PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

PlayStation Plus members! Your voices have been heard. Thanks to our Vote to Play campaign — which gave you the ability to vote on a game for our September Plus offering — we’re delighted to reveal your selection, and the first title in next month’s free games lineup: Grow Home on PS4. If you voted for Armello or Zombie Vikings, don’t worry: Plus members will get a 30% discount on both starting on September 1st, all the way through September 15th.

So what can gamers look forward to this September? Grow Home is an adorable game about BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), who is traveling the stars in search of new flora to help his home planet. In Grow Home, players will climb a massive plant that stretches from the planet’s surface all the way to his ship in space. Don’t look down.

PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

Super Time Force Ultra is a fast-paced action platformer that tasks players with rewinding time and creating “time clones” to clear out levels. In Xeodrifter, players explore strange alien planets and discover valuable secrets to cobble together a way home. Twisted Metal celebrates classic car combat with tons of power-ups and delectable explosions. Teslagrad features beautiful platforming and smart puzzles, and La Mulana EX brings a riddle-filled adventure to challenge-hungry gamers.

These games are free for PS Plus members starting on the first Tuesday of the month! Enjoy.

PS4 PS4, PS Vita PS4, PS Vita
PS3 PS4, PS3 PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Leave us a comment below. If you’re still feeling chatty, join us in our PlayStation Community forums.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • I’m liking what I see and Grow Home won! :D

    • I’m loving this list, i was going to buy STFU on Vita, almost bought La Mulana on Vita.

      I was really interested in Teslagrad, Xeodrifter looks excellent and it’s new, yay Twisted Metal, Nay grow home.

      Fantastic month!!!

    • I am so glad it won that was the best game listed and it was cute

    • Are we going to have another vote for PS+ games?

    • Grown home is cute – cheap low end game but cheap – yet another month of basically – nothing – love me some playstation but the free games are a joke – 99 percent of the time they are super lame and cheesy – why can they give away old titles that are obsolete now but once were good games – that is what i would expect – but no – its always games that would have even been considered lame if they came out on a sega genesis

    • If you like this crap your an idiot.

    • The irony is, you’re an idiot

  • Super Time Force Ultra!? Nice! We didn’t even have to vote for that one. So excited to play!

    • Played it on XB1. Very fun. You can kinda bull your way through it, but once you get good it gets better. Teslagrad is really, REALLY good, though.

  • Wow, amazing month. What a change from last month, where I owned all but one. This month I own only one. :)

    • I feel the complete opposite. This is a terrible month, the first in a long time where I couldn’t care less about any of these games.
      And I don’t even own any of them! I just won’t spend my limited free time playing completely uninteresting games, when my backlog is already full of so many great games.
      I might try Twisted Metal for fun, if I get bored. Pass on the rest.
      No thanks Sony, try harder next month please.
      Thank you.

    • That’s because nobody owns **** games

    • Im fully with you Gorvi. Fantastic month. I dont own any of them. I see comments like the other reply to yours and realise its usually when its artistic games or Indie games that people b**** the most. Yet some of those can be amazing titles. Awesome month an something for everyone if you are willing to try new thngs

    • Side note to yentair. Try harder? just because there is nothing you like?. Sony arnt going to tailor the free games to your tastes, try something new for a chance you cant expect AAA titles all the time. Its a fantastic lineup this month.

      Good job Sony, ignore the people who tell you you suck or try harder just because it doesnt suit them

    • Well @earth_inheritor, if I may give my opinion, everyone says, “Don’t expect AAA titles every month” when basically ever since I’ve had my ps4 (Last December) it appears that there’s been barely any games that are worth anything. Sure, there’s a few good games, and I’m always open to try new ones, but it just appears to me that all of these games aren’t good to me. I do not expect a AAA every month, but to me, all of these games are started to look and play the same to me. I’ll keep my subscription and I’ll be open to these games, but I was giving my input.

    • Yes! I’m so looking forward to this month. Grow Home, Super Time Force Ultra, and Xeodrifter are all new releases to PSN and PS+ subscribers get them free on day 1! Love this month’s selection of games.

  • STFU, hell yes!

  • But I wanted Armello for free! That sucks! We should get the game we voted for for free, not the game that 44% of the PSN population, who don’t have a CLUE what they’re doing, voted for! :)

    • Are you serious? If you want the game so bad, just buy it, it’s not that expensive, if I’m not mistaken it will be discounted for PS+.

