I am Bread Launches on PS4 August 25th

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I am Bread Launches on PS4 August 25th

I am Bread is coming to PS4 on August 25th — we’re so excited, we decided to tell you all of our deepest, darkest secrets.

We already told you all about the game’s development in a previous blog post, so for this, we wanted to let you know about some little things that we hid beneath the surface of the extremely complex story of the game.

When we were making I am Bread many moons ago (Okay, it seems like forever, but it was actually last year), we decided to be very clever and to hide some Easter Eggs in the game. Everyone loves them, don’t they? Come on, admit it. Sometimes though, it’s easy to miss them when you’re racing through a game. And sometimes the developers hide things so well that nobody notices.

We want to make sure that when you played through it, you didn’t miss the best bits.

If you don’t want spoilers, don’t scroll down. Seriously. It will ruin your day, and no one wants that.

1.) In the padded cell tutorial level, climb up to the window and move in close. You should be able to hear something rather horrifying coming from the next room. Similarly, if you return to the tutorial level after completing the game, you’ll get an even bigger surprise! Don’t blame us for the nightmares, though, we did warn you.

2.) You can probably tell from looking at pretty much every picture within the game that we like cats. Love them. I mean, who doesn’t? You’d have to be some kind of monster to not like cats. What you may not know is that the cat featured in many of the pictures is a real cat. Her name is Marge, and she belongs to Luke, designer of I am Bread.

I am Bread

3.) The game had a couple of other names before the final title was chosen. Its original name was ‘”Loaf Toast.” Look in the fridge, and you can see a little memento of this that we kept. Sentimental, eh? We were also going to call the game “The Walking Bread,” but our lawyer laughed and kicked us out of his office. We used that title for a Trophy instead.

4.) We named many of the products in the game after people who work in the studio. The whisky bottle is named after our QA tester, Malford — the crest is his bass guitar. Ali’s Power-Up lager is named after Charles Ali, our developer. Uncle Jack’s Dark Ale’s name comes from Jack, our 3d Artist. Mo (developer), Murillo (another developer), Luke (designer), Oliver (nuisance/genius), and Andrew (server whiz) are also featured in the game.

5.) Players of our other games may recognize the game’s main character, and the place that the game is set. Barnardshire. Heard that before? Okay, we’ll spell it out. Mr. Murton from I am Bread is Bob from Surgeon Simulator. That arm that you see on one of the levels… well, you all know who that is. I am Bread is actually the prequel to Surgeon Simulator. If you look closely, you can see all kinds of little references to this.

I am Bread

6.) Zero Gravity mode was originally a bug… but we liked it so much, we turned it into a feature. Aren’t all of the best games made that way?

7.) There is an alternate ending to the petrol station level when you beat it in zero g mode. You will love it. Especially if you’re geeky like us.

8.) I am Bread is actually based on a true story. Seriously.

One of these may not be true… can you guess which one?

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    • I’d say $9.99 to $14.99

      Goat Simulator was $9.99, I believe that’s ideal
      Octodad was $14.99, a little saltier, but we can wait for sales

    • Must be under $6

      This game came out in 2014 on steam its already in the dump bin

      A crap mediocre indie game they spent a month tops porting over to work with our free bsd operating system.

      Oh also these guys made surgeon simulator yeah that pos.

      Here is a 2014 gameplay video

      This gen has more porting / low effort and money grab games then any other gen so far. Very very few games out there today that deserve our money/time/investment.

  • Wish this was on Vita

  • Will this have a platinum trophy?

  • I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for this…

    • $2.99 is usually the most I pay for a loaf of bread.

    • I wouldnt come to a developers blog post just to disrespect their game… But hey, I was taught to be respectful, unlike some people;)

      Game looks awesome, unique, people on twitch will eat this game up, mark my words on that one, and im mostly looking forward to this game because it looks CHALLENGING!!!! :) Possibly competitive as well..are there leaderboards? (To see how fast friends have finished each level??)

      By the way I’ll still spread the word to friends by calling this the walking bread game, lol, crazy unique idea for a game… Actually reminds me of Katamari or something, but a *little* more grounded.. ..and tasty :P

  • Great answer TeamGreen, it made me laugh. I’m pretty sure we’ll be paying the same price as the PC players on steam which is $11.99 I believe.

    • This game is just awesome. I was waiting for it since it was announced. I just love these crazy ideas esp. when they turn into some real great and fun games.

      and yeah leaderboards make it even better.

      I played the game on gamesCom and really made me want to buy it right away. Keep up the good work!

  • I would definitely play this on my Vita.

  • I’ve heard many a good things about this game. I look forward to it, a price in the post would have been good too.

  • I’m hoping this will be $9.99 or lower, but it’d most likely be $12.99 like on Steam. Either way I cannot wait for this. Been having a blast on Goat Sim, so bring on some Bread action!

  • I remember years ago a game called Bad Mojo where you would play as a cockroach… I loved the concept, then I bought the game and it absolutely sucked. As much interest as I have in this, I just don’t want to risk it being my Bad Mojo 2.

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