Tearaway Unfolded Out Today on PS4

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Tearaway Unfolded Out Today on PS4

Tearaway Unfolded comes out today and we’re super excited for you all to get your hands on the game! We’ve worked so hard to bring Tearaway Unfolded to PS4 and we hope you all enjoy experiencing it on the big screen!

Reviews for Tearaway Unfolded came out recently and we’ve been overwhelmed at the amount of lovely feedback the game has had, it’s really blown our socks off! In celebration of our launch, we have made a beautiful new trailer to show off some previously unseen areas of the game and to give you all one final peek before you get to play it yourselves. Let’s take a look!

We’ve also given our community website tearaway.me a shiny makeover with lots of exciting new features for sharing your photos and the new gifs with the other Tearaway Messengers! We will be sharing lots more info about the new site this Friday on PlayStation.Blog so keep an eye out for that!

Head on over to PlayStation Store now to secure your limited Crafted Edition copy at no extra charge! This version includes bonus downloadable content such as decorations and costumes for your messenger, custom decorations for the environment, and the official Tearaway Unfolded Soundtrack!

The paper world awaits!

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  • Hello~
    So, I pre ordered my copy of Tearaway Unfolded on the PS store, but never got the Crafted Edition items, or the soundtrack. Is that a bug, or is there something I’m missing?

    • I second this – I’ve redeemed my code and the soundtrack is nowhere to be seen. Where do we access it??

    • I figured it out!
      So, turns out to get the CE items (if you did SEN preorder) you have to go down into the game’s live area screen (don’t know the official name) by pushing down on the D-Pad then click “Buy – Free.”

      That gets you the soundtrack and costumes.

    • I pre-ordered the disc from Amazon and don’t have access to the soundtrack after redeeming the DLC code. Looking at it on the store shows the price; it isn’t free. Does anyone know if this is being looked into by Sony?

  • Tearaway Unfolded is such a beautiful title, the story, the cast and the entire experience is amazing. The world is so visually stunning and charming, you just want to explore it. The details are so intricate and beautiful. I hope everyone gives it a try. I haven’t even finished it and love it! I hope we see Puppeteer on PS4, that is another great release.

  • I played the original on the Vita and liked it a lot! It did get a little repetitive by the end IMO, but it was still quite a memorable experience. Can’t wait to dig in to all the new content with this one!

  • Thanks for the tips to get the CE items. I really like tearaway for vita so I preordered this game :)

  • Next is gravity rush and uncharted golden abyss, come on sony, do it!

  • Played through the demo last night… I have to say I was surprised that some of the papercraft rewards were available to unlock! My craft skills are a tad rusty, though. Took me a few hours to put that squirrel together. :D

  • Soundtrack isn’t working for me… I get an error telling me an update is required, but there’s no update in the notification area, and when I try to update the application, I’m told I have the latest version!


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