Pure Hold’em Out Today on PS4

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Pure Hold’em Out Today on PS4

Everyone here at VooFoo Studios is very proud to announce the arrival of our latest title, Pure Hold’em. Pure Hold’em will be throwing down the chips today in the United States for $19.99.

Pure Hold’em is our third game in the Pure series and will be the very first Texas Hold’em poker game to grace PS4. We personally can’t wait to share with you what we believe to be the most realistic poker simulation game to date.

If you’ve experienced our games in the past, you’ll know that our artists push the limits when it comes to photo-realistic visuals, and Pure Hold’em is no exception. From the hustle and bustle of the casino floor, to the high stakes tension of the executive penthouse, Pure Hold’em will unleash the poker master in everyone.

Total immersion doesn’t just stop with the visuals in Pure Hold’em. Use the DualShock 4 touchpad to skilfully manipulate the cards in your hand, look around the table to view your opponents, and attempt to analyze their strategies. Every element of Pure Hold’em has been created to make this the ultimate poker experience.

With a total of six highly detailed tables, players will work their way up from the casino floor and the Jack’s table playing for small change, right up to the high stakes Masters table situated in the opulent top-floor penthouse.

Pure Hold’em supports a full roster of online options ranging from an Open Play poker fix to a privately hosted tournament, played between you and up to seven of your Hold’em friends.

Pure Hold'EmPure Hold'Em

If customization is your thing, you are certainly catered for, with a huge array of table cloth designs and colors. Add to this a choice of 3 different card designs and 3 chip sets, and you really can make the game your own. If that wasn’t enough, look out for additional chipset packs in the upcoming months. These, including the upcoming Vortex, Paradise City and King’s Ransom sets; the latter of which was named by the winner of our recent community competition.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response we’ve received from fans since Pure Hold’em was announced and now we’re very pleased to release it to the world and to ask you one final question…

…are you all in?

Pure Hold'Em

Join us on our Twitch channel this Saturday for a special Play the devs stream, where we’ll be giving away some Pure Hold’em game codes. Keep an eye on Twitter this week for further details.

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5 Author Replies

  • As a poker fan, i was waiting for this game. I’m all in for this.

  • This looks great. Is it just Hold ’em or are there other games like Stud or Omaha?

  • I’d love to see this on the Vita.

  • Do we have to buy chips with real cash? or will it be like playing with monopoly money?

    • You can buy chips with real cash but at the same time, you don’t have to. You can win chips on the Jokers table which has a free buy-in. You can also win up to 16k in chips each day on the High-Low game.

    • You can unless you have lost your initial allotment of $2000, then you are forced to buy chips with real money, unless you feel like building everything back from $200, which is what they give you from that point onware. This game is a racket, plain and simple!

  • Where do you get the game? I don’t see it anywhere and gamestop has no idea.

  • I Wanna play this so bad…….I hope the ps store updates soon so I can grab it.

  • At $19.99, I hope that puts me all in (pun intended) with the game, and I don’t need to spend additional real cash to play the game; can you speak to that at all?

    • You never have to spend a penny (cent?) more, if you don’t want to. You can earn chips on the free-to-play Jokers table and win up to 16k in chips daily on the High-Low game.

    • The response here is a little misleading. Yes, you can get “free chips” if you would like, however, that is not the full story. Fact is, you begin the game with $2000 in chips, but if you happen to go through those, which I did making foolish wagers while playing offline, by myself. Then it resets you back to a whopping $200 in “free chips”, which gets you into the bottom two tables. Oh, but they just so happen to offer large amounts of chips for additional real money!! The $2000 is acceptable, but not being able to at least renew that amount is simply unacceptable. Be forewarned, this game is a massive rip off!

  • $20 is one gamble I’m not willing to make. Will be waiting for a sale or PS+.

  • I’ve loved Pure Pool and Pure Chess (wasn’t even a chess fan before this game, but you guys helped convert me!)… but I feel $19.99 is too high for a Poker Game, especially knowing you guys like to do DLC addons later. (DLC decks and environments?) I think I would have been a day one purchaser at $14.99 tops. Sorry, I’m going to wait on a sale for this one guys.

  • Thought this was another TellTale poker game. I was so happy for a second there.

  • I want this game, I really do. But twenty dollars just seems like way to much to pay for what is basically an arcade poker game.

  • Still unclear if online supports voice chat, which if not is a deal breaker for me.

  • Are these other poker games included other than NLHE. Some Pot Limit Omaha, 7 stud and RAZZ would be great. Otherwise, I won’t spend 20 bucks on this game that should be 10 bucks at most.

