Thief Town: The Backstabbing Wild West Party Game Sneaks Onto PS4

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Thief Town: The Backstabbing Wild West Party Game Sneaks Onto PS4

You may be asking yourself, “Thief Town? What’s that?” Well, it’s only the latest in multiplayer Thief-related action, with graphics that look so real! Now, you may be screaming, “Wow! So cool!”

Thief Town is a local multiplayer stealth party game for 2-4 players, coming exclusively to PS4 on Tuesday, September 29th. Stab your buddies in a pixel-perfect rendition of the Wild West. Yee-haw!!

Thief Town on PS4

You and your friends play as the Thieves, who need to sneak around the Town to try and stab the other players. The only problem is, every player looks exactly alike. Not only that, but the Town is also filled with identical-looking computer-controlled Thieves. You’ve got to disguise yourself in the crowd while figuring out which Thieves are actually your friends. Once you find ’em, stab ’em! Get points and win the game!

You can’t just go around stabbing everyone in Thief Town. You’ll only get points by stabbing the other players. If you stab an NPC, the only thing you’ll do is reveal yourself! So be sneaky and make that first stab count, because that harmless Thief behind you might just be another player…

Lurk in the crowd, emulate non-player characters, and achieve backstabbing victory. These are the laws that Thief Town was founded upon.

Thief Town on PS4

The game mode we just described is appropriately called “Thief Town,” a standard round where you hide in the crowd and stab your friends for points. The full package comes with three game modes, two arenas, tons of items, and PS4 bonus features!

Thief Town on PS4

Spy Town gives players items to trick and trap enemy Thieves before going in for the kill. Use smoke bombs, motion detectors, and teleportation devices to gain an advantage… but be careful, they’re one-use only!

Thief Town on PS4

Drunk Town is a 1v3 round where one player becomes “The Sheriff,” whose job is to sniff out and shoot those pesky Thieves with his pistol. Too bad the Thieves don’t have their knives this time — they’ll just have to behave until time or the Sheriff’s bullets run out!

Thief Town also has two Towns: the Wild West and Spooky Town. Giant, killer tumbleweeds and camouflaging sand storms ravage the Wild West, while Spooky Town’s creepy statues and lightning storms help to reveal the location of players.

We’ve also included a number of awesome PS4-exclusive features. Stab your touchpad with your finger to stab your friend in the game! Customize your Thief with 256 potential names, like “Cross-Circle-Square-Square”, or “Triangle-Triangle-Cross-Triangle”! We’ve also hidden some secret screen filters in “The Saloon,” our game’s interactive menu…

Thief Town on PS4

If you’ve enjoyed local multiplayer games like Sportsfriends or Towerfall: Ascension, we invite you to further sharpen your social skills with Thief Town. The team at Glass Knuckle Games has been working really hard to ensure that couch multiplayer remains alive and well, so be sure to grab Thief Town if your parties are lacking some healthy, sneaky competition. You’ll be able to start stabbin’ on September 29th.

Got questions about Thief Town? Excited about Wild West antics? Let us know below!

Be sneaky, be crafty…

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5 Author Replies

  • “The team at Glass Knuckle Games has been working really hard to ensure that couch multiplayer remains alive and well”

    You’re doing god’s work, thank you for that! As far as questions: Price?

  • Damn Atari should remaster E.T.

  • I’ve heard good things about this party game.

  • I love any reason for friends to get salty. Can’t wait. XD

  • I wonder why this couldn’t release on the PS Vita as well?

    • Every single article does not need a “Why isn’t this on Vita?” or “No Vita no buy.” comment.

    • It’s very likely that a Vita version would fall flat. First off, it’s a party game… Having everyone supply their own Vita would be expensive.

      Second off, everyone would have to buy/own it. Then there’s no online component… So short of it being your free Plus game for the month, most people getting 4+ Vita owners together to play this game would be unlikely for most smaller regional areas, unless you happen to be in some small cliche of people who all play Vita games together. In which case I’m really Jealous because I have 2 friends that have a Vita, but all our work schedules are out of sync.

      Where as I can have my friend bring over 2 PS4 controllers use the 2 I have, and have my wife join in on the fun. A good party game means that anyone can win. Sometimes it’s being terrible at games that makes someone able to win because they just bide their time while all the expert players take each other out.

  • Wow! So cool!

    It does look interesting to say the least. I would really like to try it.

  • How about a Vita version?

  • Hmm. I don’t have any local co-op friends, but the resolution detail should make this a good candidate for SharePlay.

  • so, no online? like Towerfall?? why??

    • We originally experimented with online play (this was years ago!) but found that the game was just wayyy more fun as a local game. Trust us! :)

  • I appreciate devs experimenting with unconventional multiplayer. This sounds like a good time. Reminds me of one of the games in the Wii U’s WarioWare.

    While online play is almost imperative for a game’s success these days, some things are just better suited for local multiplayer (that’s not a valid excuse, of course; though I personally don’t care much about online play, it’s obvious the demand is great enough to make its implementation a priority).

  • All these great local multiplayer games really made the wait for Samurai Gunn effortless. I used to scour websites and forums for any update on it, but at this point I don’t even care when or if it launches– tons of excellent PS4 games of a similar nature have been revealed AND released since it was announced for the platform, with plenty more on their way.

    I understand development isn’t some simple process and don’t fault the devs for any potential setback holding Samurai Gunn from releasing, but the fact that it’s perpetually delayed is kind of disappointing. The damned thing was revealed before the PS4 launched and was given a release window nearly half a dozen times to date.

    No doubt this wave of pixel-art local multiplayer games have stolen the spotlight somehow, despite seemingly huge anticipation for SG. I guess Hyper Light Drifter is the priority for them, which certainly has its own hype machine rolling.

  • That was one of the best game trailers I’ve ever seen. I’ll probably buy it just for that.

    • Thanks very much! That’s yours truly as “Nerd on the Right,” and the guy in the rooster button-up is our artist, Owen! We may or may not act like this is real life.

  • Hah. Hilarious. Love the commercial.

  • Been playing this on the PC for a few months, and it really is the couch local multiplayer game we go back to the most.

    Tower Fall is great. Samurai Gunn is great. Gauntlet is great. But, Thief Town is special. Everyone enjoys it, everyone can play it (even non-gamers), and everyone has a great time.

  • Thank you!! :)

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