2 volumes come out I can just download them straight instead of buying them separate? Just wanna check so I can go pre-order now. Been waiting a year for this since I found out and I love Afro Samurai so I’m always keeping tabs on new info when possible so this was a literal blessing to see.

  • + Lance James After Afro Samurai 2 is 100% done. Would you consider making a Samurai Champloo game, since the last one we had was on PS2 and I think you guy could do an amazing job with it.

  • I love Afro Samurai and Iove the RZA. I have the movie, soundtracks, comics, and manga series. To be completely honest the first game was mediocre. The graphics style and soundtrack rocked but the game itself was bad. It came down to technical issues. What I am hoping for, and I’m sure other fans who played the game, is for these issues to be resolved for this edition. I am pretty sure the creators of the game are aware of the issues the game had. Camera angles, glitches, controls, and repetitiveness all plagued he first title which had major potential. I am trying to have hope and optimism for this release but there have been so many bad sequels to games that have not fixed the original issues which made them even worse for fans. “Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding,” as the RZA would say is the fix for this game! Make us proud team!!!!

  • I was a big fan of the original game, despite its serious flaws.

    But this whole thing is weird… how is it we (or at least *I*) haven’t heard a thing until a week before release, and the dev rep is still unable to provide details about game mechanics? And that trailer was pretty light on actual gameplay, for what is supposed to be a finished game.

    Caveat emptor, bruthas.

  • So since I have a ps4 I’m not able to play the first version of the game to get a feel for it before this comes out.

  • So why is the game in the psn store for 20 percent off if I’m a plus member and not for the 30 percent off? Also 44.99 is kinda high what happens if the studio closes before we get volume 2 and 3(not wishing anything bad to u guys) I’ve been wanting more Afro samurai but there should be a demo so we could check out game play

    • Don’t buy this game , it is bad man , look at the gameplay of the volume 1 , the first Afro game was way better , trust me

  • I’m a big fan but Imma let y’all know now , this was the worst game of 2015 and it hurts to say that because this game could of been the biggest game of this year if y’all tried harder , the animation and all that is off , the only thing that’s good about the game is the music and the story , gameplay is bad , beyond bad , the first Afro game was perfect , the first Afro game was wayyyyyyyy better then this , I had high hopes but when I saw what I saw , this game is bad , they should just make a remaster of the first Afro game , this game , y’all F up big time

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