One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Out Next Week on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Out Next Week on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Avast ye maties and set sail for untold amounts of adventures and battles with next week’s release of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita! Before we cast off on Tuesday, let me bombard you with more pirate talk and information regarding what One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 has in store for everyone. Arrrgh!

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 brings all the intensity of the fan-favorite Warriors series from Koei Tecmo and carries over all the characters, abilities and adventures of the One Piece series into a beautiful mashup of outrageous battles and even crazier characters. With a storyline that starts from the very beginning at Fushia Village all the way to the current events of the Dressrosa story arc, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is perfect for long-time fans looking to relive their favorite moments or new pirate recruits who want to start their journey into the greatest pirate saga ever told.

A major theme in the One Piece series is the strength of the bonds created between characters. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 builds on this theme with its new Kizuna Rush system. Players build their Kizuna Gauge through general combat, which can then be used to call their support characters to fight alongside them. When the Kizuna Gauge is full, players can activate Kizuna Rush, a time-limited ability where players can continuously call their support characters and initiate a powerful combination attack. Having more than 37 playable characters to choose from, get ready to experience the most over the top action this side of the Grand Line!

Speaking of characters, we are excited to announce our Season Pass packed with DLC Packs 1 and 2 featuring 8 iconic quests and 18 costumes for your favorite characters for $11.99. In addition to the bundled discount, we have sweetened the bounty with 12 additional costumes, exclusive to Season Pass owners, bringing the costume total to 30! For pirates who like to show off their best digs in cooperative online play, this Season Pass is a must! DLC Packs 1 and 2 can be purchased separately for $7.99 each.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

For players who are interested in pre-ordering One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 we have some exciting deals lined up for you with the digital version of the game on PlayStation Network.

For those who pre-order the PS3 or PS4 version of the game, you will receive two exclusive costumes including Luffy dressed up as a fish and Sabo dressed as Lucy. Players will also receive a dynamic theme for their system and two DLC missions; A Written Challenge to the Paramount War Quest and Davy Back Fight Quest.

PlayStation Vita owners who purchase One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 digitally through PSN will also receive the two costumes and DLC missions as well for a limited time.

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  • Awesome now Sony just has to make a one piece pirate warriors 3 face plate =D

    • That would be amazing! Have you ever thought about having a custom paint/decal done so you can have a one of a kind?

  • Will you guys ever go back and localize the Vita version of Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn that you inexplicably skipped the first time around? What about Tales of Innocence R and God Eater?

    • Hey gerneric123, thanks for being a fan of our global products! We actually only here to talk about One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 but your wants are definitely heard. Are you looking forward to One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3?

  • Don’t stop bringing the Vita games Namco!

  • So bad I don’t have enough money to acquirer all games :( will have to wait for this on sale for my vita since I’m still on my ways for the platinum in the previous title.

    • No worries, we’re glad you’re as excited for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 on Vita as we are! Remember, the added DLC goodies are only available for a limited time.

  • Day 1 buy for the Vita! Just got up to Enies Lobby in the anime, so it’ll be nice to watch/play at the same time. Now that the wait for this game is almost over I can start anticipating Odin Sphere, Attack on Titan and the hopeful localization of Tokyo Xanadu.

  • Already have it pre-ordered. Looking forward to it. Have you guys considered putting out any theme’s or avatars for PSN? would love a one piece back ground or avatar.

  • If I have paid off my One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 copy from another source, can I still get the season pass on PSN?

    • Im not 100% sure I understand the question but regardless of where you purchase your game, you will have access to purchase the Season Pass.

  • Trust me, If I wasn’t already holding out money for the Destiny PS4 (and owned one already) I would have already pre-ordered this!

    I want a One Piece theme haha! But anyways, that’s an amazing deal for a Season Pass, mostly the studio’s DLC is very… expensive. Maybe you took a page out of the Wii U offerings? I’m very happy with it.

    That’s actually a very fair price for it, because $12 wouldn’t scare me away <3

    'd rather have smaller content packages worth less money than being pressured to plunk down $25 for a huge promise :)

  • Is the main story mode forcing me to play as Luffy? I don’t like him so I don’t like the first game.

  • When playing the Legend Log (Story Mode), your character and crew is relative to the characters featured in the storyline. Once you have completed the episode, you can replay it in Free Log with any of the characters you have unlocked.

  • Do I have to Pre-order the digital version from the PlayStation store to get the DLC and theme or can I get them through Pre-ordering it from another place as well?

    • The costumes and missions are available from in-store pre-orders, game specific themes are digital pre-order exclusive

    • The theme is exclusive to the PSN digital pre-order, though if you were to pre-order elsewhere, you can still get the 4 pieces of in game DLC.

