Adventures of Pip Arrives on PS4 August 18th

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Adventures of Pip Arrives on PS4 August 18th

When we first started working on Adventures of Pip, we knew we had something great but didn’t know how we were going to get the game funded and have it see the light of day. We worked on it every chance we got. Marc Gomez (Game Designer) and Cathy Camacho (Senior Producer) were busy with two other projects; Garth Smith (Lead Programmer) would work on the prototype whenever he had downtime. Over time it became clear that without a dedicated team the project would never get done. It would have been a huge shame since it was a problem of finances and not of fun factor.

We ran an initial Kickstarter but didn’t succeed. It wasn’t until our second Kickstarter that the community really embraced the game, and we started to see how Pip could come to life. Coverage from Game Grumps/Steam Train gave us a huge lift in backers. Another way that we boosted our Kickstarter campaign was by teaming up with other developers. Graphite Lab (Hive Jump), One More Level (Warlocks), and Alonso Martin (Heart Forth Alicia) all linked arms with us, and that mutual support helped all of us hit our goals. It didn’t hurt that old friends from WayForward and Yacht Club Games reached out on Twitter to their backers as well.

With the help of 2,578 backers, we exceeded our Kickstarter goal! That allowed us to add more muscle to the team. We brought on classic gaming programmer and former CTO of Left Field Productions, James Higgins to manage the ports and Assistant Director of Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse, Jeff Luke, to lead level design. We also brought on Eddie Moreno and Eleazar Del Rosario of WayForward to beef up the art team. With all these powerhouses, we were ready to kick some butt!

We always wanted to play Pip on PS4 but we initially didn’t think it would be possible because we didn’t have dev kits. When the community spoke up and really pushed for PS4 support, we knew we at least had to try, so we added PS4 to our stretch goals. Amazingly, Sony reached out to us to assist. We were blown away by their generosity.

Even more, Sony invited us to PlayStation Experience. We were right across the aisle from our friends at Yacht Club Games and shared outlets with Young Horses (Octodad). As people stopped by to play Pip, we could see what they liked and didn’t like about the game. We used that feedback to improve the game, and we were glad that the community wasn’t shy about sharing their opinion.

With the all the hard work from the team and the support from both our Kickstarter community and Sony, we’re proud to announce that Adventures of Pip will be available to download on August 18th on PS4.

We have also been selected to showcase the game in the PAX 10 booth at this year’s PAX Prime event in Seattle. We couldn’t have achieved this dream without the enthusiasm and generous support of the community. With Adventures of Pip becoming our first PS4 title, we just can’t wait to get it in the hands of the community that helped us bring this game to life. Hope to see you at PAX!

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  • This would a good fit for Vita.

    • Remote Play?

    • vita port would be awesome, remote play wouldn’t help me on the subway

    • I agree entirely! A game like this would be perfect on Vita — I personally am significantly more inclined to play a title like this on my Vita than PS4.

    • No Plans for Vita yet, but I totally agree it would feel great having this game in your hands to play. With the kickstarter we still have to finish getting the game to EU players. After that we will see if we can add vita into the mix.

    • I totally agree. We’re considering it still, but there is no plan for it as of now. If that changes we will let you know asap

  • Is there a possible PS Vita port in the works?

  • Awesome. I meant to buy this on WiiU and never did. I think I’ll still go back and buy on WiiU though. My PS4 gets enough love. Thanks for reminding me though!

  • This looks great! Will the trophy list include a platinum?

  • While I no longer care about the pixel style considering half of the game coming out use it, the gameplay looks top notch. Is it a simple level-based side scroller or a metroidvania?

    • The game is definitely a side scrolling platformer at heart with RPG elements by way of upgrades. The game uses a world map to choose levels and to easily come back and get any collectibles or chests that you missed. I’ve only played through the first world and the levels can definitely get puzzling and challenging.

    • Its a level based side scroller. We actually had the game designed one time as a metroidvania. With the evolutions and de-evolution gameplay it became almost impossible to manage from a level design perspective. Level based worked great so that was the final direction we went.

  • Congrats on reaching all the goals! Also, nice to hear that PlayStation was so eager to lend a hand.

