Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Thanks to Helldivers, Humanity has prevailed in the 5th Galactic War… But how can we rest while so many still suffer outside the Freedom and Democracy that Super-Earth brings?

It is our duty to liberate once more! Super-Earth Command calls for new heroes to join the ranks of the Helldivers — together we will liberate the stars!

Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition is available at your local retailer and on PlayStation Store today with:

  • More Weapons! Includes more than 70 upgradable weapons, perks, and stratagems and a bonus Weapons Pack (also available for sale).
  • More Democracy! Now citizens of Super-Earth can proudly show their support with the Helldivers PS4 Dynamic Theme (also available for sale).
  • More Freedom! Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition also contains the PS4 Blu-ray, PS3, and PS Vita/PS TV digital games and the Turning up the Heat and Masters of the Galaxy expansions. Fight with fellow Helldivers across platforms to protect Super-Earth!

As with all game development, the road to completing Helldivers has been filled with struggle, success, and learning brand new things (Like developing for cross play, cross save, and multiple platforms at the same time… phew!) but it’s been a lot of fun.

It leaves us with many stories to tell but we can only fit a small part here. We even started filling an entire wall with fantastic community comments!

Arrowhead Praise Wall

One of the more memorable days was of course, launch day. We were setting up to livestream the game while having a few good beers and chatting with the viewers. We had a blast seeing Helldivers truly come to life with everyone finally contributing to the Galactic Campaign together, and eventually we decided it might be fun if we joined a random player in our game. It turned out that our new found friend was also streaming his game live all the way from New Zealand. Here we were playing with someone from the very other side of the globe!

Here’s some other great stories from our designer, Patrik Lasota during development and how a few hilarious bugs appeared:

Scared of Heights — we got a report from QA (Quality Assurance) that if your character was injured, and walked on one of the roots spanning the chasms in the desert environment, it would trigger the falling VO, causing the Helldiver to scream for his life as though he was falling to his death. Hilarious when the Helldiver is standing on the edge of a ravine!

(footage captured during alpha testing prior to the game’s launch)

Minidiver — we had a bug for about half a year but didn’t discover until QA pointed it out. The Helldiver would shrink if you entered the hellpod on the bridge, and then exited again. We thought QA was messing with us — I mean, that’s a silly bug and how would it even happen?

Well, it turns out that QA had indeed found a bug and we scratched our head for a good while until we realized that we were doing some animation tricks to the Helldiver to get him to fit in the pod. The result was hilarious, making the Helldiver character almost half the original size. A good many laughs were had.

Needless to say, we’ve ironed out a few kinks along the way and we’re excited to launch the most amazing Helldivers experience today with Super-Earth Ultimate Edition!

Are you ready to step up and take your place among the Helldivers? Get out there soldier, and fight for Super-Earth!

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