PlayStation Underground: Mad Max

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PlayStation Underground: Mad Max

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our online show about video games! Today, we scream through the post-apocalyptic sands of the Wasteland in Mad Max on PS4. With grease, bullets, and a little gasoline, we’ll help Max take down an enemy camp and survive a torrential lightning storm.

Our trusted (and daring) guide Daniel McGuffey from WB gives us this white-knuckle tour through the open-world of Mad Max, and may also drive the Magnum Opus clear off a cliff. All in the name of quality entertainment, folks.

PlayStation Underground: Mad Max

Mad Max is out now on PS4, and PlayStation owners have access to 12 exclusive hood ornaments to decorate their metallic steed. Bonus: Fury Road is now 25% off for PS Plus members, if your hungry for more of the Wasteland.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show!

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  • Ryan, glad to see you realize people in fact DO like watching other people play video games ;-). Also, very glad to see you guys aren’t forgetting about Mad Max amid this Metal Gear frenzy! This seems like a solid game that will hopefully not get overlooked.

  • Just got the game from PSN and can’t wait to play it tonight! Thanks for the 10% off coupon as well. I wish I could have used it on preorders but oh well. Still a nice bonus for buying 2 amazing games!

  • this actually looks really awesome, I was on the fence between Mad Max and MGS V. but I’m seriously leaning this way now since I’m hearing MGS V has a bunch of In-app purchases required to progress >.< I'll have to watch the full video later

  • Who do you trust more for the game’s review: IGN or Polygon?

  • Oh nice episode,great idea to have Mad Max in the PSU.Loved that gameplay,it just made me even more sure of my buy…game looks damn great.

  • Yo, Ryan, this is kinda off-topic, but the new Dungeon Traveler 2 DLC from the latest PSN update is still invisible, unclickable and therefore not downloadable. Maybe someone can do something about it, thanks^^

  • I appreciate you doing these for us, Ryan. Fantastic work and very entertaining!

    This game snuck up on me. I watched a very brief video of the gameplay and was sold. Definitely will give it a play as it looks too much fun.

    Thank you again!

  • Great video! I really enjoyed how many “perfect timing” moments you guys had during the demonstration. =P

  • I’m about 13 hours in and really enjoying it!

  • Hi Ryan,

    Just wondering if you could find someone at Playstation that would visit this site now and then to actually answer people’s questions?


  • I never received my preorder stuff when I bought it at 9:40 pm before midnight release western time. I’ve called playstation several times and was told it messed up on there end and they wont fix it and then gave me the number to the devs. I called that number and was told its a psn issue and you guys have to fix it since it was before midnight release my time. He said I should get my preorder stuff and if not I should go higher up to corporate . I still have no ripper car or my mad max free ps4 theme. Please fix my issue!

  • Repetitive shallow activities =/= content.

  • “Playstation Underground” should just get a section of the PSN at this point :)

    Let’s get a showcase of behind-the-scenes videos and previews, surrounded by CGI motion graphics and set to awesome 90’s drum beats again! And, of course, highlight some demos that we can download from the PSN :D

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