PS4 System Software 3.00 Features Detailed, Beta Starts Today

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PS4 System Software 3.00 Features Detailed, Beta Starts Today

We’ve been busy preparing our next major system software update for PS4, version 3.00 (codename: Kenshin). The update is packed with content, and we wanted to give you a quick glance at its key features.

If you were selected for our beta program, you’ll get to see these features first-hand very soon. Keep in mind, some of this content might not make it into the final version — that’s why we’re having a beta, after all. We’ve added new ways to connect with friends and players around the world, expanding the social capabilities of the system even further.


  • Online storage capacity increase — PS4 online storage capacity has increased from 1GB to 10GB for all PS Plus members. In 3.00 system software, you’ll see that we added a handy usage meter to monitor your available storage capacity, and a new Auto-Upload menu has been added to Application Saved Data Management.
  • YouTube live — PS4 owners will be able to livestream gameplay to YouTube. Livestreams will be viewable across YouTube, including on the new YouTube Gaming mobile app and website.
  • Events — A new hub for events has been added, giving an overview of activities taking place in the games you play most, as well as official broadcasts. For instance, you may see an update for a Double XP weekend, a special enemy appearing at a scheduled time, or seasonal events like in-game towns being decorated for the winter. You’ll also receive notifications when the event starts, or if the timing changes.
  • Favorite Groups — Favorite Groups has been added to the Friends app, letting you quickly access groups of people you like to play games with frequently. This will make the process of getting a game session up and running even easier.
  • Communities — PS4 users will have the ability to create communities based around shared interests, like games, genres, and more. Communities include a message board with general discussion, screenshots shared by players, and the ability to join parties / games. If you want to tackle a big multiplayer raid, but don’t have enough friends available, this could be a great way to connect with other players who are looking for the same thing.
  • Sharing video clips to Twitter — Users will have the ability to share video clips directly to Twitter. Maximum video length is 10 seconds, though you’ll have the ability to trim longer clips.
  • Stickers — Tired of typing out messages? With this update, you’ll be able to send stickers to friends through your messages.
  • Now Playing / What’s New — The Now Playing screen will display even more information about what your friends are doing, and you’ll be able to quickly jump into a game, party, request a screen share, or get sent to the PS Store to buy the game your friend is playing – further enhancing the social relationship with your friends online.
  • Live from PlayStation — We’ve improved the Live From PlayStation app, making it easier to view popular trending broadcasts in real time.
  • Request to watch gameplay — Want to view a friend’s gameplay session? Now you can send a ‘Request to Watch’ notification to a player. (Updated text)

There’s more included in this update, but that’s a quick glance at some of the items we’re excited about the most. We’ll be back with more info about Kenshin soon, including the launch timing.

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  • STOKED for the YouTube update. Thanks PlayStation!

    • Same here. Can’t wait to try the beta.

    • Sony, you suck at listening. Im sure these social figures look great in your board meetings, but i dont give one crap about them.

      Let us organize and modify OUR homescreen. The first thing I’lldo is banish your forced applications to the dumpster. Because of them, my GAMES keep getting pushed off the screen.

    • the YouTube update and the 10gb online storage

    • MODIFY HOMESCREEN! How the hell os this complicated Sony? My phone lets me do it! All the rest is great and dandy and all that but please for the love of everything holy upon this earth – let us pin what we want!

    • Why is “yowza” still here? You (Blog staff) give repeated warnings to someone who posts excessive hashtags, but when it’s a guy like this who constantly insults everyone and everything they see here, no one lifts a finger. You guys must recognize the notoriety by now.

    • Some of us don’t share your candy canes and lollipops feel-good lovefest, Pan. At least Sony allows an opinion different from your own for the time being. This update is absolute garbage compared to things like backwards compatibility, customizable menus, digital music/video/image storage & playback, etc. If you’re happy with this petty crap, then pipe down and enjoy what you’re getting. Doesn’t mean we have to join you. In fact, it makes YOU the one trolling US. So maybe back off before YOU’RE the one they remove for policing OUR opinions in direct violation of the forum ToS.