    • Just buy the game then, as was said. It will be 30% off for 2 weeks. The fact is, the majority of people, myself included, did not want a world-map card game rpg. It did not appeal to me. Grow Home in it’s oddness, did. I didn’t even care what the prices were, just that the game looked appealing and fun. Zombie Vikings was my 2nd choice, as it had local multiplayer, and Stick it to the Man was a lot of “odd-lookin'” fun.

      We all have our differences of opinion as for what games we prefer to play, of course. That being said, the majority of people that voted, did want Grow Home. That’s just the way it is.

    • I want I want I want. And when you dont get what you want it’s unfair? Screams entitlement.

      Just buy the game. The majority of the people who voted, wanted Grow Home. Which means that less than the majority of the people who voted did not want that game.

      As for not knowing what they’re doing, how easy is it to screw up voting for a game? Everybody who voted did so properly with 100% accuracy; there is zero chance for a fail. Even if you vote for the wrong game, you voted.

    • Guys he/she is obviously joking.

    • You are absolutely correct! And I hate the voting situation because the best game was ignored… meaning these people don’t know feces. However… Teslagrad, Time Force Ultra and wee old Xenodrifter makes September the best line up in ages for the ps plus ps4. All great indie titles… Teslagrad can be very annoying at times… but it isn’t as bad as most games. And Xeno and Time Force are actually new to the psn Store. So… Just purchase Armello at a discount and you have quite a few things to occupy yourself with till Fallout 4!!!

    • I know it! I hate when other people’s opinions are wrong! I mean, how can the majority of voters have a WRONG opinion? Get a CLUE everyone!

    • 44% of the PSN population, who don’t have a CLUE what they’re doing, voted for! :) … Ahahaha … Good Joke

  • Very boring list (except Twisted Metal), thank god MGSV is out next week so I can play that instead. Also, before anyone gives me a hard time about super time force ultra, I played it when it was free on game with gold and it was a very overrated game.

    • you won’t be getting $60 retail titles every month no matter how you much complain and claim the games are boring. I would suggest letting your sub lapse if your that satisfied with what your getting.

    • Funny, because Twisted Metal is the one game from the list I won’t play.

      To each their own, I guess.

    • I’m looking forward to Twisted Metal, too – and that’s all I’m excited about this month. “To each his own” definitely applies, every single month.

      I only have a PS3 right now, so the PS4 and Vita stuff I’m collecting for later, but not paying a lot of attention to. Twisted Metal is the only title on the list I’d even heard of before (at least before they announced the titles we could vote on). I’m sure I’ll take a look at Teslagrad just to see what it is – initially it looks like another phone game transcribed to the big screen, which bugs the heck out of me. Hope it’s more than just that. Indie games are fine, but mobile games masquerading as console titles just bug the snot out of me.

    • It’s an awful list of cheap games. Retro and indie games just aren’t for me, and if I wanted to play that kind of genre, I’d just go back to playing on my Amiga all those years ago. XBOX one owners get the excellent Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. I would like to see at least one decent, but maybe slightly dated game a month on psn+ instead of lots of games that should have been made in the 90’s. Maybe they are saving themselves for somthing better next month…

    • Goodacre0081 When have we ever got $60 games. Second it isn’t to much to ask for a 2 year old AAA which probably cost less than an Indie over the same, enter unknown indie game here ____ every month. Is it to much to ask for something different. Also with the need for Ps+ to play online now sony has forced people into keeping it.

    • to goodacre, right ? myself if active (which I’m not at the moment) 1 game per year you like make it a wash and any others are a bonus. between discs and free enjoyable games that are unplayed I’m backlogged. the ps+ games partially played so far and unplayed ones have been worth every penny. for twisted metal alone I will buy a 30 day sub to grab sept and nov games. I just might try to friend you too, you gotta brain… = )


  • Look like a decent lineup. Thanks for the article.

  • All pretty awesome games (except grow home)… STFU on ps4, can’t wait

  • Xeodrifter is nice. Though something non-indie for vita would be nice once in a while.

  • Yay for Grow Home and Twisted Metal, I cannot say I’m interested in the rest though, especially for PS4. I would like a game on the quality of Styx, or other triple A games, at least once every other month, but I am grateful for the free games nonetheless. Thank you.

  • Que te paso ps plus? antes eras chevere

  • Four old school inspired platformers and a game about a robot botanist. Can’t win ’em all.

  • September is indie month on the PS4! :D I own some of those in other platforms, but they sure are welcome additions! Beyond!

  • Once again too many indie games and not enough “bang for a buck”, but at least this time games are actually good and/or great all around. That’s a nice move into a right direction.

