Q&A: Dishonored Definitive Edition Blinks to PS4 Today

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Q&A: Dishonored Definitive Edition Blinks to PS4 Today

Dishonored originally released on PS3 in 2012, offering a rich new world full of interesting characters that let players pretty much play however they wanted. Example: Placing a Spring Razor trap on a rat, possessing it, and then running it into a gaggle of guards. Flawless victory (unless you’re going for a Low Chaos, non-lethal playthrough).

Starting today, players can form and attempt new strategies and playstyles (or re-enact some old favorites) on PS4 with Dishonored Definitive Edition.

We asked Harvey Smith and Raf Colantonio — Dishonored’s co-creative directors — for some insight on their favorite parts of Dishonored, and why they’re excited to see it on PS4.

Dishonored Definitive Edition

No spoilers, but what’s one of your favorite things about Dishonored?

Harvey: For me, it’s probably combining Blink with stealth. Near the end of the project, we gave Blink to all players as part of the basic movement package. We found it surprising how much it transformed the experience. Players were suddenly able to move around the guard patrols, horizontally and vertically. Ghosting the game became a lot more fun. In a way, it enables “fast stealth,” which was one of original goals, after Raf and I spent some time brainstorming with Doug Church, one of our heroes.

Raf: I love doing playthroughs using only one power, like Possession. That kind of self-imposed constraint makes the game more interesting. I love inhabiting fish and rats to sneak around.

Why are you excited to see Dishonored on PS4?
Harvey:It would have been sad to see the game fade because of the console cycle change. We love Dishonored and want people to keep playing it into the new generation.

Dishonored Definitive EditionDishonored Definitive Edition

Does Dishonored Definitive Edition take advantage of any of PS4’s unique features?
Harvey: We’ve utilized some PS4 features. Most notably, you’ll hear game sounds through the controller’s speaker such as the Power whispers, the sibylline voice of the Heart, and the use of the Spyglass.

Raf: We’ve also enabled PS Vita Remote Play, as well as use of DualShock 4’s Touch Pad for use of the “Heart” for Corvo and “Void Gaze” for Daud.

Dishonored is all about choices the player can make. Any Arkane insider protips to offer?

Raf: Let’s see, this is a good one: You can jump off a high building and Possess a guard or other character on the street below, as you’re falling, and you won’t take any falling damage.

Harvey: Yeah, that’s an advanced technique. Mostly, I advise people to play through multiple times, because later playthroughs – especially if you’re trying to be stealthy or nonlethal – are richer somehow, in my opinion. What else… Some people don’t realize you can steal items off the belts of characters walking around. Also, don’t forget to block in combat.

Dishonored Definitive Edition includes the original game, along with all its additional content – Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches and Void Walker’s Arsenal. It launches today on PlayStation 4.

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  • uh.. any graphic improvements?

    • It’s a straight port. No graphical improvements taking advantage of the PS4. Texture resolution is low and with no added effects in the game. It’s also stuck at 30 fps when it could without a problem be at 60 fps as the game is now.

      It’s a great game but this is not the Definitive Edition that Playstation 4 owners have hoped for. It’s a game of the year edition with all the DLC. That’s all.

      As mentioned a great game. But Bethesda could have done so much more and made this a real Definitive Edition.

    • I am just happy that 96% of the screen tearing is gone.

  • So the big improvement is using the speaker? Did the interns make the port or what? ;)

  • I guess the discount for having the PS3 version was too good of a deal to not to have a catch

  • I’m personally very disappointed with this “remaster”. It was barely advertised and I’m not surprised now. The game doesn’t even run at 60fps even though it’s an Unreal Engine 3 game and the visual differences are minimal, to me at least. Didn’t finish the game on PS3 so I may pick this up but I went from “hopeful” to “meh, maybe if I finish the 30+ games in my backlog”.

    If you’re not like me and don’t care too much about the framerate and have also never played the game then I definitely recommend it because the gameplay is simply excellent.

    • But then again they never advertised it as a remaster.