    • @manofredearth – Rule #1 “Don’t be a jerk”. You immediately violated it, so you ought to re-evaluate your approach, as your entire comment was filled with hypocrisy.
      Are you at all familiar with the concept of not speaking if you don’t know what you’re talking about? The person I addressed has built a reputation on being negative and insulting. You clearly aren’t familiar with that.
      This update is terrific. Every feature-adding update is a step in the right direction, and the vast majority is thrilled with what has been announced here. But you complaining about the lack of BC just shows how ignorant and delusional you are. It is never going to happen. Ever. The addition of BC would be the end of PlayStation Now.
      “PS Now isn’t as good as BC, though”, you say? You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but millions of people have complained about the lack of BC over the past two years and it has only gotten further and further from being a reality. Never gonna happen.
      Other things you have mentioned have already been officially and publicly announced as something Sony is currently working on.

      Don’t be such a negative Nancy.

    • While a YT update and additional storage sounds great and all, I’d be more interested in freakin homescreen customization….why do you all at Sony seem to overlook the most obvious feature requests??

      Nobody should have to go all over the merry-go-round just to have faster access to the stuff (whether apps or games) they use the most frequently…..just sayin. Love you & all, Sony, but honestly it can’t be that hard….

    • Yeas, this is good . . Progress !
      Also, would like to see the “Notification” moved and made smaller, most if not all games use the upper left & I’ve had to kill the
      notice as it frequently interrupted at a crucial point in a game ; ie: covers the radar in destiny !
      move it to mid screen, make it smaller, NO background, just text…

      Please also allow me to use MY pictures as a background (off thumb drive or screen-shot)

      Thx ! Step in the right direction !! Hope to get beta access & help !

    • Yowza most of the community buys 5 games a year. So while yes your 50-100 or however many games might be a hassle for you to navigate, but… the 20 million that only buy 5 games a year would like to be able to join communities for those 5 games so that they can find people to play with.

      The attach rate or the tie in is literally around 4 games sold per console. That’s an average, not a minimum.

      So you’re a vocal minority complaining about an issue, and yes it can be annoying, and maybe you don’t want to use voice commands, and maybe the library is too much of a hassle.

      I’d rather them think hard about the U.I. and release an update when they have it in a sweet spot, rather than Microsoft’s… sort off… Redo the U.I. every 2 years… policy. They had the Blades, the NXE, a metro stylized one, now there’s a new Windows 10 style one coming out, at least for the Xbox One, not sure about the 360…

      But the 360 is getting a beta program for its U.I. like the Xbox One has, and of course the PS4 isn’t playing as much with the U.I… I think that’s a good thing, even if change is slow, I’d rather them not go fast and break the PS4 U.I. like they did the PSN store on the PS3 half a dozen times.

    • i’m pretty excited, too! yesterday, I was checking to see if YouTube had the feature to synch to my console… today’s like an answered prayer. lol

    • It’s an Awesome update. I sure hope there’s a place where you can give feedback to make PSN even better.

    • ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

      I have the playstation app in my smartphone and my tablet and every time someone

      Send an chat party invitation my smartphone and tablet are going crazy with all the

      Messages the people are sending and I have to go to my PS4 and delete the invitation

      Sometimes when I outside my house and I have a chat invitations my smartphone

      Don’t stop sending me messages !! Those chat party’s have more than 50 people !!…

      PLEASE FIX this problem. ….


  • hopefully I get selected for beta and hopefully finally added ability to change username…

  • We need to lose auto-dimming on Vita. Please tell me that’s coming.

    • That would be lovely. Long cutscenes or auto scrolling dialogue in a game make that one a real pain.

    • THIS. A million times this. I can’t take it anymore -.-

    • I was thinking the same the other day. I don’t want to accidentally skip cutscenes. I want to know when my friends are online on PS4 as well and instant messages instead of 15 minutes on Vita would be nice. Sometimes it’s works but not always.

    • And an updated Vita store/download list because it’s near unusable. When I try to download a single vita game I’m presented with a unsortable list of 500+ items that includes avatars, DLC, themes, even games for other consoles that the vita can’t use. If we buy a lot of our games digitally, it’s a chore just to find the game we want to download. The more games you buy, the worse it gets. Why in the world are we being punished for buying MORE games? This has been the case for 3 years now and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

    • Oh man! This! I hate having to flick my thumbstick constantly to watch videos & cutscenes… so annoying. Turn it off! Give us a choice! We need options man!