  • My PS Plus sub ends in september, not going to sub again, I bought console for $350 not to play damn indies, I could’ve have bought $100 laptop and easily play those games of Steam and it would be cheaper too, Indiestation indeed.

    • well put sir

    • So you bought a ps4 just for the free games every month? That’s what it sounds like what you’re upset about.

    • I doubt the type of PS+ games available will change. Sony seems to be pushing in that direction for the past year or so. If it’s profitable for them, they’ll stick to the same formula.

      Unless you own a ps4 and play regularly online or need online storage, I’d suggest dropping PS+, if you’re not satisfied with the product, and buy games you like instead. Did the same after 3 years of sub. Good luck.

    • You know PS Plus games aren’t the only games you can play on your console, right?

    • PS Plus is officially an Indie Game Subscription now and I’m no longer interested in this joyride.
      This month’s lineup finally convinced me to get XBox One Forza 5 edition, EA Access and Games with Gold.
      The trend is clear. The console with trailing sales always offers better free games. It was true with PS3 and it is true with XOne.

    • * Correction: I meant XBox One Forza 6 Edition. That cool blue console which makes car sounds on start, stop and eject.

    • + ArunTahlan

      isn’t this ironic that Grow Home is published by a TRIPLE-A publisher that not does published AAA games, also published/developed smaller titles. [Ubisoft]

    • so you could’ve bought those free games for a cheaper price on steam?

    • Exactly. All the indie lovers are gonna defend them but they’re the minority.

    • His point is he bought a new system and most of the games offered could be played on ps1, not just the free games either as over 50% id guess close to around 70% of total ps4 games are indie.

  • No AAA

  • This is one great month!! Came this close to buying la Mulana when it was on sale :D

  • Nice lineup this month guys! 3 brand new games including STFU (Sorry), Grow Home, and Xeodrifter.

  • I JUST bought STFU on Steam! Oh well, it’ll look better on my big screen anyway; plus, Mr Yoshida!

  • Was really pulling for Zombie Vikings, but 30% off is a nice discount :-)

  • STFU and Xeodrifter!! Hype!! I am excited for this month’s PS+

  • I like all these games launching on Plus, looking forward to trying them.

  • Nice selection O.O

    A little disappointed that I just paid for Teslagrad though only to find I could have saved some money there on my already tight budget.

  • This month PS Plus will make you feel like it’s we’re back in the 90’s!
    Not a good month for me, where the only game I’ll be downloading is Grow Home when I actually voted for Zombie Vikings… That should tell a lot.
    Oh well… Time to get to work on that long backlog from previous months.

    • I agree with you Leandro. What’s with these games that look like one I could have very played 20 years ago! Really!?

    • Same here. Voted for Zombie Vikings. I was looking to play that game with my friends online just like Rocket League last month. Now, I will not find anyone because it’s not free. :(
      I will download Grow Home and Teslagrad to give them a shot. I will not even download the other 2 games. I can’t stand pixel graphics and 8 bit music. And I don’t understand how they are considered as stylish.
      I’ll be playing MGS5 Phantom Pain this month anyhow.

  • I thought the dev said STFU PS4 and Vita would be released simultaneously. So? What’s happening here? Better not be another cancelled port.

  • I did not liked it. More plataformers for PS vita. Why cant you ley people vote on their games on PS vita as Well? There are a lot of fabullous PSP games that could be on PS vita plus.

  • Nice lineup, I only own 2 of these. I’m a little sad Armello didn’t win but I’ll probably get it anyways. Grow Home was my second choice anyways.

    I won’t judge anyone for this vote though. That’s a terrible thing to do and taste is subjective. :)

    And you’ll never seem me cry about indie games, I LOVE indies! :)

    Ryan, I will say I miss the old layout where it would be like:

    Xeodrifter (PS4/PS Vita) *insert picture here*
    *insert detailed description here*

    and then a youtube video.

  • Is Super Time Force Ultra and Teslagrad not cross-buy with their Vita versions?

    • I don’t think those versions have come out yet. Both will be cross buy based on what I’ve read on the developers’ blogs/websites.

    • I thought STFU was going to be a simultaneous release on Vita and PS4.

    • STFU will be free for plus members on PS4 AND Vita.

      The Vita version releases the same day as the PS4 version, September 1st.

  • Good month, thanks!

  • Awesome list, really happy to see day 1 releases come out on plus. They were all on my list of games to check out.

