Shutshimi Coming to PS4, PS Vita August 25th

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Shutshimi Coming to PS4, PS Vita August 25th

Hello! I’m Anthony Swinnich, one of the three people at Neon Deity Games who designed Shutshimi! The game is done, and we’re proud to announce it will be swimming onto PS4 and PS Vita on August 25th as a cross buy title, courtesy of our benevolent publisher Choice Provisions. That’s super soon!

We didn’t set out to reinvent the Goldfish SHMUP genre, but sometimes you go where the current takes you. Shutshimi began as a game jam project made in under 24 hours, but we fell so deeply in love with the concept that we decided to go forth and flesh it out into a full game.

Several months later we “finished” and released it into the deep blue sea, but we were still filled with a ton of great ideas, so we got to work on an update. That update spiraled out of control and became a vastly expanded version of the original game, adding 2-4 player local co-op, loads of wacky new power-ups, new and updated sprites and backgrounds, a ton of additional songs, brand new enemies and bosses, lots of extra hats, cross save and Trophy support, and even online leaderboards.

Shutshimi: Seriously Swole!Shutshimi: Seriously Swole!

If this is your first time hearing of the game, Shutshimi is a Cute ‘Em Up about the story of The Fishy defending its home waters against an army of mysterious invaders. Squids, pelicans, reverse-mermen, bears, and more are overrunning the sea and it’s up to you to stop them!

Levels normally last ten seconds, then the player has ten seconds to pick a power-up from the shop for the next round. However, The Fishy has a horrible memory so these power-ups are often forgotten as quickly as they’re found. Did we mention that only three are available each time, and they’re pulled down from a pool of more than 50, or that some are good and some are bad? It’s up to you to pick the best tools for the job, but it’s easier said than done! The ten-second time limit for the Mad Libs-style item descriptions will pressure you to read fast, think fast, and choose fast.

Shutshimi: Seriously Swole!

Now that development is done, we’d be remiss not to make note of the help and guidance we’ve received from our publisher, Choice Provisions. Their expertise and experience have aided us in creating a game we think is an incredibly strange but fun ride, and that’s something we’d say even if they didn’t threaten to cancel our deal and never release us from their basement! (Seriously! Call the police! The rats here are jerks!)

All of that said, we hope you’ll dive in and get your feet wet with Shutshimi. We’ll be floating around if anyone has any questions!

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  • Hi, yes, Xer0Signal from Earth, here. I have two questions.

    1) What planet are you guys from?

    2) Approximately, how many copies of Cho Aniki were injured during the making of Shutshimi?

    • Thanks for stopping by! We get asked this first one a lot. We’re from the planet identified as CPB02, more affectionately referred to as “The Den” by those of us wanting to forget we’re locked in a basement.

      In regards to your second question, NDAs prevent us from disclosing exact figures. Hopefully you’re satisfied with, “as many as possible,” which is the most exact answer we can give at this time.

    • I want to like the comment and response so bad right now lol.

  • I seem to have a Plavlovian response to the words “2-4 player local co-op”. Is there a doctor in the house?

    • Although I suppose underwater, no one can see you drool.

    • Did somebody call for a doctooor?!?

      Now that’s a truly situation question based on a series of varying network factors. Do your friends like to bump you into walls, flippers, or the arms of a beautiful Kodiak bear on it’s pilgrimage to their downstream summer home? Do you have doctors readily available in your area or does it require a trip the the open seas? Does your Atlantian healthcare offer furious fish fighting coverage? Have your fishy feudal friends created a beneficial governmental caste system for sharks & shrimpai alike? Only time will tell!

      Also the more friends, the more opportunities for medicinal treatment or that one of them might know CPR!!!

    • Underwater, no one can see you drool, but they can definitely see you fart, so be careful about that one!

  • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………….

  • YES! I’m so pumped! :D
    <3 So much fun!

  • 10 second stages? Sounds a bit like WarioWare, except it is a co-op SHMUP. Hmm, consider me intrigued.

    • We’ve spent a lot of time playing WarioWare — we’re especially proficient at the nose-picking microgame and Paper Airplane! Truth be told it’s one of our biggest inspirations

  • So this is a 2-D sidescroller then?

  • Price? Local co-op seems fun, always looking for easy game to play with friends.

    • It’ll be available for $9.99, less than a fancy burger or two fancy coffees! Co-op is my favorite way to play any game, nothing like butting heads with some buddies while sitting on a couch you can throw them off of! ;)

  • I never realized how incomplete my life was until this moment. Thank you good people of The Den.

    P.S. How does the Pepperidge game work with this? Do I eat a cracker every time I die, or whenever something awesome happens?