  • If i don’t want to buy the game day 1 can i get the preorder dlc from the season pass?

    • I assume they’ll put it out later as it’s own little dlc pack for around $1. It’s what happened with Hyrule Warriors

    • Hey rwlove

      Though I think I answered this elsewhere, I thought I would clarify for you. Getting the Pre-Order DLC depends on which platform you are purchasing. If you are a PS3/PS4 player, the DLC will only be available through pre-order. PS Vita is a little different with the DLC being a bonus only during a limited launch window. There are not currently plans to release the DLC later.

      The choice is yours!

  • Hey stephen quick question, will the online work the same as previous games where you need to luckily find the person to co-op with or can my girl and i just easily co-op the story without one of us clearing the level first? That was preety annoying we wanna go thru it together cuz you know….love hehehe.

  • It’s on PS vita!? I hope it’s secretly cross-buy and has cross-saves

  • A question if it can be answered Stephen; Previous Omega Force/Koei Tecmo have had recurring issues with the built in streaming, notably, Warriors Orochi 3 and Toukiden. When you attempt to stream either one, the audio is fully muted for the viewer/s due to what I assume is lack of voice over agreements. Will Pirate Warriors 3 be censored with audio and or blocked scenes when attempting to stream the game using the PS4’s built in feature?

    This isn’t a deciding factor in my purchase, I’ve already preordered this on PSN a week ago, I’d like to know since i’ve a few friends who would enjoy watching me play through it, thanks!

  • Is this game english dub

  • Glad we’re finally getting the Vita version since we missed out on the last one

  • If I buy the Vita version, can I play co-operatively with PS3 and PS4 owners?

    • For One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, cooperative play is only available for same console matchmaking. For PS Vita, you do have the choice of Online or Ad Hoc wireless gameplay though.

  • I wanted to know will there be any other way to get the theme, since I didn’t pre-order the digital version. I have my physical copy pre-ordered from Amazon.

    Is there a chance that the theme will be available for purchase in the PS Store?

    Thanks Namco, so excited for this game as well as Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth! Appreciate that you guys do a lot to localize many titles for us!

    • Hey Felldoh23,

      The theme is an exclusive to the digital pre-order, so it wont be available for purchase later. On the bright side, we are definitely noting your wants for a standalone theme and will keep this is mind.

      And its great to hear you’re looking forward to Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth; we’re very excited about it too! With the movie and game coming, this is a great time to be a Digimon fan!

  • When will the season pass be available?

  • Can i get the preorder dlc with the season pass instead of preordering it?

    • The Pre-Order DLC is exclusive to pre-order whether you pre-order Physical or Digital. There are currently no plans for a separate release.

  • will the psvita also have a retail copy or is it digital only?

    • PS Vita is a digital only SKU. I feel you on the space issue; with so many great PS Vita games (and PS Plus monthly freebies) you sometimes need to be strategic in your space management. Im a PS Vita addict so I try to theme out my memory cards based on genre :D

      One thing to remember for imports is it will not be compatible with the US DLC, so choose wisely ^-^

  • also if its digital only on psvita, I will probably import the Eur copy since I know theyre getting a retail version, Gotta save up on memory space sorry

    • That makes no sense. Ps+ save your “game saves” online. So you cab just delete games and reinstall them as you want. Ive never needed more than 1 card for the 30 or so games I have. Well I didn’t consider you may have the smallest card.

  • Day one for me can’t wait!!

  • Will Canadians be able to get the 4 DLC’s along with the theme for pre-order on the PS3 or just the theme? In the PlayStation Store for PS3 it says that you only get the theme.

  • Sooooo excited for this release. Thanks for the huge support in bringing it out physically, digitally, and for vita!! Already have it pre-ordered at GameStop for the steelcase and can’t wait to go pick it up. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the DLC is not cross-buy since the games themselves are not?

    Also on a One Piece related note, I hope there is still some consideration going on for Super Grand Battle! X for 3DS to be released. Looked awesome and I’ve been hoping to see a digital release pop up at some point. Thanks again and take care!

  • Really excited about this game, the wait is almost unbearable!
    One question though, will there be any reward for having saves of the previous games like there was for the Pirate Warriors 2? And if so how will it work if I buy it for the PS4 while having the saves for the PS3 games?

    3 more days!!!

