Until Dawn Out Today: New Trailer, Custom Audio Mode

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Until Dawn Out Today: New Trailer, Custom Audio Mode

Only your choices will determine who survives…

We’re proud to join you today to celebrate the launch of Until Dawn, exclusively on PlayStation 4! The game will be available today in North America, across Europe tomorrow, and in the UK & Ireland on Friday 28th August.

Until Dawn Out Today: New Trailer, Custom Audio Mode

Watch the new launch trailer above, which is currently airing on TV in Europe, to get a sense of the horror that awaits you, as you alone determine the fate of your friends. The decisions you make during your journey – no matter how big or small – could have life or death consequences.

We’ve also been working on a custom audio mode for Until Dawn, tuned specifically for PlayStation headsets, which you can download starting today via the Headset Companion App. So get ready, turn the lights off, turn on your PS4 and see if you can survive… Until Dawn.

Until Dawn on PS4

Until Dawn on PS4Until Dawn on PS4

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  • This game just looks awesome! The Killzone Shadow Fall engine they used for this game is amazing!

  • I am *very* excited for this game!

  • I am a little frustraited because of the wrong release date on the downloadable version of the game you purchase at the psn store, making it unplayable for the moment. I know they will eventually fix this. But with problems like these whats the point of but buying online.

    • I am extremely disappointed by this also. I’ve been trying all kinds of things to be able to play this game that I have been waiting 2+ years to play. I preordered it from Amazon as soon as the PS3 version was announced on this blog. When it was cancelled and announced as a PS4 version, I was excited. The day the PS4 version went up for preorder on the PS4, I did so excitedly. And the last two weeks, I have been trying to avoid all kinds of spoilers, planning to play last night at 11PM CST. I just spent the last almost 11 hours now, trying to find some trick to make it work, and doing tons of searches online, where sometimes people don’t bother to put spoiler tags on things.

    • I’ve downloaded the entire game 3 times now, tried multiple combinations/orders of deleting, restoring database, restoring licenses, and downloading again. I tried creating another account and logging in as on my PS4 with that account to see if I could play the game, but it’s still the same 128 days wait message. Even though from the Store on the PS4 or from a stream of the game on the Live from Playstation both have “Start” or “Launch This Game” buttons, they just bring me to a countdown page that doesn’t have any days, hours, minutes, or seconds on it, but won’t let me launch the game.

    • Yes same here.

      Also it has affected more people then you’d think. Those who Pre-ordered the game prior to the official street date change on PSN are left hanging until this 12/31/15 is changed or deleted off of PSN.

      Oh & it effected my physical copy too. I wish that was a joke.

  • Pleasantly surprised by how well this game is being received. Seems like a real fun time! Has anyone heard of any DLC plans down the line? Seems like a perfect opportunity for something special on Halloween.

  • Why oh why did they not include inverted x y controls for this. Now I can’t get the game because I have played inverted for over 15 years and would stumble through the game.

    • Hahahaha. This is one of the best, lamest excuses to not buy a game ever. Well done, you big baby.

    • @BrianMcGuinness really? It is a completely valid complaint, some people can only properly enjoy a game with inverted controls. As a game mechanic it’s very odd not to have that option. It’s good that people know it’s not there before buying.

  • I REALLY want to get this game right away but the price of games here in Canada is just too much, I can’t afford to buy every game I want at launch. I did pre-order Fallout 4 on the PlayStation Store though but I know I’ll be playing that for many months and its the last AAA game I am buying until next year. I will definitely get Until Dawn when the price drops a bit though :-) I have a ton of games from PlayStation Plus that I haven’t even started yet lol

    • I hear you man, 74.99$ is too expensive, i’ll wait too. 2 months ago the game was 59.99$ for pre-order even in Canada… :(

    • Agree, I’m from Canada too and those prices hurt, I’m buying even less games than before…the fact that the priced are often better on XB is hurting Sony a lot in Canada too… :(

  • Jim Sterling gave it 9.5/10

    He also gave Helldivers and Rocket League 9.5/10, so being someone that absolutely love those two games, I am now very much sold on picking up my copy of Until Dawn and then enjoying the heck out of it.

  • Any updates on when Until Dawn will be playable for those that did digital pre-orders?

  • Nice trailer! :)

    Question: Does the contains audio for other languages than english? Like french?

    You should put the trailer on TV in US and CANADA too! (…and Quebec!) :)

  • Nice trailer,game looks good.Will definitely buy it down the road.

  • Surprised that you guys don’t even the Companion App for the game on the App Store and IOS Store. Also am I correct that there is no inverted controls? If that’s the case then I’ll be returning this game once I get home today. I can’t play without inverted controls. It’s been this way since the N64 days.

  • Oh sh**t not inverted. Well I know how I’ll be killing off my character the first play through. Cause of messed up controls. Still very excited hopefully with will be patched. Can’t stand reversed controls.

    That said reviews for a game like this have been outstanding. Excitement.

  • i downloaded the entire game, but says “127d20:08:18” what happened! Fix that, or many people will not trust Pre orders.

  • Ok so I’m playing the game with the Pulse Headsets WOW

  • Anyone been able to figure out whether your preorder chapter is actually installed?

    I have no clue where it is supposed to appear in the game, and you cannot see a chapter menu until you actually finish entirely. I’ve noticed, though, that when I go to my Library and pull up the Add-Ons, it is showing as installed but also still has what amounts to a blank preorder countdown timer showing, rather than having a download symbol as any other add-on would.

    Is this a “broken” digital preorder issue?

    • (And, yes, I’ve tried restoring licenses.)

    • The pre-order chapter, as far as I can tell from the description of it, is right where I’m stopping for now. It’s towards the end of the first full chapter, about two hours into the game or so, depending on how much you explore the areas/read all the updates as they happen.

  • Yeah when I tried to download the DLC tonight it didn’t do anything and just said installed in the “related item” section but not in my notifications. But when I click on it, my ps4 doesn’t do anything. Was the DLC already on the disc or did the download not work right. Cause my internet isn’t fast enough for that to happen instantly?

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