    • “Definitive Edition” kind of implies that it should at least be better than the PS3 version and on par to the PC version, no?

    • That’s what Bethesda was hoping for. There was a good reason they stayed more or less silent about this version until release. Now we know why.

    • It is a GOTY edition not a remaster. Even though I had the Plus PS3 edition, I never tried; now I get it with all the DLC. Thank you Bethesda, now about Fallout 3, NV and Skyrim, Would love to see those on PS4.

    • The ad says “remastered graphics”. I’d say that counts as “advertised as a remaster”.

  • DISHONORED is one of my favorite games of the last generation. I’d like to applaud Arkane for all of their efforts put into building the world because it has also become one of my favorite fictional places.

    Not to mention the awesome DLC that expanded the world and brought slightly new gameplay. It is one of the best examples of how to do story DLC properly- cheap price and high production.

    With that said, I’m curious about the frame rate and load times for this definitive version. Seeing some streams and hearing some early info about it, it seems like it isn’t optimized as best as it could be.

  • This is really bad port, who ever did it should be ashamed. This WON’T sell good.

    • It is a GOTY edition not a remaster. Even though I had the Plus PS3 edition, I never tried; now I get it with all the DLC. Thank you Bethesda, now about Fallout 3, NV and Skyrim, Would love to see those on PS4.

  • Everyone who is saying it is a bad port and being extra negative could stop now. It’s not bad at all, it just feels like no effort was put into it.

  • I don’t care about 30 vs. 60 FPS so much. But would’ve been nice to see the character models upgraded. They looked last-gen on the 360 and PS3 versions, and they’re even more glaring today.

  • The game is brilliant, but the… short… list of improvements is not enough to convince me to go back and play again. Shame.

  • Played last night and I was very happy with this Definitive Edition. Getting the upgrade for $20 was really a nice change. The game is great and works very well on Remote Play. I highly recommend this to anyone.

  • The 20$ promotion was just for preorder?.

  • I was hoping a better port, 1080 with 60 fps, but this is a lazy port so they won`t get my money .

  • What happened to the $19.99 digital upgrade? I received an email from Sony saying that the half-off deal was valid until September 1st. Now it seems like was a pre-order only deal.

    • I also received the same email from Sony and that’s the reason I didn’t pre-order. I suspect it’s a glitch on the PSN store, but if it’s not it’s clearly false advertisement since it said the offer was valid until 9/1.

      Hope it’s just a glitch and it gets solved soon.

    • I’m experiencing the same thing myself. Got the e-mail and thought, “Hey, I can wait for reviews now that I have till September 1.” Check the store today to see the price gone up. In addition to the fact that when this was announced, I don’t remember them mentioning a time limit at all – I thought this was forever as long as you owned the digital copy of the original.

  • I’m also curious to know if the $25 (CDN) price was only a pre-order price. Can pricing be confirmed?

  • I tried purchasing it yesterday for $19.99, the upgrade offer for those who own it on ps3, but it only shows up as $39.99. Any idea what’s going on? The offers supposed to be valid til 9/1.

  • I would be embarressed to try and sell this to people.

    • It is a GOTY edition not a remaster. Even though I had the Plus PS3 edition, I never tried; now I get it with all the DLC. Thank you Bethesda, now about Fallout 3, NV and Skyrim, Would love to see those on PS4.

    • I’m happy for you that you can enjoy as for me I’ve had this edition on the Pc for over a year bought from Steam for 14.99. ( Not really this edition since on my Pc which at this point would cost less than a Ps4 to build it plays in 1080p at over 80fps without a tear or hiccup)

  • Wow, look at this tearing, said to also be present on PS4. Shameful business practice to try and pawn this edition off as definitive…


  • Well, I was going to buy this again, $20 is about right for it, but I guess that was only if you pre-order. Hope this is just a mistake because it is not worth it to buy again for $40. Great game though if you haven’t played it before.

    • I was thinking about snagging this for $20 but yep, the price went up to $40. After reading the reviews I’m glad I held off… By failing to honor the promo price until 9/1 Sony saved me $20.