  • disclaimer:
    to all those looking for the physical VITA vers…
    EU got/has them. NA will/does not.

    pick one/all.

    note that this is also the 3rd title of the one piece musou series and yet the first to receive a physical anything for NA.
    again, look at EU.

    now whether importing or not, the majority of musou titles live for DLC.
    DLC being region locked should be known to importers, but just in case…

    to importers:
    DLC is region locked.
    as for NA not receiving a physical vita release…
    BAMCO relishes partiality.

    another faux (vaporware) release and the partiality track record grows…

    not surprisingly, the ps4/ps3 crowd appear indifferent to their sister console, let alone the EU/NA physical to digital ONLY skew youve given to your past releases.

    let me just say, thank you for extending the outsourcing of US dollars BAMCO.
    i look forward to more english region 3 ONLY releases too.
    (see: obsequious sarcasm)

    • You do know the only reason EU gets a physical release is because by margin there are more OP fans in EU than there are NA right? The same can be said about Naruto and their games. It’s not like Bamco is demonizing a specific region like Nintendo does with Collector’s Edition half the time. But a physical release for OP3 would practically loose money in the NA, Even I know games like this are aimed at a niche audience, I’d rather get it digital and spend time backing up saves/clearing up games downloaded than to not have it released/localized.

      Niche games hardly have room to complain because if one thing is apparent to that kind of fan is that games hardly seen as a profit normally don’t end up being localized at all. This is still a business above everything else, so you have to think about the long game, rather than appealing to ~10 fans. :/

  • (this is how glaringly out of touch i feel this VITA owning PR rep is…)

    says they empathize with memory space constraints then goes on to mention they have MULTIPLE memory cards that are themed specifically to genre…o.O?
    (maybe they were tax write-offs/”comp”s/gifts)

    you see, most vita users when complaining about memory constraints are referring to their ONE and ONLY exorbitantly priced memory card.
    not several.

    and please do note that whenever you swap a memory card for another the skittles jumble… everytime.
    must be a real treat utilizing such a genre themed memory card habit only to have to reorganize the skittle layout…everytime.
    user friendly to a fault right?

    good luck and thanks for reminding me where you place the NA vita market BAMCO.
    you never (*cough* always *cough*) let me down.

  • + Stephen Akana Will be available dynamic theme of One Piece Pirate Warrior 3 for EU (specially for UK) ? Thank you and please reply :)

  • anyone know if this has new trophies compared to Japanese version?

  • amazing i cant wait one piece is the greatest! got mine pre ordered are the dlc missions with physical pre orders too ? also would love to see a one piece fighting game same as what cyberconnect did with naruto

  • also the season pass sounds awesome will there be more playable characters as dlc too ?

  • looking forward to buy at day 1 for psvita, been saving money for the game.

  • Finally! I have been waiting for this game since it was announced! I love the first 2 entries and this one won’t be the exception! I hope that at some point you release the theme for PS4 so I can buy it since I already pre-ordered the physical version!

    Thanks for this awesome games!!!

  • Oh man I’ve been waiting for this game, kind of sucks there’s no cross-play though since I own a vita and he has a PS4 because we really wanted to play together (especially since Steam doesn’t offer online play with their version which is….weird.) Still going to get the game since I’ve been looking forward to it but I just wish more games had cross-play.

  • Yeah, just had the DLCs and the Game download, which is awesome. I pre-ordered the game near the beginning of the month and it didn’t auto download the dynamic theme when I pre-ordered the game or after everything downloaded and I can’t find it anywhere… I would really like that theme… if someone could hel, that would be awesome…

  • Pre-order on PS Store is tempting, but Gamestop offering a steelbook case is waaaaay more tempting. Glad to know the Vita is getting this game here. Not sure why we can’t preorder it on the Vita, but oh well.

  • Is there a season pass for the ps vita version? If yes, is it cross buy?

  • Gotta ask, when I buy a physical copy of the game at a store, will the Pre-order be in the Box with the Game, or would it be printed out on a receipt?

  • So I like pre-ordered this at gamestop….. is there no other way I can purchase the Dynamic Theme Separately??? I would pay it no prob!!!!! please them me there’s a way!!!!!!

  • so i got the digital pre order how come i didnt get the dynamic them :/

  • Is the 12 extra costumes in the season pass only a limited time and if it is will it still be available in two weeks

  • I just wish you guys would do a cross-buy bundle package or something.

    Charge an extra $10-20 and get the Vita version as well.

    Something like that would help… before you complain that the Vita version isn’t selling well because you cannibalized sales…

  • No vita version on the store?

  • Do you know what time it will be in the store for ps vita?

  • Does anyone know when or where I can purchase the vita version? I’m usually never home now so I’d love to have a game to play while out and about

  • Just bought the vita bundle and the game isn’t there. Why. Is anyone else having this problem? I went to, so it should’ve still worked

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