PlayStation Underground: PAX 2015 Preview

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PlayStation Underground: PAX 2015 Preview

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our online show about video games! Today we have quite the special program, with four incredible games being shown at PAX Prime this weekend. Want an early taste of what you can try for yourself? Or perhaps you’re not going and desperate for recompense? We have you covered!

Joining us today is Trent Kusters from League of Geeks, who not only brought along the beautiful digital board game Armello, but also provides his own thoughts on three other games making an appearance at PAX. Dungeon Defenders 2 fuses action RPG and tower defense together, Stories builds a dynamic narrative for every player, and Skytorn celebrates pixel art with action-packed platforming.

These four games represent a small taste of what’s to come this weekend at PAX, so please join us. Our own Nick Suttner makes many egregious puns throughout for added… value, and Underground veteran Saul Villegas makes his long-awaited return.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show!

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  • Huge episode today. Hope everyone enjoys it!

    • I am a Dungeon Defenders 2, early access player. I won’t really spend any money on it till it comes to Playstation past the amount I spent for early access.

      Can’t wait for Dungeon Defenders 2. Actually i wish I could play the Beta on PS4 at the moment specifically since…. my PC is almost a decade too old, so DD2 doesn’t run as smoothly as I’d like, plus since hte game is Free to Play and I’m currently jobless, it’d be a game I could play online with my PS4 (that I’d want to play) other than FF XIV. (Since FFXIV is a sub fee game and I paid 6 months in advance, I can play that without PS+ because Sony are not jerks)

  • Thanks for bringing a piece of PAX to those of us who won’t be there :-)

    • My pleasure, sir! Hope you enjoy it.

    • Indeed I did! While I do appreciate the in-depth coverage you give a game each Underground, I enjoyed seeing four different games covered this time. Perhaps you might cover multiple games in some future episodes, too (2 might be a good number). Or multiple games from the same publisher (ex: Ronin + Eitr + Crossing Souls + Mother Russia Bleeds all from Devolver Digital :-)

  • Dungeon Defenders 2 looks incredible. Love the art design. I put a ton of time into Dungeon Defenders. Really excited to play part 2 on the PS4!

    • Yeah I played the first one like crazy! Can’t wait.

    • I have been playing it *a lot* on PC and while it isn’t feature complete yet, it is definitely more fun than the first. Can’t wait to double dip on pS4 for multiplayer with friends!

  • Wow…nick sutner…. in a video? Always seemed like my kind of dude on the the blogcast, nice seeing that beard in action!

  • I really cannot wait fro Dungeon Defenders 2. Loved the first.

    And boy this is a great episode this week. i was excited for the games to start but I really can’t wait now. I was hoping Armello would win PS+ choice but it’s ok. I think I’ll want to try it out anyway cause it looks great.

  • All Stories news is good news. Looks great, cool update!

  • pretty good show with interesting indie games shown.i personally i’m looking forward to arnello but dungeon defenders 2 is not too shabby either.:)

  • That Skytorn game looks really fun, I hope it comes to vita though.

  • Dungeon Defenders 2 looks really neat. Hopefully this isn’t taken the wrong way but when I first saw you in video I asked myself if that was Moby.

  • Can we get something a little darker, for mature players?

    • What does dark have anything to do with mature?

      Much like MA movies, where the adults act nothing like adults should.

      Hence they need to change the rating to something more accurate like juvenile or criminal.

  • Really digging Stories here!

  • I love Saul Villegas! Thanks for having him on the show. The PlayStation Underground “Cool Moves” nostalgia gave me goose bumps! Bring back game strategies with Saul with his crazy hats! This guy is an expert gamer on any type of game!!

  • Stories looks awesome! Can’t go wrong with Arkham series combat.

  • My family loved Dungeon Defenders.
    Too bad I will be picking this up on PC now.

    But I will sat thanks for that Fate PSP game you put on sale.
    I might have never have watched Fate/Stay Night on Netflix right now.

    I needed it.

  • Stories & Dungeon Defenders 2 look so fun! =)

  • all I want to see is Alienation and Shadow of the Beast

  • Any new news for dungeon defenders 2? Release date?

  • Will Dungeon Defenders II have cross-platform multiplayer with PC?

  • Wow, Nick looks a lot like Daniel Bryan!

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