Drive!Drive!Drive! Coming to PS4, PS Vita Next Year

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Drive!Drive!Drive! Coming to PS4, PS Vita Next Year

Good afternoon, Susan. I trust that your kickoff meeting ran smoothly this morning and that you enjoyed your zesty chicken salad for lunch. Apologies, I am being somewhat presumptuous. Allow me to introduce myself first: my name is Gordon Midwood, I am Head of Everything at Different Cloth and I bring the most excellent news.

Drive!Drive!Drive! — the only racer to offer you the chance to race more than one track at the same time — is coming to PS4 and PS Vita in 2016!

Furthermore, the game is being published by the excellent and mildly erogenous human-based lifeforms at Choice Provisions!

For the uninitiated: Drive!Drive!Drive! is a driving game about racing multiple tracks at the same time. It’s kind of a mixture of arcade racing and track management.

In Drive!Drive!Drive! you must race and manage multiple tracks at the same time. You are able to switch between the different tracks of a race any time you like. When you switch away from a track, a computer racer takes over driving on that track for you.

Unfortunately, the computer racers aren’t what you’d call competent. They are what you’d call incompetent. But in a clever way. In other words, to place well in every track you’re racing you’re going to have to hop from track-to-track on a regular basis to account for the subversively cretinous computer cars. Luckily for you your opponents have been programmed to severely lack in cognitive ability, too!

This Artificial IdiocyTM is uniquely powered by our Intelligent StupidityTM engine.

The game will feature an amazing soundtrack by the world’s state-of-the art synth/prog/post-rock band ZOMBI, not to mention those trippy retro/future visuals all the kids are hallucinating over.

Oh, and did we mention it’s set across different galaxies and multiple gravities?

Drive!Drive!Drive! will feature a track creator at its heart allowing you to easily create, play, and share your wildest gravity-defying creations. I wonder how would you feel about challenging your friends to race these creations in multiplayer, too?


We are so incredibly excited about Drive!Drive!Drive! We cannot wait to bring these multiple races to your PlayStation faces!

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  • Looks interesting. Track creator is great.

    • I don’t like the title. It isn’t intelligently stupid and reeks of artificial idiocy

    • @cusman, stop mixing the grocery list with your laundry list & eating dirty socks for breakfast- it’s affecting your cognitive ability.

    • Thanks! You are correct on both counts! We are designing the track creator to be as easy to use & fun as possible so it should be pretty intuitive.

    • @cusman I will not be actively forcing people to refer to the name by it’s official title, so why not give Drive!Drive!Drive! a pet name that suits your tastes better & thereby unlock your ability to enjoy the game in any case?

    • @ Gordon Midwood Thats the best response from a dev I’ve ever seen. LMAO I look forward to trying your game next year. Love crazy physics racers.

    • @cusman Drive!³

  • interesting … :/

  • Well since there are know more demo’s hardly I’m not really sure about his game.

    • Well Tusunami I’ll try not to let your whirlwind of a comment send me into a spin – how about coming along to a games show to try Drive!Drive!Drive! before it comes out? We’ll be at all of them leading up to release no doubt!

  • it might be cool

  • Um… who’s Susan?

  • My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 20k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out.

    • I’ve gotta level with you here Kiera – I tried exactly the same scheme & it really didn’t work out well for me.

      In all honesty I think it might be a scam.

  • It sounds like a driving game

  • Game looks very interesting. Definitely looking forward to playing it. Thanks for coming to PS4! Any chance there is a multiplayer mode? Couch co-op would be sweet.

    • Thanks for the kind words Dethfuse!

      Coming to PS4 was an easy decision :)

      There are indeed large plans afoot for multiplayer – and you’re right local co-op would be sweet but I can’t promise you that one for sure – let’s see!

    • Awesome thanks for the reply!

  • Buy!Buy!Buy!

  • I don’t usually leave comments, but I have to say that those responses to those comments have made me want to play the game. Also, it looks pretty cool!

  • This game looks like a lot of fun and my son is very excited for it also. I hope there will be co-op soon after launch so we can play together.

  • Support indie devs support the little guys so with that bein said who do i contact to interview on our gaming podcast!! lol. (seriously) anyway this game looks awesome!!!

  • I’m digging the Nicolas Winding Refn vibe, and I’m curious about how this game works

    • Great, and although I’m not sure I understood all of the first half of that sentence you will for sure soon be able to try the game out!

  • Wow, this looks like fine entertainment for portable PlayStation entertainment system. One might even say it’s m-o-n-d-o cool.

    Gordon, do you know when the pears come in? I want to buy them as fresh as possible.

  • Looks fun. The comments on this blog usually run the gamut from acerbic to asinine and Gordon Midwood is giving a masterclass on how to respond to them. Bravo, sir.

  • Truth be told, I would rather have a new Fate game for Vita.
    Drive Drive Drive looks like I will be looking for a mobile sale, with a huge price discount.

  • This looks really cool. I only hope that when it says “PS4 and Vita” it means that both versions will release at the same time. It sucks waiting countless months for the Vita version to eventually (if ever) be released. But great looking game.

  • The look of the game made me instantly think of Pixeljunk Racers (which I loved!). In any case, I’m always up for innovative driving games, so sign me up!

  • I didn’t like this trailer :s The moment you think you will see something interesting, the trailer is over. In a bad way. The way that made me think: Oh, is that the game? well… ok…”. It does may have great potential (look at rocket league). Please guys! Change my mind!