  • Another great list of games as usual. I haven’t played any of these and three of them are new to the platform. Pretty awesome. Can’t wait to dive into this next month.

  • Did Teslagrad ever make it to Vita?

    • Since there is no info about that I thing Teslagrad for the Ps Vita is Cancelled, Super Time Ultra delay until an unknow date, so …

  • I don’t bother “buying” these games anymore. Nothing worth anymore.

    What happened plus? you used to be cool

  • A pass month for me. Glad to see so many positive comments so far, though.

  • another horrible month, only good game is twisted metal, my subscription ends in October and I’m happy i won’t be wasting another $50 by renewing for such a crap service. I’m glad theres a bunch of single player game releasing soon. it will be sometime before i invest in this service again.

  • Welp, the game I voted for didn’t win. Guess that’s what I get for being different. At least I get to play Super Time Force Ultra, Xeodrifter and Teslagrad.

  • Xeodrifter AND La Mulana? I can never have too many Metroidvanias. I love you, Plus.

    Glad Grow Home won. Looking forward to trying that. No idea what Time Force is, but I’ll give it a shot.

  • Amazing ps plus lineup. I’m in for every one.

  • In my opinion, this is the best lineup in a while, well going by that i don’t own any of these games, and I’m interested in nearly all of them. I almost bought Xeodrfiter for Wii U/3DS but didn’t because the Wii U version didn’t allow the use of the Wii U Pro Controller. So glad i get this game and save $10 at least. Keep up the good job. :)

  • What happened to the monthly “What are your thoughts on the month’s free games” Poll?
    This is the first time i have seen a PS+ free games post without the monthly poll.
    Are you abandoning the Poll?

  • Thanks Sony! Another amazing month for PS+! Glad Grow Home won as that is what I voted for. Also the 30% discount is outstanding. Pretty much everyone wins. Looking forward to seeing Shu in Super Time Force Ultra. So many great games!

  • Really wanted Armello to win, but i’m glad we had a chance to vote in one of the selections. I really like this option and hope it will be an ongoing feature.

  • Some great games there. Looking forward to playing them.

    Was really hoping Armello would win though. Oh well. :(

  • We used to have a poll where we could rate each game and add out thoughts, are you not doing that this month?

  • I no longer even check this blog to see what the new additions to the Indie Game Collection that get added every month. I maintain my PS+ subscription solely because I HAVE to have it, to play PS4 games online. This ‘Vote to Play’ thing is worthless, if all three games to be voted on are indies. A contained choice between three non-AAA games that would be a better fit on Android than the most powerful game console of all time. No thanks.

    • Cradda said: “I no longer even check this blog to see what the new additions to the Indie Game Collection that get added every month.”

      Then what are you doing right now? Not checking it out while checking it out? OK…

    • “A contained choice between three non-AAA games that would be a better fit on Android than the most powerful game console of all time.”

      Look, even the PC MASTER RACE guys who have overpowered beasts buy and play stuff like these on Steam. What “better fit on Android” are you talking about? Platformers on touchscreen? No thanks.

    • That’s where they get us, to them giving us free games every month should be seen as giving back to the community when in actuality if we didn’t need plus to play online over half of it’s owners would not subscribe in the first place. On really bad months sometimes I feel like it’s just a big slap in the face because they know we can’t do anything about it.

  • Super Time Force Ultra – Hell Yeah!

  • 5 Platformers, nice!

    • Despite always getting platformers every month – given the option between a 3-4 hour 10 dollar platformer on steam, a 10 hour co-op hack&slash game, or a really pretty tabletop card game, majority still chose the platformer. I’m not entirely sure why myself, but I guess the majority of people just like platforming.

  • Sweet month for the VITA! Looking forward to Teslagrad and Super Time Force Ultra with the crossbuy in the future as well, but I’ll try them out on my PS4 when I have time. For all of those who haven’t tried out Twisted Metal, prepare to be amazed! That game is such a blast, and has a hard as heck campaign at some points, even with a splitscreen coop buddy.

    Always like when these great multiplayer games get a 2nd coming, cause that only means we’ll have more people playing for the first time on the servers. It’s good for everyone. I’ll be jumping back in to see you guys there.

    -Sidenote, this game would be amazing if ported to the VITA, while maintaining the fantastic framerate, but the PS4 could definitely handle the FPS, and more so.

    Give it a graphics bump, and some new features, and people would go crazy for it. It may be a niche genre, car-combat, but with a proper publicized release, it can do way better. <3 David Jaffe!

  • NO KNACK NO PEACE! #***@*&@&#&

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