  • Wish we had a poker game on Vita

  • Been looking for a poker game…but i think you guys shot yourselves in the for at $19.99. Could have at least had a PS+ discount for the first week. I”ll have to pass, maybe it will go on sale down the line.

    • I agree.
      I am a huge Poker fan and I’ve brought your other games but this is just priced way too high. Here in Aus its $30 so no way. Half price I would think about it. $10 I would get it now but $30, thats a NO from me.

      Next time if you really think of your fans like you make us believe then think of the price we would pay. There are a lot of fans here saying its too high so you didn’t really think of your fans that hard did you.

      Think about it. $30 and have limited buyers and make money. $15 and have a lot more buyers and make a lot more money. You are the ones limiting sales not us purchases. In the end its your loss.

    • I totally agree. This game should be 12 dollars max..

  • I have to say well done guys. I bought “Pure Hold’Em” today shortly after Midnight when it hit the Swiss PSN-Store and to be honest before that Game i didn’t even have the slightest Idea about how to play Poker in any way, as i don’t know the rules and stuff, but even for a complete Poker-Noob like me the Game is/was very easy to learn and so far, after a few good hours in, i can say it was about 20 Bucks well spent, since i’m enjoying the Game a lot.

    However, since im not a native American i play the Game with the “German” Interface and i discovered a very small but yet kinda “buggy” spelling error that should be corrected with a future Patch soon.

    It’s on the right top, where it says “My Chips” if you Play in english. In the German-Version however it says “Mein Chips” but that is NOT correct as the german plural for “My” is not “Mein” (that’s the singular) it SHOULD SAY “Meine” instead, so you simply forgot to put an “e” there at the end, it should be “Meine Chips” – So if you fix that soon, you have created an almost perfect Poker-Game (at least for Beginners like me) – Thanks a lot!

  • Lack of camera support is a deal breaker. That is one of the reasons so many people bought the poker game on ps3. You guys knew people wanted this feature. When this game was originally announced people asked if it was going to be a feature. you guys pretty well said no info at this time. There are several people on my friends list that would have purchased this for this feature alone. Odd enough i have yet to see anyone on my friends list playing this.

  • Please fix the camera in this game as it’s game breaking for me. On my big screen TV when I get my cards dealt, It’s hard for me to see my cards plus the cards dealt on my TV!! This IS GAME BUSTING FOR ME nooooooooooooooooooooooo! When this is fixed i’ll buy some chips?

  • Just spent an Hour+ playing a tourny and came in Second… Do I get nothing for Second? Normally in a 9 Man table 2-3 places get paid… I have only played 2 tournys got 1st and 2nd… but think i will get sick of them fast if only 1st gets paid…..also add some multi table tournys.

    • Agreed!

    • I also agree! There needs to be second and third place for the tournaments. Also there needs to be a way that you can join friends on open tables! I had two friends buy this game to play with and we would like to see some updates. We really like the Hi-Low daily though. That was a great idea.

  • During heads up play, the dealer needs to be the small blind and act first preflop. Then act last on every street after. This is a huge mistake in the game that needs fixed!

    Secondly, if this game is supposed to be a real simulation of poker, the cards are always dealt starting with the small blind. Burn cards are also missing. You always burn a card before every street.
    The first issue is the most serious. I can get over the bad dealing, but I can’t get over the heads up play being wrong. This is not an opinion, this is the actual rules of poker that I cannot believe were overlooked. It’s a very important part of heads up strategy and being in position (on the button).

  • Purchased it yesterday. Game play is ok but definitely needs some improvement. The views need to be improved. I often can’t even see the players cards in an all in showdown or at the end of any called hand for that matter. Hard and awkward to look around the table. Stats need to be improved. The total lack of customizing your own tournaments is also a disappointment. But still basics are ok, needs more meat though. I hope there is a major update in the near future.

  • I have to thank you because it contains the Portuguese language in your game! But please put the possibility of video chat, I already bought the game, but there is not a poker game without a pokerface!

  • Do not buy this game! At least unless you accept that you are forced to buy chips should you lose your initial allotment from the beginning of the game. You cannot get your initial allotment back, without spending more real money to do so, you get $200, and are forced to build it up from there. Ridiculous!

  • no txt chat, no remote play, horrible voice chat (what I have heard).. no camera support and not even animated characters which moods and expressions you could change. Also making characters to flip cards and handle chips cant be that hard to make. All this for 20 euros?? :D

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