  • Hm. I, too, was going to buy the $20 “upgrade” today. But at $40, given all of the other big games out soon, I can’t do it.

    Hey, Sony/Bethesda/Arkane! I’d still buy it (again) for $20 despite it being mostly a simple port.

    • I agree, I would buy it right away at $20. I’m not particularly happy with Son not fulfilling their promotion email. I hope they fix it and give us until 9/1 as promised.

  • I was likewise planning on getting this before the stated 9/1 deadline on this deal. Now that the offer has ended early I think I’ll pass.

  • I too was going to wait to purchase the title for $19.99, but not till reports would come out about the quality of the port. Disappointed that the advertised deal didn’t last till September 1.

  • The complete lack of anything substantial about this port prior to launch should have been a huge warning. Now that the PS Store price has jumped up, whether in error or not, those of us who were waiting should maybe wait some more. In this case, I think the PC version will remain the definitive one. If you haven’t played Dishonored and enjoy stealth games, well, I suspect the retail version will drop significantly in price before the year is up.

  • Would also really like some confirmation on the pricing of the game for those that own the previous game, im on the fence as is with the price reduction!

  • I just got off the phone with a support rep who informed me the half off deal was only for preorders. That is ridiculous. I did’t read the anywhere and neither Sony nor Bethesda communicated this anywhere that I saw. I’m highly disappointed. :(

    • That is ridiculous. The promotional emails specifically stated 9/1. Someone is out of the loop.

    • That’s clearly false advertisement. The email clearly states (I have it in my inbox) the 50% offer was valid until 9/1 and there was not even a mention of preorders or even the need to have the PS3 version.

    • Thanks for finding that out tonezone, would have been nice if someone from playstation blog had responded though. Not like there are a ton of comments here for them to read through.

    • I clicked through on the 23rd when the email arrived. It showed up at regular price. I assumed I needed to wait until the game was released for the discount to show so i waited until today.

      I’m so mad I’m going to go and watch Powers instead – NO WAIT I CAN’T DO THAT EITHER

    • This is complete bull. If I had known it was for preorders only, I would have bought it. There was never a mention of a time limit at all. The first I heard of a time limit was the e-mail from Sony, and by the time I saw the e-mail the price had already gone up. Now comes the wait for another price drop in the future. I was hoping to play this before Dishonored 2, but now not only will I not buy this now, but I’ll wait for a price drop on 2 as well.

  • I had it in my cart last night but decided to think it over. Then this morning I tried all day to get the discount to show up but with no luck. I can’t find that email. *sigh*

  • I was also going to pick it up last night but then noticed the September 1 deadline. Figured I’d pick it up this afternoon along with any other PSN sale items. Very disappointed that Sony tricked me into NOT buying the game. If the price gets fixed before 9/1, I’ll buy; otherwise, I guess I’ll wait for Dishonored 2.

  • I’m very disapppinted too about the so called “Definitive” Edition of Dishonored on a technical side. First I really had wished it was at least 60 fps like 95% of all Remasters are on PS4 except some disgusting cash grab ports like Prototype or Saints Row (GTA5 is another 30fps game but that is the only one that justified the frame rate because it’s an overall amazing Remasters). You don’t want to be listed with these games from now on or want you Bethesda? Second there are again small bugs that are clearly not neccessary from to beginning like the lack of AF (really, again? Why have PS4 games so much problems with this simple graphic feature?) and screen tearing. I don’t understand why such things still happens. I’m more than sure that PS4 is cable of running this game smooth and flawless. If not at 60fps than atleast at rocked-soild 30fps with all bells and whistles. Just browse NeoGAF or Reddit to see how disappointed the people are. The game deserved better because aside all the minor complains Dishonored is one of the best new IPs we got in the last few years. I really hope Arkane Studios working an a patch to get rid of some of the small complains!

  • After the “memory leak” problem with huge save files on Skyrim on PS3…. forcing you to reboot the game like every two hours (not the console, just the game)…. I dont’ touch anything with Bethescrap on it. Whether they made it or not….. If they cant’ even program a save file system right…..