    • Oh dear MauCamper. It seems that my trailer has saddened you somewhat. Incidentally it also seems to be aversely affecting your avatar – looks like that dude could do with a nice spot of lunch.

      Anyway cheer up! It’s a teaser trailer! It’s supposed to tease you without revealing everything & leave you wanting more! There is quite an obvious analogy that could be made here but this is a family blog so I won’t.

      Anyway keep your eyes peeled for future updates, I’m sure it’ll please you eventually :)

  • This really looks like a lot of fun. I’m not the greatest at racing games, and I give only a few a try every so often… but this one looks like I will need to give it a try :)

    • Thanks kid! Even if you hate racing games I’m hopeful you’ll love this one, as it’s a little… different.

  • i will defiantly be picking this game up. love a good racing game. any idea if this will be cross save/ cross buy?

  • Quantum entanglement. That’s the only explanation I have for how any of this is possible. That or wizards.

  • I’m sure Sony wouldn’t mind if you also released a PC/Steam version…

  • The trailer is unclear about how the “playing on multiple tracks works ( and i don’t like to read long boring blogposts) How does it exactly work? Track switching? or is it more of a mirrored thing (control 3-6 cars at the same time)

    • RobyIsIgnorant, I understand how you feel.

      Time is such a precious commodity these days, and there are so many demands placed on it from seemingly countless sources. Perhaps you have a young family that constantly demands your attention, perhaps you are an entrepreneur running several businesses at once or perhaps even you are a keen horticulturalist and simply need more time to tend to your herb garden. The point is that I understand your concerns, and I am the last person who would want to waste your time with long irrelevant swathes of text that seem to carry on almost endlessly and seemingly contain almost no useful information at all. So let me attend without delay to the question you raised: the central mechanic in Drive!Drive!Drive! does indeed involve track switching, combined with track management. I hope that answers your question sufficiently!

  • Don’t get me wrong… It’s very nice to see new games for PSVita, or even old good ones, or ANYTHING that I can play more than one week before get bored within this wonderfull piece of hardware that Sony created and throw to sharks…

    It’s a very diferent concept, interestin indeed… 3 cars, 3 tracks… All X3, cool! But this doesn’t “ring a bell” on my wallet at all…

    THIS: In the other hand… DOES IT HARD!

    But I still like my vita, please convince-me… I’m begging for reasons to keep my vita.

    • Hey supertramp1979, keep your eyes on the PS blog there will be more info coming as we get closer to release – you’ll like it eventually I’m sure :)

  • hey gordan this game looks amazing probably really fun racing game for PSVITA AND PS4 Cant wait to get my hand s on this game next year :)

  • I’m not going to lie, Gordon Midwood, this has been the most entertaining 5 minutes of reading comments in a gaming blog ever.

    • Thanks sciteach :) If only there were some kind of cash prize for answering all these comments in a vaguely comedic fashion.

  • Tilly! Delighted to meet your acquaintance!

    You don’t happen to be friends with Kiera Hanson do you? She posted something astonishingly similar earlier in the thread.

    Also, could you explain to me the relevance of the relative attractiveness of your sister to the amount of money she was able to make with seemingly no effort on this wall street related website?

    I eagerly await your response and fear sleep will evade made until you reply – please hurry.

  • I’m interested! What kind of modes/progression are there. I go for the carrot and the stick. Gotta grind for that next muffler or whatever!

    • Ooh we are still working this out, but in single player mode around 100 levels are planned, with differing difficulty levels etc. Also a couple of additional game modes will hopefully be time attack & endless mode – plus there’s the track creator, rumours of multiplayer…

  • Compatible on PSTV?

  • While the game did not really interest me based on the trailer, the fact you have pretty much responded to every comment on here and with really witty responses has me interested in what the game will have to offer. I’ll keep my eye on it..

  • May I suggest a flat share with Kiera and Tilly?

    Then maybe you could talk to each other instead of us.

  • I’m pretty sure I bought Derrick the Deathfin (2013) because of Gordon’s comments alone.

  • While I see a lot of different comments here just bashing the game, let me put everything from this perspective. At this moment unfortunately the market for AAA titles for the PS4 is scarce and on top of that we have a swarm of indie games, which may not necessarily be bad but have gotten a lot of people jaded over this.

    The game itself with all due respect (since I know you guys must have worked hard on this game), it looks bad, the graphics are simple and despite the fact that not every game is composed of graphics, we’re talking about a next generation console with PS1.5 graphics.

    The collision system with other cars look as if they’re made of cardboard. There’s a lot of games that have track editors and this brings nothing new to the table. There are other games that include gimmicks that make them standout and so far from a consumer perspective I see absolutely nothing that would get me interested in this game. Considering that I love racing games (play them mostly on PC though) this is not me rambling at a genre that I rarely play.

    You have plenty of time, if you can try to bring more to the table, I’d like you guys to be successful. Wishing you the best of luck.

    • You are entitled to your opinions of course Your_crazy_uncle, but I can’t help feeling you’ve passed judgement a bit too early on this one :) All you’ve seen is the first teaser trailer, the game is still early in development coming 2nd half of next year.

      A lot of the things you seem to object to are actually deliberate – the physics will be exaggerated & comical, the look will be a soft stylised low poly one, the gameplay is manic / original etc. It may well simply turn out not be a game for you and that’s totally cool. Thanks for the well wishes though!

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