Unboxing the Original PlayStation

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Unboxing the Original PlayStation

Woo-hoo! The original PlayStation launched in North America 20 years ago today! To commemorate the big day, I thought it might be fun to crack open a sealed original PlayStation system — something I haven’t done since I was in middle school.

Let’s revisit a time before dual analog sticks and force feedback were considered standard, when game saves were stored on tiny plastic cards, when a double-speed CD-ROM drive and 2MB of RAM were your ticket to the biggest gaming experiences possible. Gather ‘round to see what greeted gamers on September 9th, 1995.

While I’ve got you, here’s a sneak peek at some upcoming limited-edition PlayStation 20th anniversary posters designed by the talented Cory Schmitz, whose work you may recognize from Sound Shapes, Santa Monica Studio’s new logo, and much more. He’s also a particularly big fan of the original PlayStation, as you can see here!

PlayStation 20th Anniversary Posters by Cory SchmitzPlayStation 20th Anniversary Posters by Cory SchmitzPlayStation 20th Anniversary Posters by Cory Schmitz

Stay tuned for more info on how you can get your hands on this sweet, sweet artwork. In the meantime, your phone has a gorgeous new lock screen.

20th Anniversary DualShock 4 20th Anniversary Wireless Headset
20th Anniversary DualShock 4
20th Anniversary Wireless Headset

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  • 1995?!?!? Seriously? Thought the PS1 was older…… so apparently I was laying on the floor like a 10 year old playing Final Fantasy 7 and LEgend of Dragoon when I graduated high school? lmao…….. ah the good ol days…..

  • Did you lucky son of a gun! Rafael here (@DarkAngelRafael on twitter). Wishing the PlayStation a Happy 20th Birthday. Nostalgia running through my veins at the moment. The original PlayStation opened so many doors to worlds that made me lose track of reality. Let’s just say I was behind on homework. lol ^,..,^

    • Thanks Rafael! Glad you could stop by :) What was the first PlayStation game you played? Mine was Battle Arena Toshinden.

    • @Sid The pleasure is all mine, Sid. I believe my first PSone game was either Tomb Raider or Final Fantasy VII. It’s been 20 years so my memory is a bit foggy. Haha. >,..,<

  • Sadly do not remember opening my ps1 but do remember opening my ps2 that came with gt3 in that red box, the ps3 day one, and ps4 day one (and both psp and vita day one)

  • Please send that demo disc to Giantbomb’s Demo Derby crew, thx

  • Video seems a little too heavily edited — I wanted to see more. Never got a chance to unbox mine, as I bought it from a friend — who often lamented selling his to me since he ended up buying another one anyway.

    • @samv33, I agree. I’m a little bummed by the editing also. I was hoping to get a good in-depth look at the back of the console and maybe some views of the box, for nostalgic value. I know I can easily find this stuff on Google, but if you’re gonna do an unboxing video for the hell of it, you might as well go all in. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLAYSTATION!

    • Yeah, we shot it and edited it very quickly to make the date. Maybe we can do a deeper dive at a later date. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  • ps one as i call it whats really something else for its generation.my bro got one of these during the first months or year of the console and never looked back since then.great console and to think it had so little ram those days haha.now the ps4 has 8gb and i’m hopping that the best is yet to come for it.happy anniversary to sony!

  • Sure wish psone classics were playable on PS4.

    • Yeah, Sony screw up big on this. PS4 is the ONLY PlayStation system that can’t play PS1 games. I was making a big PlayStation library since PS1 and carried it up to my backwards compatible PS3, but now on PS4 I’d have to ditch my collection, which I won’t do, so I don’t think I’ll ever get a PS4 (maybe in 2 years if it’s super cheap).

  • Nice unboxing Mr. Shuman! Been with PlayStation for all 20 of those years and here’s to 20+ more!

  • I still have my PS1 is working condition, the only game I have left for it that works is Crash 2.

  • Happy 20th Anniversary PlayStation!

    #4ThePlayers #20YearsOfPlay

  • @Sid Shuman, Can we get a new 20th Anniversary Theme for our PlayStation 4 for Free to celebrate this great day? Right now I’m rocking the original 20th anniversary theme we got a while back.

    • Thanks Ricky! The theme from last year’s 20 year celebration of the brand (i.e. Japanese launch) is still live on PS Store.

  • I had the SCPH-1001 model and towards the end of its life it had to be turned upside down just for discs to read properly. Nostalgia trip there.