  • and after reading some comments…. apparently they can’t even type an email or whatever with correct information….

  • anyone wonder what this site is gonna do when the ps5 comes out considering their console section links have the for face buttons as the links?

  • This is a ripoff. I was waiting for my paycheck to buy one of my favorite games ever on the ps4 at half price, but then they go back on their word before September 1st?

    • I humbly retract my statement, issue has been fixed and I went ahead and purchased my favorite game early. I really miss Dishonored since I sold my ps3 and I now can play it again!

    • *now I can play it again!

    • May i ask how it was fixed? I have the game on PS3 but on the store it still lists it as 40$ for me! Any help for those of use still having the issue would be great!


  • Ummm. I went to go buy it for $20 and now it is back to showing $40. Did they really go back on their words and removed the discount before 9/1 ? I saw that it was $20 for me a few days ago but was waiting to buy all the new apps at once today. Is the price going to be fixed per the email that they sent?

    You can clearly see that it was stated the reduced price for people that own it on PS3 would be in effect until 9/1.


  • It’s a good thing I still have the PS3 version installed on my PS3. Because I’m not paying $20 for the same game with no upgrades. I will use that money for the Resident Evil Remake. Or Phantom Pain. Most likely Phantom Pain.

  • any word on those who purchased the physical disc of Dishonored receiving this same discount as those who ordered theirs digitally? Def want to replay it on PS4 but not at $40 when I purchased the game outright and do not receive the same discount as those who ordered it digitally. Get it sorted. would be a shame to lose on those sales..

    • The discount is only applicable to people who have the game digitally, the physical retail version doesn’t count unfortunately. Of course, since you have PS+ you could have “bought” the game in April (or whenever it was) and you would have been eligible for the discount since I was in the same boat (bought physical, then bought PS+ version for free).

  • I think I wait till the price drop a little more. $40.00 for just a port is a little high for me. And Yes, I know it comes with all the DLC.
    Back to playing Madden 16 then Until Dawn.

  • Okay! Price is back to $19.99 if you previously purchased it for PS3. You may have to click on the game in order to see the price change. Downloading right now since I’m not sure how long it will last (presumably till 9/1 but who knows).

  • Hey! It’s back to $19.99.

    I said I’d buy it if it was $20, and so I did. Thanks, whoever fixed this.

    • Me too, just bought it. I was planning to buy it and the only reason I didn’t was the incorrect price. Now that’s fixed I bought it right away.

      Thanks Sony for fixing this.

  • This very disappointing NON-remastered “port” definitely seems like false advertising if you ask me…

  • I’m glad that I only paid $25 (Canada) for this as opposed to paying the full price of $50, since this is a really lazy port of the PS3 GOTY Edition from what I can tell. I mean, it’s a great game and lots of fun to play, but if you’re going to advertise something as the “definitive” edition you might want to offer something more than “it works with the Dualshock speaker” and has marginally better graphics. I’d be pretty annoyed if I paid full price for this.

    I suppose if someone has never played Dishonored for one reason or another then this is as good a time as any to check it out, but otherwise you probably want to wait for it to go on sale unless you can take advantage of the 50% off until Sept 1 (assuming you already own the digital PS3 version that is).

    There have been some pretty solid Remastered/Definitive editions of PS3 games offered over the past year of so, where developers made an effort to make the PS4 version something special. This isn’t one of those, unfortunately.

  • I finally bought it today expecting to be let down by how similar to the last gen version it looked, but instead I was blown away by how crisp it looks. The watercolor art style really come to its own in 1080p. The frame rate so far has been very playable with no reason for concern. 60fps is always preferable but in no way does it ever get bothersome here, so far (4-5 chapters). It really looks gorgeous, something I did not expect. You have to go back and play the last gen (in my case 360) version, to be able to appreciate the difference fully. I was disappointed with this until I played it myself. Very happy to have this in the PS4, looking as crisp as it does. Higher resolution textures wouldn’t have done a damn thing for this art style other than save for text on posters etc, which would have been nice still.

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