Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Thanks to Helldivers, Humanity has prevailed in the 5th Galactic War… But how can we rest while so many still suffer outside the Freedom and Democracy that Super-Earth brings?

It is our duty to liberate once more! Super-Earth Command calls for new heroes to join the ranks of the Helldivers — together we will liberate the stars!

Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition is available at your local retailer and on PlayStation Store today with:

  • More Weapons! Includes more than 70 upgradable weapons, perks, and stratagems and a bonus Weapons Pack (also available for sale).
  • More Democracy! Now citizens of Super-Earth can proudly show their support with the Helldivers PS4 Dynamic Theme (also available for sale).
  • More Freedom! Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition also contains the PS4 Blu-ray, PS3, and PS Vita/PS TV digital games and the Turning up the Heat and Masters of the Galaxy expansions. Fight with fellow Helldivers across platforms to protect Super-Earth!

As with all game development, the road to completing Helldivers has been filled with struggle, success, and learning brand new things (Like developing for cross play, cross save, and multiple platforms at the same time… phew!) but it’s been a lot of fun.

It leaves us with many stories to tell but we can only fit a small part here. We even started filling an entire wall with fantastic community comments!

Arrowhead Praise Wall

One of the more memorable days was of course, launch day. We were setting up to livestream the game while having a few good beers and chatting with the viewers. We had a blast seeing Helldivers truly come to life with everyone finally contributing to the Galactic Campaign together, and eventually we decided it might be fun if we joined a random player in our game. It turned out that our new found friend was also streaming his game live all the way from New Zealand. Here we were playing with someone from the very other side of the globe!

Here’s some other great stories from our designer, Patrik Lasota during development and how a few hilarious bugs appeared:

Scared of Heights — we got a report from QA (Quality Assurance) that if your character was injured, and walked on one of the roots spanning the chasms in the desert environment, it would trigger the falling VO, causing the Helldiver to scream for his life as though he was falling to his death. Hilarious when the Helldiver is standing on the edge of a ravine!

(footage captured during alpha testing prior to the game’s launch)

Minidiver — we had a bug for about half a year but didn’t discover until QA pointed it out. The Helldiver would shrink if you entered the hellpod on the bridge, and then exited again. We thought QA was messing with us — I mean, that’s a silly bug and how would it even happen?

Well, it turns out that QA had indeed found a bug and we scratched our head for a good while until we realized that we were doing some animation tricks to the Helldiver to get him to fit in the pod. The result was hilarious, making the Helldiver character almost half the original size. A good many laughs were had.

Needless to say, we’ve ironed out a few kinks along the way and we’re excited to launch the most amazing Helldivers experience today with Super-Earth Ultimate Edition!

Are you ready to step up and take your place among the Helldivers? Get out there soldier, and fight for Super-Earth!

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3 Author Replies

  • Any way to upgrade from the base game?

    • Gaming responsibly today is all about buying late, New buyers are seldom appreciated. By buying late, you get the “gold”, “Definitive”, “HD”, “Komplete” versions.

      Sad days…

    • Hi,

      There is nothing in the Super Earth Ultimate Edition that previous players won’t be able to buy separately from the PS store, or can already buy. It mostly contains all the older DLC and a couple of new goodies.

    • Malin: I asked in the interest of consolidation. Keeping up with individual content items can be a mild to incredible annoyance when you move games across storage mediums as often I do. I completely removed Motorstorm RC from my Vita and have considered removing it from my account completely because 90+ pieces of DLC combined with a the terrible lag of the PSN interface do not make for a pleasant experience. I know the PSN clutter isn’t necessarily a problem of the dev team, but any contributions to efficiency would save me headaches. Thanks,


      It also has ‘PS4’ Dynamic Theme in the description :^)

      So us early adopters got to buy the base game at $19.99 + $24.99 if we get the bundle = $44.98

      $44.98-$39.99 = $4.99 morefor the game if we waited for a bundle.

      I will wait for the bundle to go down by $4.99 in a sale or hope for the price to change once it goes live or just stick with the base game untill the new edition is on a flash sale & have to buy on a different account as it would say unavailable as I have the base game.

      I would then have to co-op with the secondary account to barrow the use of the items.

  • I’ve heard so many amazing things about this game but I don’t have many friends that can play local or online, would it still be worth it?

    • Helldivers is a great game with friends, terrible when solo though in my opinion. If you’re looking for a similar experience but plan to put in the hours alone you might want to check out Diablo 3.

    • I’m having great experiences myself playing with random people online from the community. It’s generally a really nice community! Extra fun if you have a mic to say hi, or sorry when you accidentally shoot your friends ;)

  • Yeah, I don’t have any friends who have played this game or who would remotely be interested to do so. Can I still play it solo?

    • I would like to know this question also. I would spend the majority of the time playing it on my Vita and won’t have access to the Internet. For the record I platted Dead Nation on the Vita with all the hard levels going solo.

    • You can play everything solo as well, but personally I enjoy all games better with friends.
      It might be a bit harder solo, but also easier in some way (nobody will accidentally land on you, and there’s a little less enemies swarming you)

    • I bought Helldivers day ONE & it’s a blast to play solo or with people. The net code is solid, users join in fast & easily.

      However, the added monsters, increased difficulty, & nerfing a few Strategems (sp) like the Distractor Beacon, have made Helldivers IMPOSSIBLE to Platinum Solo.

      It’s very fun, just IMO, multi-player is required to earn all the tougher trophies.

