Introducing Crashnauts on PS4

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Introducing Crashnauts on PS4

Growing up with four other brothers, we played a lot of video games together. Many nights we’d find ourselves searching through drawers and cupboards looking for where our parents hid the power cable for our favorite console. Super Smash Brothers, Quake 3 Arena, and Unreal Tournament were a few of the games that created experiences between us brothers that enhanced our relationship with one another and opened our minds to the endless creativity found in the world of video games.

Fast forward to present day and we find ourselves working on our dream game Crashnauts, which we are excited to announce is coming to PS4!

Crashnauts is a 2D arena shooter that focuses on fluid and precise player movement, brutal fast paced combat, and objective based gametypes. We’ve taken some of the best game mechanics from the twitch shooter games of the 90’s and made it our own.

One game mechanic in Crashnauts that is a fan favorite is the spawning system. While it is already rather fun to watch yourself die in Crashnauts, we wanted to make the experience even more enjoyable. When it’s time for your player to spawn, you control a droplight laser from the sky moving it horizontally across the arena. Watching the players below you fight with one another you can time your respawn at just the right time to obliterate unsuspecting enemies below with your Crashpod.

The other game mechanic that makes Crashnauts really special is the extra wide levels combined with a scrollable camera. From the beginning we’ve wanted to have most game modes in Crashnauts be objective based. Having these extra wide levels allows for some really cool game modes like “PUSH” where players have to kill the opposing team to advance the game camera towards the enemy generator and destroy it, or like “War Hero” where players take turns being the hero that tries to advance his flag the farthest in a 1v3 uphill battle.


Crashnauts is hitting the point where it is able to bloom and ideas are starting to take shape. We just recently showed the game at the Salt Lake Gaming Con and feedback from players was overwhelmingly positive. We frequently heard players say “It’s like Smash Bros. with guns!” We are excited to finally be showing the game off in public and can’t wait to see what the Playstation community helps Crashnauts become.

To find out more about Crashnauts, check out or our Kickstarter page.

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  • This looks quite fun, and folks that know me know I love my local multiplayer games :-).

    Have you considered adding a sort of zoom-in/slow-down effect to highlight kills? It might be a tad distracting depending on how often you expect deaths, but it might make the experience that much more exciting, too.

    Good luck with the Kickstarter!

    • Thanks for the kind words!
      We do have the game slow down on the final kill (which you don’t see in the trailer). That is a cool idea to highlight some of the super epic kills with a zoom / slow down though!

    • Thanks! And an alternate option might be a highlight reel / replay after the match is over which can include slo-mo replays of key deaths (however that might be determined). Games that are over quick like Towerfall, it’s often crucial to rewind to figure out just what happened :-)

  • ooh, 2nd!

  • The video is showing the Xbox version. The button prompts on the character select screen are big red/green A and B buttons and during the gameplay, there is a big green A button prompt on the laser.

  • So this is like a 2D 3rd person shooter with different objectives from traditional fps games.

  • Having recently gotten in to Awesomenauts when it was on sale a month or two ago, I have to say that the name “Crashnauts” really should have been rethought. Yes, I know what “-naut” means and yes, I know each games’ name accurately represents the characters, but really…nobody thought “oh, maybe we should name it something different?” I know there are differences in the game but honestly, there are more similarities outside of just the name.

    With that said, the game looks like a blast! I hate the name, however.

    • Glad you at least think the game itself look like fun! We actually were set on the name Crashnauts before we knew Awesomenauts was a thing…… I can see your point but we are in love with Crashnauts!

  • Reminds me a bit of Crash Commando! Very intriguing….

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