5 Secrets to Uncover in Mad Max, Out Today on PS4

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5 Secrets to Uncover in Mad Max, Out Today on PS4

The Wasteland is a destructive, wild, and savagely endless expanse. Max needs to brave these harsh conditions, to embrace the madness and violence to find the peace he so desperately seeks. On your journey, it’d be easy to be consumed by the thirst and hunger, and to miss the hidden gems that lie buried beneath the concrete and dust, behind the battles and between the points of respite to the plains of silence.

5 Secrets to Uncover in Mad Max, Out Today on PS4

We want players to take the time to stop, take a breather, and dig deeper as they travel across the world. Countless things are there to find, out of plain sight, some obvious and others subtle. We hope players will discover the riches of the world as they explore and seek the means to survive. It’s as much about the journey as it is the destination.

Here are five things we hope players experience within the open-world Wasteland. What once was a vibrant place of life and color, now only has faded remnants of the old world trying to break through the cracked asphalt like a pervasive weed. The player has a massive open world to explore with the tools to discover and unveil its shrouded or forgotten secrets.

Mad MaxMad Max

  1. Waste not, want not is the ethos of the people here. Critters can be found scuttling across the sands or soaring above wasteland leftovers. These can make for a quick snack on the fly, but you need to be quick on your feet and faster on the draw.
  2. Not everything lies above the sand — beneath it, where it’s cool and dark, others have made a home and keep things of great value. Buzzard lairs aren’t the only subterranean spaces to explore.
  3. The best way to infiltrate an enemy camp isn’t always the “head-on, smash and crash” approach. Subterfuge and illusion can often be as effective and deadly as a Thunderpoon to the face!
  4. Wastelanders value vehicles as a safe haven, a weapon, a prize, and a symbol of great importance and value. Enemy camps or loot locations sometimes hold one of these like a jewel in a crown. Culture and an appreciation for beauty can still exist, even in the harshest of environments.
  5. Relics tell the story of the time before the world fell. Images of a long-forgotten normality and its decline into chaos. These weave the story of the people from before into the lore of the wasteland, their scrawling not understood by those who hold them.
5 Secrets to Uncover in Mad Max, Out Today on PS4

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