  • Yes sounds good cant wait :)

  • love the 10GB of online storage

  • All of that stuff sounds great! 2 questions: will users be able to upload custom stickers? and what is the ETA?

  • Have the emails already gone out?

    Please say it ain’t so! I didn’t get selected ):

    • I’d like to know as well. I been checking my email allot lately. :) I will make sure the world is a better place if I’m selected. I want to provide my feedback in every which way possible. #4ThePlayers

  • Love the codename. The community stuff looks promising too.

  • Looking forward to the online storage upgrade. Still far from the virtually unlimited storage space Microsoft gives to the XONEs owners, but well, it’s something.

    • I have so many ideas for improving the firmware, really hope I get the chance to voice my ideas/concerns. It was a great idea to allow PS+ members to help make this a awesome update, hope this continues for further system updates.

  • More online storage? Praise the sun!!

  • Where are the FOLDERS? Come on, its the most requested feature.

    Why you do this Sony??????????????????..?..

  • WOW! Great news! Looking forward to the Communities. I can already see myself joining the Disgaea and the Rocket League community right away! :)

  • How or when will we know if we were selected? I hope I got in

  • Love to know that I won’t have to continue to delete my saved data from the online storage. But nothing about a new way to organize games? Really guys, I just want to create folders. The library is totally out of control right now and it will continue to get worse if we don’t have any options to organize it.

  • Sounds great, hope to get in the beta too!

  • so pumped for the ‘ community ‘ feature! this is exactly what PSN needs. ounds like a great structure I hope it gets implemented well!

  • Most intrigued by the Favorite Groups and Communities. While my list is not yet unwieldy, it does keep growing, and it would be nice to be able to organize them. The way I read this Communities are a shared grouping, while Favorite Groups are a personal list that only applies to (and is seen by) my own account?

    To that end can I only have a friend in a Favorite Group if they are in my friends list? Can I join a Community of people if any/none of them are in my friends list?

    • Nope, you can add anyone you want to a Favorite Group. For me, it will be lots of Destiny groups – my Prison Of Elders crew, Vault of Glass crew, etc. Communities is like a big hub where you can discover players around shared interests, regardless of whether you are friends with them or not. Great way to meet new players!

  • Being able to rename or add a description to your save files would be a great idea. Can get confusing with all of the saves on the cloud.

  • friends notifications?

  • I for one hope that ALL of the above mentioned features make it. Nice work Playstation!

  • Exciting Awaits!! =)

  • This update seems interesting, I hope i get to try it out once the beta of it starts. :D

  • I definitely appreciate that increase in online storage. I’ve been shuffling these enormous ps4 save files for a while. Never had that problem on ps3.

  • Kenshin reminds me of the Samurai as well as Rurouni Kenshin.

  • Finally increased online storage !!! Now I won’t get cannot upload notifications every time I turn on my ps4.

  • Will it include friend online notifications?

  • Nice updates. Happy to see YouTube streaming, too.

    With that one out of the way, I’d like to see niconico streaming/upload next.

  • What’s up with folders, friend notifications, appear offline and name change to name a few????!????

    This is the one area Microsoft has Sony by the balls…… firmware updates. STICKERS??? Cool I guess, but who the HELL asked for that and why is that a priority over the aforementioned features I listed?????

    STEP IT UP SONY! Give us features we’ve been begging for and actually want for AGES now!

    • Notifications / Folders are my biggest wishlist items!

      So simple, yet…. seemingly impossible.

    • Yeah…I gotta admit, these updates get more and more disappointing, mainly because they never seem to include some of the most requested features, like you mention. I mean, we are close to 2 years post launch…just seems odd some of these features aren’t out yet. Some of these updates have been pretty good though, even if they are mostly about things I don’t care about. Would be nice to, at the very least, get some information as to why some of these features keep getting passed by other lesser features. Maybe at least let us know you are working on them in some way…just frustrating.

    • Hey! Don’t disgrace the stickers!

  • How old is the console now, and we still don’t have online friend alerts? It’s the most basic of features! It should’ve been there from launch! You want to add all this social stuff, but won’t actually let us know when someone comes online. It’s hilarious.

    Also, how about making the notifications a lot more slim line? There’s no need for them to be so large. A simple small box in the corner will suffice.