  • Never played it before. I’m going in blind here, but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic! I need more games like this lately. (: I’ll probably be playing this on PS4 for the most part but thanks to the fantastic studio that pulled off a vita port too!! Not many people would have even tried. It’s greatly appreciated!! :)

  • So if I bought the game at launch and have already purchased the add-ons, can I have the theme for free? :v
    Any love for all the early supporters?

    Could’ve sworn I submitted this post already… did it get censored out?

  • Get ready to spread some Democracy!!

  • I’ve been curious about this game but it seems like its an online only game which is why I have yet to still buy it. My question is if this game can be played offline? I have a ps4 and vita but I rarely ever connect the vita to the internet and I would prefer to play this game on my vita.

    • Offline is still a great experience! There’s going to be a grind, but there’s alot of gameplay to be had. Many worlds to visit, lots of weapons, vehicles, & a near bugfree game.

  • So if I purchase this on the PS4 will it be cross-buy with the PS Vita as well?

  • Bought this game at launch as well as dlc and I love it! I really want the physical copy because I like having the box/disc but I can’t justify spending another forty dollars just for that. :\ I wish there was some sort of upgrade system for early supporters.

  • this version is only physical or also on psn

  • where are the witcher 3 new game plus? why do you release for USA? what do you waiting for? why are you always release late like this thing? why we pay you every months? is this 4ThePlayers? this is disappointment.

  • I really liked the base game when it came out. Sadly, the piecemeal approach to DLC feels like being nickeled and dimed for new loadouts/costumes/vehicles that are unavailable in the base game, making the base offering feel paltry. I’ve no problem paying for substantial DLC that brings in a good amount of new content, like new missions and/or objective types in addition to more loadouts, etc. Unfortunately, Arrowheads approach to supporting this game cheapens the experience, and makes it feel more like a free to play game, which is a disservice to a good game and its players.

    • This MAKES zero sense. New environments, missions, & aliens are Free. Only weapons, Strategems, & vehicles are paid DLC. And the base game has lots already.

      Buying these doesn’t imbalance the game & more importantly, none of the multiplayer community are fractured from using/or not using DLC.

  • Hmm was this only for us store or is it a delay for europen/sweden region since its not in the ps store when searching?

  • Ok, so my girl has a PS4 and I have a PS3. If I bought the new PS4 release for her, I would be able to use the digital code for the PS3 version, correct?

  • Though the bundle seems less expensive, I played from the start and can say that Helldivers is worth every kopeck and every second I spent on it. Hope that more additions will be out soon, this game still has great potential to unleash. Thank you and keep it up, Arrowhead! You’re cool team

  • @luvtoseek The frequency of the added DLC makes the initial offering of loadouts, vehicles, and costumes feel rather slim in comparison, not to mention their high price. The ultimate DLC pack is more than double the cost of the base game, but I would argue that it’s not doubling the game’s size or content. Additionally, some of the DLC stuff is much better than things you can get by just playing the game on its own, which makes it feel like even the best things you can earn are underpowered. What I was saying about meaty DLC is something akin to the Towerfall DLC (these overpriced packs feel less than that by a mile), and I don’t recall new missions or even objective types ever being added to this game, just more enemies (which are cool, but don’t fundamentally at more to the game).

    • “The frequency of the [FREE] added DLC makes the initial offering of loadouts, vehicles, and costumes feel rather slim in comparison…”

      See my insert? With the addition of free hefty updates such as new monsters for each Alien (the ground spiky monster for instance), a new lava environment, new objectives such as the Landmine, & now Alien Bosses… I can understand that the loadouts appear slim. /s Um, if you want more weapons, that’s what the paid DLC is for.

      I will agree about the price being $.50 too high, but considering the Free support of content, I understand the reasoning.


    • …continued…

      Idk what’s in the Ultimate DLC pack but what game is Smaller than its combined DLC regardless of price? :/ If you receive alot of costumes, gear, emotes, whatever, & it saves you a few $ because they’re packed together, what’s the issue? Further, don’t want the Ultimate pack? Well, buy the DLC separately.

      NONE of the DLC is overpowered. You can Plat the game easily with the default gear, you’ll just need to grind or have a good team of players.

      It’s nothing new that a developer sells weapons/gear for DLC. I don’t know what’s the issue here; it IS unusual that for a developer isn’t AAA & the free support has been stellar. There was a Trophy problem months ago & it was a Complex matter about Wars in Helldivers. Arrowhead fixed it & the trophy popped WITHOUT having to redo the event- even AAA dev houses hardly meet these standards of community support.

  • I enjoy the game so much that i picked up my retail retail copy yesterday. This is where most of my time when i fire up my PS4.
    I hope Arrowhead supports the the game with more content or a MASTERS of the Universe expansion. Hint hint ;)
    Loving the Dynamic Theme :)

    Tip for the new disposable and expendable scrubs… It is imperative that you prioritize the calling of the reinforcement stratagem the second you are about to get overwhelmed or bleeding on the ground and the second you spawn to bring your teammates back into the fight. The success rate for Helldives will be nearly flawless.

    *Nothing more disappointing than losing the mission ’cause the last standing Helldiver wanted to show his / hers Mad skillz trying to kill everything on the screen with a single clip instead of calling the reinforcement stratagem*

    Oh ! Ffs people bring jetpacks and don’t wear heavy armor on snow planets otherwise you’re deadweight on a Helldive.

    The IcedDice will leave you behind :)

    My .02

  • i got this as a gift today but I do not have ps4 but can i use the code in the super-earth ultimate physical edition to get ps3, vita full games + DLCs?

  • Good day to all.i have a question.i just bought the retail game of jhelldivers and it has promotional code but doesnt work when i tried to redeem it.please help me.it says it is not valid or your entry is wrong.i

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