Destiny: Update 2.0 Preview

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Destiny: Update 2.0 Preview

Attention, all Guardians from the PlayStation Nation!

DeeJ from Bungie here, paying you a visit with previews of Destiny Year Two. We’re about to launch The Taken King, and things are about to get a lot more interesting in our shared world. I’m at your service to bring you up to speed.

First up, you’re invited back into the Crucible next week to sample some new combat modes using the weapons and abilities you come to master over the first year of maneuvers in Destiny. Check it out!

If you’re wondering how to spend your last weekend before Update 2.0 changes the way we all play, check out the Bungie Weekly Update for some recommendations for this weekend. It’s also full of repeat performances of live reveals and gameplay trailers.

And, if you be truly hardcore, you’ll probably want to know when the next Raid begins. The Taken King will include the biggest challenge we’ve ever created. Assemble your Fireteams and gear up. ‘King’s Fall’ will be open to all who dare to infiltrate the Dreadnaught on September 18th at 10AM Pacific.

We have more to reveal, Guardians. Oryx will arrive in our Solar System soon. Stay tuned for more news about The Taken King.

DeeJ, out.

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  • Deej, please add optional matchmaking to all activities.

    I want to be able to take on Strikes solo and also be able to matchmake for Raids.

    • I second this! If you want to use a LFG site you can still do that. However, if you want to just matchmake and take your chances you should be able to do that as well.

  • And here l am, broke and begging for a chance of a free PS+ weekend during next week…


  • Wanna know something that would be better? If they gave us the game we were originally promised instead of cutting it up to sell over time

    • I know what you mean: I bought the original limited edition which included the first two expansions, but now there’s a new DLC worth $40 and a new collector’s edition. I’m certainly very disappointed and regret having bought the LE

      No way I’m paying $40 for this expansion, specially not without first checking what other people think about its content, or potential lack of it. The precedent of the previous two expansions does make me think that the Taken King will be similarly lacking in content, specially for $40 instead of $20.

    • Yes. And $39.99 for the expansion PLUS $20 for the content that is left out for year one gamers that already own everything.

      So, essentially they want year one players who own all the DLC to shell out full retail for an expansion pack.

      Oh, well. I got a good amount of gaming out of the 1st year. Won’t be back for the second.

  • Also it would be nice if they can stop treating the year one players like crap

    • Not only do I second this, I don’t understand how it wasn’t self explanatory not to treat the people who bought the game for $90 (especially people who bought the PS4 bundle, and didn’t get a PS3 bundle, and had to buy it again on PS3 to play with their friends) like second class citizens.

      Already paid $90 for it. Why can’t the Taken King be like $20. Heck make an early adopter bundle only available to digital collector’s editions or something. Nope… Need more of your money, waste all of your time making all of your gear obsolete, especially stuff you have just been working towards to upgrade with Etheric Light…

      It’s not like the Year 1 players didn’t give them enough money… they paid way too much for way too little and grinded way too much, for way too much RNG, and the reward?

      Wipe everything start over again. Do over.

      Will the old content even be relevant enough, or will we just end up having almost nothing to do yet again.

      No thank you Bungie I had more than enough.

  • So, the new multiplayer modes will be available a week early, even to those that didn’t pre-order the Taken King yet. Wouldn’t that mean that these modes and maps will now be in the game, and you guys are basically locking this content away from players until they get that Taken King unlock code?

    • Or it’s a free glimpse of what’s out there. Why interpret every little possible thing in the worst possible way? Just to get yourself riled up and angry?

      It’s just a game. You knew there’d be expansions since day one.

  • Deej, can you tell the devs to put Grimoire back to where it belongs? On the nameplate, thanks!

  • And hopefully no one wastes money on this expansion pack because the entire thing is a ridiculous middle finger to the original fanbase.

    • You speak my mind, Link01. I can’t justify to pay for a AAA game price for a DLC which still shooting the same old ads. Instead of push us back to level 20+, your development team had to think of something new to prolong the life of your game not a few emotes.

    • Agreed.

  • This will bring players back, hit the grind wall, and back on the shelf it goes. Though hopefully not as quickly as the last paid mandatory updates (or as they call them, “expansions”).

  • I just want to know if we don’t buy The Taken King, will we be locked out of the Daily Heroic and Nightfall missions? That’s how last week’s Weekly Update made it sound to me. And that is really, really ******. I bought the game a year ago. Do you think it’s okay to start locking off content that I already have access to unless I give you more money? I understand if it’s like the expansion issues, where I can’t do the content if they’re specifically from TTK, but year one players should still be able to do these activities without buying TTK. I already gave you guys $100 last year, and maybe got $50 worth of content. Neither TDB nor HoW was worth anything close to $20. They’re maybe worth $15 combined. And based off my experiences, TTK won’t be anywhere near worth $40. It might be worth $20. I hold the opinion that TTK should be given to players who already purchased the Expansion Pass, to actually make that purchase worth the $35 we spent on it.