  • Thanks for the hard work on the update. The additional storage for cloud saves and usage meter are welcome additions.

  • I love all the update ideas, but focus on customisation. The fact you can take and save screenshots is great, but give us the option to make it a theme, or at least a background for the home page. It’s probably the only feature in which the Xbox could upstage you. But like I said, everything else is awesome! Just more user customisation please.

  • Hey guys thank you for the Cloud Storage upgrade and the Youtube Livestreaming. Can you guys please add External HDD support though please. This has been my most requested feature as I have a 2TB drive in my PS4 that is almost full now. With soo many great games coming I need more room please.

    • I need this too. I’m at the point where I don’t even want to buy any more PS4 games because it means I need to delete games just to play a new game. We need External Storage, even the Xbox 360 can do this with ease. I want to be able to “Backup” my games too. I shouldn’t have to redownload 30gb every time, I should be able to back it up like Steam.

  • That’s why I freaking love you Sony !!! Keep it up!!!! :D

  • USB hard drive support for games & Backwards Compatible would be great. I want my library playable on one system

  • Ps4 is getting better

    • Still a ways to go. Friend notifications and the ability to change your PSN ID would make HUGE waves in the PS community.

  • I think I speak for a large portion of the community when I say I sorely miss friend log-in notifications. I want to know when my friends are on, I can hop out of my game (thanks, suspend feature) and invite them into a party or just into the game. Otherwise, I’m in-game and I have no idea who is logged in, or how long they’ve been on.

  • External HDD support (not just for game save data) please!! I know I can upgrade my PS4 HDD but currently the max is 2 TB, so that will eventually fill up as well. Having the ability to ALSO add 2, 3, 5, or 8 TB externally would be awesome.

    • This! Even the Wii U & Xbox 360 can do this! I already have the max 2TB HDD installed in my PS4 and it is FULL! I have to delete games just to buy new ones. At the very least we should be able to BACKUP our games onto External HDD like Steam allows us to do, so we don’t have to redownload 30GB+ per game! Thank you!

  • Good for more online storage space.

  • Not too bad, but agree with some people, what about friend notifications, so I know when a friend comes on. Also, I would like to have the organization of the games, hard to go through many games just to find one I wanted to play. Be nice too if we would like Xbox does for achievements, how close we are to each trophy.

  • Can we get a comment if friend notifications will make it in this release?

    It is one of the most requested features. Also ‘seems’ like something extremely simple to implement which makes it more surprising it’s not already in place.

    • Considering they have a notification for when friends join a party…one would think having one for when friends come online should be easy to implement. But, I won’t claim to act like I know how things work.

    • Seriously, it was on the ps3 I have no clue why they felt the ps4 shouldn’t have it. Would really like to have this feature back.

  • I can tell there will be an Anime and SFV Community. Can’t wait to join both of those communities :)

  • How about:
    Friend Notifications
    The ability to remove stuff from your library
    External Hard Drive Support
    All before these pretty pointless features in comparison

  • How do u get into the beta?

  • I love these new features. Communities sounds really cool. I like Nintendo’s Miiverse, and wanted something like that on PlayStation. Also, the 10GB Online Storage is very much appreciated.

  • Yes more online storage!!! Thank you Sony!

  • Here’s an idea: when I say I don’t want a Blu-ray to connect to the internet, ask me if I want the PS4 to remember this setting.

    I’ll say yes.

    And I’ll never see that annoying prompt ever again.

  • Thank You for Bringing New Features to the PS4 Greatness Awaits ^.^

  • I forgot to mention: Codename “Kenshin”! Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite anime/manga.

  • Sounds pretty great. I’m hope YouTube archives streams and the request to watch feature sounds really cool.

    I don’t know if this is the proper venu for it but since others are already, let’s say, asking for new features I did have one suggestion.

    I’ve been hoping for a “Wish List” feature for the Store, or even a list added to the Library, pretty much with every update. There’s way to many things coming out all the time to buy them all, I’ve simply not the time. So being able to form a convenient list, call it a shopping list even, that I can check in on now and again to remind myself of all the cool releases that may have slipped my mind, would be tremendous. Bonus points if it keeps track of the games current asking price as well, so we can jump on any potential flash sales.

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