Capsule Force Out Today on PS4

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Capsule Force Out Today on PS4

Hello again, space people! Let’s talk Capsule Force, which is out today on PS4. But this time… let’s go over how to destroy your opponents while playing!

But first, the basics: In Capsule Force, your primary objective is to ride a tram into your opponent’s base and steal the capsule before they can steal yours. Early matches might be more of a spamfest, but once you and your opponents ramp up, every death will count — you must learn the techniques and abilities of a master if you wish to lead your team to victory!

Shield Pulse

Your first technique to master is the Shield Pulse. Activate the shield by tapping the Circle button on your controller. In Capsule Force, shields are quick and must be timed precisely — you must be one with the shield. Shield Pulse can deflect both opposing players and projectiles. Hit the button as soon as a projectile is about to strike to deflect it back in the direction it came from!

If you successfully deflect a bullet, the shield will instantly recharge (which can make for some insane bullet volleying matches).

Hot Tip: Unlike firing your weapon, shielding won’t stop the tram (you can bump the opponent off of a tram with the shield)!


Fully charged energy beams are unblockable, but skilled players take advantage of the Dash ability! Hold down the direction you want to move, and hit R2 to execute a Dash. Dashing will allow you to phase through normal shots, energy beam shots, and energy-based environmental hazards. Be sure to watch your back! When your dash finishes there’s a brief window of vulnerability!

Infinite Jumping

Now that you’re a pro at dashing and shield wielding, let’s take this dance to the air! Normal players jump and double jump, but to get some epic retro-anime air battles, we wanted to add the ability for infinite jumping! Any time you shoot, dash, or shield, your double-jump resets; alternate using jumping and another action for unlimited aerial fighting!

Blast Jumping

One of the most challenging and useful techniques to master is the Blast Jump. Aim your gun at the ground, and fire a normal shot — once the shot explodes on the ground, Jump! Were you hurled into the air? It’s a bit tricky to pull off — make sure your fire before you jump (the key is to jump while the explosion is there). Experiment with shooting the ground at different angles to change the direction and speed at which you fly.

Master all of the above techniques to become an unstoppable Capsule Force train of destruction! But before you can do that, go get Capsule Force for PS4 today!

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  • You had me at, Capsule Force Trailer intro.

  • Looks amazing! Did I miss the price?

  • Any online multiplayer?

  • This looks great! This absolutely channels, like, Master System charm and 80’s anime and brings it to the modern age. I just need to see how much content this has for single player and/or an online mode before I plunk down cash for a purchase. Hopefully it makes it’s way around Youtubers like, say, Towerfall or Duck Game or something so I can get a good look. I’m not into getting an arena game without online these days; i’m not in college so Couch Co-Op is a no-go for me. All my gamer friends live in different states now :P

    But it does look fantastic! Love this era of game art and anime influence. I hate “minimalist” chunk pixel blob indie games. This has style and art direction and just oozes charm, a lot more effectively than that Galak Z game that came out that ostensibly wanted to homage the same era of “Japanimation” – love the looks of it.

    Also, the NEO-GEO style “How to Play” screen? Brilliant stuff!

  • Thanks for explaining some of the techniques. From watching the trailer alone some weeks ago, I didn’t know there are techniques like this in the game. I already like the aesthetics, but this information suggests there is more meat to the game that I previously understood.

    It’s Capsule Force!

  • It will be too bad if this is another Towerfall that forgoes online multiplayer. A large chunk of the gaming population is now 30+ years old with families. We don’t get to couch co-op play like we used to. Online allows me to connect with friends. I think it is straight up lazy and a poor decision to leave something like that out.

  • I don’t own a PS4 but this looks really fun. Reminds me of some classics I played a while back. Good luck with the launch!

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