5 Secrets to Uncover in Mad Max, Out Today on PS4

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5 Secrets to Uncover in Mad Max, Out Today on PS4

The Wasteland is a destructive, wild, and savagely endless expanse. Max needs to brave these harsh conditions, to embrace the madness and violence to find the peace he so desperately seeks. On your journey, it’d be easy to be consumed by the thirst and hunger, and to miss the hidden gems that lie buried beneath the concrete and dust, behind the battles and between the points of respite to the plains of silence.

5 Secrets to Uncover in Mad Max, Out Today on PS4

We want players to take the time to stop, take a breather, and dig deeper as they travel across the world. Countless things are there to find, out of plain sight, some obvious and others subtle. We hope players will discover the riches of the world as they explore and seek the means to survive. It’s as much about the journey as it is the destination.

Here are five things we hope players experience within the open-world Wasteland. What once was a vibrant place of life and color, now only has faded remnants of the old world trying to break through the cracked asphalt like a pervasive weed. The player has a massive open world to explore with the tools to discover and unveil its shrouded or forgotten secrets.

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  1. Waste not, want not is the ethos of the people here. Critters can be found scuttling across the sands or soaring above wasteland leftovers. These can make for a quick snack on the fly, but you need to be quick on your feet and faster on the draw.
  2. Not everything lies above the sand — beneath it, where it’s cool and dark, others have made a home and keep things of great value. Buzzard lairs aren’t the only subterranean spaces to explore.
  3. The best way to infiltrate an enemy camp isn’t always the “head-on, smash and crash” approach. Subterfuge and illusion can often be as effective and deadly as a Thunderpoon to the face!
  4. Wastelanders value vehicles as a safe haven, a weapon, a prize, and a symbol of great importance and value. Enemy camps or loot locations sometimes hold one of these like a jewel in a crown. Culture and an appreciation for beauty can still exist, even in the harshest of environments.
  5. Relics tell the story of the time before the world fell. Images of a long-forgotten normality and its decline into chaos. These weave the story of the people from before into the lore of the wasteland, their scrawling not understood by those who hold them.
5 Secrets to Uncover in Mad Max, Out Today on PS4

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  • Honestly very excited for this game. Even after the mixed reviews, all the ones from fans of the films have praised the game, and its from one of my favorite mess around in big f-ing worlds studios Avalanche. Just waiting to pick it up from best buy got it pre ordered already.

    Also can’t wait for their other big game this year Just cause 3. Going to be epic.

  • I was pretty excited about this game until I found out it has no online, co-op or multiplayer mode. Does anyone know if this is the case? If so, they have missed a opportunity for a great game. If you finish story in a week, explore for a while, then what? Put it on the shelf and play something else. Was going to go get it today, now I’m not sure.

    • It doesn’t need multiplayer to be a good game. Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed shows that open world adventure games could be ruined my multiplayer.

    • No online is exactly what makes the game even better.
      MP whor*s like you can’t understand.

    • Yea this game is awesome as is some games are ruined by mp like someone else said and sometimes its just cheesy

    • This game is great offline. I have already started playing it for a couple of hours. I understand how people have preferences and enjoy either multiplayer or single player or both. I personally like both. I wish more companies would spend the money they have available for development on making one type of gameplay exceptional (and Mad Max is exceptional despite critics reviews) as opposed to making a game with mediocre multiplayer and mediocre single player.

    • Like mrEkl said.
      Doesn’t need multiplayer to be good. Its not call of duty. And if you think you need mp for a game to “be good” you’ve ckearly never played the elder scrolls or fallout series. Sometimes MP hinders more than anything else

  • Mad Max is awesome. Avalanche did an amazing job. I enjoy this game more than Grand Theft Auto 5. It was certainly a better buy than MGS 5. #preparingtorecievehatemails

  • I’m sure it’s still a good game, I’m saying it could be a great game. I enjoy single player games, and have had great experiences playing them. But sharing experiences with friends, or competing with others makes the game more fun, and more likely that you would keep playing, months after release.

  • Everyone remember it’s a license title if you recall the sale chart for each movie games they have the lowest ratings only King Kong,The Warriors , Lord Of The Ring:Two Towers and Chronicle of Riddicks sold over millions compared to the 1000 or 5000 of other license games that’s crap.

  • Gotta say when I saw the announcement at E3 2013 I didn’t had the slight interest in the game,never was a Mad Max fan but after watching that 1st gameplay trailer you guys released.Damn…game just rocketed to the top of my interest,as always gameplay is everything.
    Well game looks great and no online is a big thumbs up so I’m placing ma bets on you Avalanche…really hope the game delivers.Oh and that PS exclusive content is cool too…you guys have my support.

  • I never received my preorder stuff when I bought it at 9:40 pm last night western time. I’ve called playstation several times and was told it messed up on there end and they wont fix it and then gave me the number to the devs. I called that number and was told its a psn issue and you guys have to fix it. He said I bought it before midnight release and should get my preorder stuff. I still have no ripper car or my mad max free ps4 theme. Please fix my issue!

    • If you bought it at 9:40PM western time then that is your issue. It released at Midnight eastern time, meaning 9PM Western Time. Pre-order bonuses would have ended at 9PM when the game became available on the playstation store.

  • so far i love this game, it really is amazing, BUT… i pre-ordered it and didn’t receive any of the DLC like the car body or the hood ornaments, what was the point of pre-ordering then?????? i’m very upset with playstation right now!

  • nice job on the game. first impression was, “jesus, I just wasted $70…”

  • I have entered my 2 codes successfully. Where is my Ripper!?!?

  • Where is my Ripper?

  • Since when where the hood ornaments DLC

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