PlayStation Blogcast Episode 177: Armella-li-lu-le-lo

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PlayStation Blogcast Episode 177: Armella-li-lu-le-lo

Board games? Card games? And adorable animals?! Yes, Armello has it all, and it’s launching on PS4 next week. We sit down with Director Trent Kusters to discuss this beautiful project. As an added bonus, the Blogcast team can hardly believe that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out next week (alongside Mad Max). Too many games! Enjoy the show.

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Armello
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Mad Max
  • Retro Sale
  • Arctic Wolves
  • Super Time Force Ultra

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The Cast

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  • That title though. Pretty goooood.

  • YES! Finally some Metal Gear talk. You guys really haven’t mentioned it at all this year so I’m excited to hear what you have to say about it. Great title too!

    • Bro we are like the main MVPs that listen to this consistently, we need to get together on PSN like weekly or something and play Rocket league or something and discuss the latest episode. lol.

  • I have to comment just to say awesome title. Also wonder with zero being cipher will the patriots origin be revealed.

  • Until Dawn was such a fantastic game, I literally played it… UNTIL DAWN *snicker* but seriously, I couldn’t put it down. I have so many good things to say but it would take forever. I humbly request a spoilercast for it in the future.

    A question for you fine gentlemen: Justin’s MGS3 posts have gotten me re-hooked on “Snake Eater” and it is now stuck in my head on repeat. My question is, what are your top 5 or even just top 3 LYRICAL songs from video games? Out of all your top lists I’ve never heard you do this one.

    Mine would be…

    5. Silent Melody from inFAMOUS
    4. Honor For All from Dishonored
    3. tie between Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts and Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts II
    2. Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3
    1. Tie between Build a Wall from Bastion and We All Become from Transistor.

    Honorable mention to Calling from The World Ends With You.

    Yes, I just used all of Sid’s countdown list cheats.

  • Haven´t listend to the epidose yet but full line-up with Syd´s return + MGS V talk + most excellent pun title by the ever so ingenious Ryan Clements is a good omen for the show.

  • In a lot of games I’d play online, most people have trouble even saying it, and only some get the reference itself. My username on PSN is spelled, based on the Japanese MGS1 phonetic pronunciation, since that’s where I first heard it. I have to tell people who can’t sound it out to just call me “Lali” (Sounds like “Lolly”, as in “lollipop”.).^^;

  • Some show feedback:

    I don’t like it when you guys disrespect some of the more obscure games coming out when you name the week’s new releases. Like for example, before teasing MGS5 this week, you teased it by naming off the games you didn’t know about like Nobunaga’s Ambition, Fat City, and Squares. Surely developers of the games and people interested in playing them don’t appreciate you guys using them as jokes. And you also shouldn’t make fun of the pronunciation of some of these games, either, as the DanganRonpa series is highly regarded by the fans.

  • Very nice ;)

  • I am also playing through Peacewalker for the first time. It’s pretty good so far.

  • When are we gonna get our next ps4 system update?

  • Sid’s totally right on the chicken wing thing! They do (at least here in Florida) call those two types of chicken pieces “flats” and “drumsticks”. Though I gotta disagree with him on which is the superior piece – it’s totally the drumstick.

    • “Sid’s totally right”
      first time for everything I suppose. he thought Clue was dumb so his opinions are forever compromised (including thinking any sega console is worth mentioning in 2015- quit trying to make sega a thing, not gonna happen).

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