Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta: Your Survival Tips

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta: Your Survival Tips

It’s been almost three years since we’ve seen Treyarch’s take on Call of Duty, but the Black Ops 3 Beta proves that the veteran studio hasn’t lost its expert touch. The addition of selectable Specialist characters, wall-running shootouts worthy of a Wachowskis movie, and powerful new weapons all add up to a fresh and dynamic experience.

Whether you’re a series veteran or new to Call of Duty, this PlayStation.Blog post is dedicated to getting you ahead in the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta, currently live on PS4 through the end of the weekend.

But we need your help! Below is a list of tips I’ve collected from my hands-on time in the Beta. What are yours? Leave them in the comments below, or Tweet them to us (include #blackops3ps4tips). Over the course of the week, this Blog post will grow and evolve, covering every element under the sun: Specialists, weapons, gear, perks, and more.



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Slow down! Simple, but critical. When you sprint, you draw attention from enemy combatants. It’s better to creep quietly and use nearby cover to keep a low profile.

Keep it simple. Black Ops III adds new Combat Movements, or special stunts you can chain together to zip fluidly through the maps. You can do just fine without any of them, though, so don’t lose yourself in Wall Running just for the sake of it.

Fire when ready. Firing your weapon will set off enemy radars and draw the wrong kind of attention. Be mindful of when and where you fire your weapon, and be prepared to deal with enemies who may be drawn to the scene.

Learn to dominate. If you’ve been away from the Call of Duty scene for some time, Domination mode may be your more accessible way to level up without having to sport an elite kill-death ratio. As long as you can capture and defend territories, you can die as much as you like with no consequence.



Charge Battery. Battery is a strong starter candidate for your Specialist slot. Her Kinetic Armor ability can be a lifesaver if your skills are still a little rusty, while the War Machine is a powerful special weapon that can blow enemies away even if they’re behind cover.



Token trouble. Keep a close eye on those precious Unlock Tokens, which open up new guns, add-ons, Specialist abilities, and Perks. It’s easy to make a few hasty decisions and then regret them later when you find a weapon you really like.

Invest for success. Early on, it’s best to pick one or two guns you like and upgrade them, gaining key attachments like Quickdraw (faster aiming), Long Barrel (further range), and Stock (higher accuracy). Strong candidates include the versatile ARK-7 rifle and the balanced Kuda SMG. You’ll unlock

Advanced Tactics


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta: Your Survival Tips

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3 Author Replies

  • Leave your piping hot tips here!

  • Great tips!
    Think I might try out the Sparrow now.

    • I’m definitely getting killed by it a lot… not sure if that’s just a reflection of my skill, though :)

  • I’m 99% certain sprinting does not make you show up on radar.

  • Sid shuman there is this scamer on psn trying to get people for cod beta codes for 40 dollars his psn name fu744fu can you guys do something about him . .. I still have the convo save in my psn and there no real way to report what he doing on psn.

    • I’m pretty sure they don’t need to do anything. If you’re willing to pay 40 bucks for a code you get for free by applying the same 40 to the actual game then you’re….off

    • Not you personally, just people who get caught by this alleged scammer

  • is awesome games forever

  • I feel that all these tips teach the call of duty player to be cheap. As it is battery is over powered with an armor that allows her not to be killed. From what I’ve seen her grenade launcher kills you in one blast even if you have flak jacket equipped. Besides this creeping around is also cheap. Treyarch implemented infinite sprint for the game to be fast paced not for players to be laying down waiting for someone or creeping around the map killing the one player on a killing spree.

    • “Creeping” is far from cheap. To put it in the same category as laying in grass is laughable. Treyarch allowed infinite sprint so people aren’t penalized by the pace they want to play and not to make it solely that way.

    • You’re given infinite sprint. Why not use it?. And isn’t your sentence contradictory? The game is fast paced and that means everyone should be fast paced. Not slowly moving out the door with a shot gun aimed ready to ruin your streak

    • How is my sentence contradictory? Not penalizing fast pace doesn’t mean they want it exclusively that way. When they did give you stamina limits, they didn’t want to keep it slow paced. That’s why they allowed a perk to give you infinite sprint. Personally I sprint when moving from cover to cover but I creep into buildings. I’m loving the sixth sense because it alerts me to the presence of campers around the door. If I sprinted in, then I wouldn’t have the time to react to that notification as the camper with the shotgun is already aiming down waiting. This is the most balanced CoD to date and that allows for anyone to play however they want and obviously allows people to be upset however they want too.

  • One thing I don’t like is that when die and you were using your specialty weapon, you don’t get to keep it after you die this sucks big time

  • Domination: Anyone that has played Domination game mode with a (full team) knows the key is to only cap 2 of the 3 flags thus, leaving the 3rd for the opposing team. You team is not to go outside of the 2 flags zone that you capped thus, the enemy should not spawn behind you, giving you the win!

  • This game is PATHETIC in all aspects.Call Of Duty is a mark no longer.They were good at Call Of Duty 4 and maybe some later but now only cash printer on kids.I would never buy this game or even play if they give me it.
    Battlefield 3 was extremly better and BF 4 is heavenly good game.Killzone Shadow Fall is greater than this.Every single FPS game is better.Call of Duty / END OF DUTY they should call the game.

  • So happy that I am not getting this game I don’t even know how COD got sooooo bad. This use to be a fun game now these days all what it is craziness all over the place. No point of getting spawn killed over and over or you walk 2 feet and get killed by a random grenade. Or other times when you get killed every 2 seconds after spawning.

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