  • great vid sid hopefully get a chance to chat it up with you at PSX 2015 this year!!

  • Vita will probably be the last Sony product I ever buy.

    You have only stayed in business this long, because there are not more competitors.

  • Just dug my seventeen year old Ps1 out hooked it up and after no less than ten years in that box it did two things the Ps4 can’t played the Witcher 3 soundtrack and Chrono Cross.

  • Now pop in Crash Bandicoot warped and you’ll be good to go

  • And there it is! The system that started it all for PlayStation :-)

    I still have my PSX, in working condition, even after my roommate dropped his glass of lemonade into it. A bit of soldering later and it was as good as new (though a bit sticky ;-)

  • Where can I find this unlock screen, is it for androids too?

  • I never did get to open an Original Playstation back in 95 but I was more of a Nintendo Shep back then. However my grandma had a Playstation and the first time I played it I was hooked. I wanted a Playstation and when I got one I never went back to Nintendo. Playstation was my life and I to this day still cherish the memories I have of that wonderful gray box.

  • I have that demo disk! I think! I bought my PS1 in 1995 and the demo disk that came with it had playable demos or game videos for Battle Arena Toshinden, Wipeout, Destruction Derby, Ridge Racer, Tekken, Air Combat, Twisted Metal, Warhawk, Philosoma, and KILEAK – The DNA Imparative. I don’t see anything on here for developer interviews though. Is this the disk that was featured in the video above?

  • Where can I get that shirt Sid?

  • This was a “verrrrry verrrry” awesome video Sid =P 20 years of PlayStation, how crazy is that!

  • as much as i love that grey beast, i love the PSOne more since it has the awesome LCD screen and with a car adapter and wall adapter, i could play it where ever i wanted. first games i remember playing were Toshinden, Jumping Flash, Warhawk, Ridge Racer and then Suikoden in 96.

    i’m sure Sony had a few sealed systems around in a warehouse in Cleveland.

  • All this news about Playstation 20th anniversary really makes me think about PSOne classics.

    What a perfect time for Sony to finally announce digital PSOne classics cross buy/play on PS4 as they currently are on every other PSN connected system EXCEPT PS4 (PSP, Vita, and PS3)…… so us now PS4 only owners could actually PLAY these classic games.

    I used to own all 3 of those systems PSP, Vita, and PS3 and had purchased a large library of digital PS1 classics over the years. Unfortunately i had to sell my other systems due to financial hardships but I figured since digital PS1 classics cross buy/play is supported on every PSN connected system, just assumed it would also be on their newest most powerful PS4. Very disappointed not yet anyway, most likely thanks to PS Now >:(

    • I remember my first Playstation! I came home from school one day and there was a cd case on the coffee table, it said Ridge Racer on it, and I had no idea what it was for. I asked and he said you’ll see soon enough. A week and a half later i came home from school and there was a fresh Playstation box on the floor next to the tv, there on release day. I’ve been with the PS ever since. I have many great memories of the system, and I still have every one of my systems. Thank you Sony, for 20 years of the best games money can buy.

  • I still have my 8th interactive demo disc that contains demos from Spyro the dragon, Medevil, Grand Turismo and Test Drive 5.

  • Wow! how time fly’s.. that unboxing was ok but I have a funny on here!!..https://youtu.be/M803mbnVpXs

  • Metal Gear Solid and Gran Tourismo. 2 favs

  • OMG how could you open a sealed PS1?!! How many of those exist in the world? Wish I had one.

  • Discovered earlier this year that (after 11 years of living where I do now) our family’s PS1 was hidden in our garage all this time. Who knew? I also was not aware that the original PS1 controllers did not have analog sticks. Crazy.

    And you can bet your sweet patootie I picked up one of those 20th anniversary PS4 controllers to add to my collection! (Maybe they should release another model without analog sticks :p )

  • LOL, your face gets so serious when you pick up the demo disc.

  • Oh nice video.I did a huge mistake of selling ma 1st and ma 2nd PS1’s…but I bought another afterwards and I still got it here up and running.Sometimes I still play something there when I have DAT desire to play a PS1 game that’s not available on the Store…cuz I still have ma PS1 game collection.

    PS1 and PS2 plugged in the SD TV.
    PS3 and PS4 plugged in the HD TV.
    PSP and Vita inside the cabinet.

    Still play all of them…PS3 and PS4 more frequently of course.

  • It is excellent video. I always love to play PSP.

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