    • Just to cover the point you made about the Daily Heroic and Nightfall missions (and weekly ones too). I only have the basic game (ie no expansions). So those missions are locked to me, which is really annoying when the weekly one is one expansion and then the following week is the other expansion. And I don’t see TTk will be any different.
      I’ve had the game for about 8 months so I could have upgraded but didn’t and it seems just as well as the legendary edition works out cheaper.

  • I was perfectly willing to grind my way up the ladder (not paying $20 for “DLC” twice, and then another $40 on top of that). However, when I reached light level 27 I hit a wall. Upgrade material was only available in random drops, or content that required clans/teams (raids, those weekly strikes). Since I have NO desire to join clans or teams, that left me with just random drops. I could have been playing for 5 years and never get my stuff all maxed out at that rate. So I stopped playing, and as much as I’ve wanted to get back into it. Nothing has been done to improve that situation. Now it’s too little too late, everyone that paid is way more powerful and it’d not fun playing against them.

  • And your rewards for years one players are a joke. It should be based off how much time you put into the game, not how much money you put into it. I grinded my ass off to level 27 and I get nothing as a reward for being a year one player. Disappointing…

    • I mean, you got to play the game for a year. When did everyone start forgetting that games are supposed to be fun?

      DId you purchase the game a year ago, thinking “I am only buying this game, because a year later, I hope Bungie gives me a purple teddy bear” ?

  • Omg the comments I read on here ..yes this will kick ass am I the only one one that can read beacuse, i have seen and read muti blogs YouTube that say it will be from yea 40 is a lot but will be worth it and one thing they listen to what a lot of what we wanted so go buy it allready

  • 1 year later still no private lobbies so i can have crucible matches against friends huh? smmfh

  • Maybe, when you guys finally bring this to PC, instead of P$4.

  • Still $59.99 for a piece of DLC, Deej? Seriously? I already bought the game, the expansions, and played it for a long time. I quite enjoyed the game.

    It is too bad that you think that the original players shouldn’t get the DLC for $20….it’s not even a season pass!

    If it were a season’s pass, then maybe the $39.99 price tag MIGHT be worth it. But, to go out of your way and reward new players with emotes, exotics and shaders for buying it new and saying, “Hey, loyal gamers who’ve defended this beast, fork over an additional $20 on top of the $39.99 to get the full expansion”

    Oh, and that is a “gift” from Bungie.

    W O W.

    • There hasn’t be any word on the next project in the works but who knows, maybe this 40 dollar dlc will actually cover all of year 2. Maybe it won’t. I don’t care really, seeing as I own 3 copies of destiny and on separate consoles. I find the game fun and has many things to do. But once you do achieve said goals then it becomes harder to “enjoy” the game because there is nothing to strive for.

      This game is only fun if you enjoy pvp or are a completionist and want all the items and level them etc. To many people thinking this was going to be a cheap 10 year long game give me all the contentz right now. I look forward to a year or 2 down the road and seeing the level cap hit 60 and 80 and we can go to alpha centari to wage war against a cabal fleet or Delve into the vex cognitive mind and explore their network and biological systems.

      I heard this game was to have so much and that it was broken and sliced up into pieces but, guess what; its a company and they need money, especially Activision, money mongers.

  • Deej the last stream was the best. Very enjoyable. More Lauren less everyone else. :) She was funny, not yelling, engaging, and was pretty good at the game as well.

    Looking forward to 2.0, ordered the CE on PS4 and for my son on XB1. Yeah we’re weird like that.

    Still hoping for

    custom matches in PvP for clan battles and such.
    Would also be nice to toggle an option for: “Only put me in a new game” as opposed to one down 12,000 to 3,000.

    Do we have to activate all the rune statues before we can raid? That’s my theory.

    Also, we miss you on the GAF Community thread.

  • Gotta love the whiners. I also paid $90 for the original version and have gladly paid $40 for the expansion. Have none of you played an MMO? I play FFXIV which has a monthly fee plus i just bought the $40 Heavensward expansion. New weapons and gear are included and hey guess what, that gear makes the other gear i worked many hours to earn and upgrade obsolete. Who’d of thunk it? Stop complaining about old things being being left behind. That’s the way the world works. Oh no, they came out with Madden 16 when I just got into 15. Or a new car model. Or a new iPhone each year. My $40 dinner last night sucks if I go to eat it today. Old sucks. New rocks. Welcome to humanity.

  • At the end of the day you take it or leave it. As it’s been pointed out already, every year someone brings out a new version of something and people will buy it. World of Warcraft has been going for 10 years plus I think and they bring out a new expansion each year (aprox) and that is a subscription paid game and each expansion cost the same as the full game. Which is about £20 to £30 for the standard version and £60 for the collectors edition. However what they don’t do is bundle the new release with base game. Sure you can get the base game for next to nothing now and as expected there are areas of the game you can’t play unless you have the expansions.

    Basically what I’m saying this is nothing new and keep in mind they have been talking about Destiny 2 (and maybe 3)! Which could mean you current disks and downloads maybe replaced in year 3 or 4 with a completely reworked software for the next gen consoles. So you’ll have to buy the full game again!

    So you buy now or later or not at all, it’s up to you. It’s as simple as that really.
    Enjoy it for what it is, just a game.


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