    • I haven’t given it much thought, but I would suggest the following rules:

      1. When you die, you eat a cracker.
      2. If you’re playing co-op, and you’re responsible for another player’s death (bumping, dragging, teleporting etc) then you must hand-feed the other player a cracker.
      3. During party time, individual crackers are replaced with modest handfuls of crackers. Get chompin’!

      (This game is also compatible with the Shark variety of fish crackers)

      If you elect to play on the hidden difficulty mode, however, the second suggestion comes into play. Eat when something awesome happens*. Which is constantly.

      *at your own risk. Not recommended.

  • Online coop?

    • We’re sorry, but no – co-op is local only! Online co-op is not supported. We currently have no plans (or budget, for that matter) to add online support due to the infrastructure requirements.


  • A few questions:

    1- PS TV support?

    2- Are those zombie jellyfish?

    3- Any sharks with laser beams on their heads?

    • 1. PSTV support? Yup!
      2. Zombie jellyfish? Not YET! We’re still working on the formula
      3. There are LOTS of sharks with laser beams on their heads. Hips. Whatever. A shark is basically one big long head, as I see it.

  • Love this game on PC.

  • You guys are hilarious (and a little dorky)!

    Hope you guys do great with this game!

    • You are what you eat! … wait. That doesn’t apply here does it?

      Thanks for the kind words though! We share the sentiment, and we hope you enjoy it, too!

  • Looks way too bland and you’re trying too hard to be randumxD because that may be the only way you have to get the attention needed from the specific target audience that you’re after, audience that only buy games that look like they came out of tumblr old flash games with “artistic nostalgic appeal” wrapped in typical old-school visuals and sounds above else plus randumb stuff, the most lazy planification for an indie game you could get, and that’s what we mostly get.
    Well played I suppose.

    • Wow, for the SAME PRICE, you can go and buy Under Defeat HD, Mamorukun Curse, R-Type Dimensions, Soldner-X 1 or 2, and more…

    • That’s the plan! And once we’ve gotten rich off of our little scheme, we can retire from the retro-nostalgic market and focus on developing shovelware for the remainder of our days (the retro bubble is about to burst, anyhow)

      Seriously though, the decision to make the game as random as possible HAS presented a few obstacles. The less catered and structured the levels are, the harder it becomes to fine-tune the difficulty. We also ran into a few issues with the pseudo-random number generator spitting out the same values over and over, so we had to tweak that formula, as well. The end result is not “truly pseudo-random”, but makes for a better overall experience in my mind. But, on the plus side, it helps keep the game fresh and unpredictable for those of us who have already played it several hundred times, and I think that’s worth something, too!

    • It’s too bad you feel that way, but I can tell you with no reservations that we’ve put a lot of time, work and energy into making sure Shutshimi is a lot of fun. Occasionally we have people express doubts similar to yours when we’re showing the game off at shows or cons, and they usually walk away with a smile on their face after playing. I don’t know you, so I don’t know if this game is for you or not, but if you ever have the chance I hope you’ll give the game a shot. Looks can be deceiving, and there’s more to this than you might have initially thought.

    • HAW-HAW

  • I want to be SERIOUSLY SWOLE, but I’m just a cute lady. :( Any recommendations?

    • It’s tough for us to say all being males on the team… surely there’s a qualified trainer out there who can help!

      Fun fact: The Score Arm™ in the bottom right hand corner during gameplay was created using a female arm for reference

  • Holy mother of… I can’t wait to get SOO SWOLE~!

    This SHMUP couldn’t come at a more swole time! I sure hope those lunatics over at Dunk City Podcast get wind of this – cause it’s nearly SHMUPTOBER!!

  • The game looks very interesting, definitely will be checking it out. A couple of questions, though:

    1) From your previous comment, you indicated that the Vita version is PSTV-compatible. However, will it support local multiplayer on PSTV (multiple controllers – single PSTV system)?

    2) Will the Vita version support ad-hoc multiplayer (multiple PS Vita systems connected on the same network)?

    • Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer support on the Vita at all. It’s something we would have liked to support, but we lack the tools/hardware at the moment. It’s POSSIBLE it will be supported in the future, but I can’t make any promises, so please don’t expect it. Sorry! We hope you can still enjoy the multiplayer via PS4 ♪

  • Let me start with “What in universe…err..metaver…In What Uni…What the hell! This looks awesome! This is like the love child of Retro Game Challenge, Oregon Lake, and R-type! I am flabbergasted! Even Flipper-gasted! I think it is a very fair price, and if I had the dough I would pick it up instantly!

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