    Your game looks to be really fun, but, as others have said, it would be such a great fit for the Vita, too–I’d be much more likely to jump in on day one if your title was cross-buy between PS4 & Vita. Suppose it’s too late, eh?

    • I don’t think its too late. If we make a plan to support the vita, we will include cross-buy. Seems like the only fair thing to do.

  • Looks cute! ^-^ Excited to play it!

  • I’m so glad that this was announced! I remember seeing Adventures of Pip and being very interested in the gameplay, and it is fantastic that it will be available on PS4!

    • Where did you see it at? We had a lot of help from Sony getting it one PS4. They really are super supportive.

  • What is with all of these SNES looking games coming out on PS4 lately. I know graphics aren’t everything (& considering that I still play my SNES, you can bet that I mean that) but what is the point in buying a $400 next gen machine when every other game looks like it was ripped out of somewhere between 1986-95?

    • IT’s a retro feel! Pixel art tends to be easier to produce, and invokes a feeling of nostalgia.

      Plus, with it being cheaper to produce, the sales goals are lower, meaning it’s easier for it to be a success.

      There are places in our culture for glorious HD Visuals and Cinematic gameplay like The Last of Us and Uncharted, but also room for simple gameplay and graphics like The Adventures of Pip! Personally, I’ve never been happier as a gamer, knowing that the full spectrum of style and genres can be properly represented.

    • >What is with all of these SNES looking games coming out on PS4 lately.

      Drag-n-drop game maker applications that require almost no skills. Kids are doing this kind of stuff in computer classes when they’re only 12. Whether that’s the case for this one is unknown, but it certainly looks like it. Who’d have thought the PS4 would be a bucket for basic phone and tablet shovelware when it launched.

    • I’ve asked myself that same question lately. But one of the things I enjoy with “pixelated” games is how they still use the power of the system to enhance the graphics and/or gameplay. Things that were not easily done back in the day can seriously enhance the gaming experience but still give the nostalgic feel. Also have to admit that sometimes I feel more like I’m in an interactive movie instead of playing a game with some current gen graphic game. The pixelated graphics make me feel like I’m playing a game where the sole focus really is on the gameplay.

    • I think you’re focused on the Blog too much or are not really tuned into what is going on.

      These SNES looking titles tend to come from Indies who are on fixed budgets or who are made up of a team of individuals with limited industry experience. While not always the case, they have a harder time taking advantage of the PS4. Much of the CPU isn’t needed for what they are doing and the GPU isn’t exactly going to get challenged by their small staff of artists.

      This isn’t a bad thing either. Just a lot of indies trying to make their mark with what they have and their games can be released much faster as a result of this more focused effort. So you see a lot of Sprite based pixelated nostalgia trips being released.

      3D games are also tougher to work on as you need a familiarity with 3D math, sometimes very complex math, especially when you start stepping into Perspective cameras and view frustums. Then there is lighting effects for things like shaders.

      However there are just as many 3D big platform utilizing titles as there are any other generation around this point in the life cycle. Just poke your head out and take a look.

    • Its a good question. Pip has a journey where he starts as a single pixel and has to evolve to 8bit and 16bit to gain abilities that help him complete levels. There is also value in being low res too, so you need to de-evolve too. The retro look is more than just a homage to classic games, its tied to the game design. Maybe one day there will be another version of Pip that makes him 3d, but thats a far off mountain.

  • Played this at PAX Prime 2014 and was so blown away that I immediately backed it on KickStarter. Since then the gameplay and graphics have just gotten better. Looking forward to playing it at PAX Prime 2015 as part of the PAX 10. Great job Tic Toc Games on making such a fantastic game.

  • I will buy it for my PlayStation 4 :)


  • Wish this was on vita

  • I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Will snag it as soon as I have some time to play it. :)

  • Throwing my name in here, too. This would be great on the Vita!

  • Awesome. Please release this to Vita too!

  • Vita please!

    • Wow with all these Vita asks, you are really making a solid business case to support it. Thats not a actual commitment to doing it, but your making it hard to say no to doing it.

  • Agreed with all the other comments…perfect fit for Vita and would be a day one purchase!

  • This game looks super fun, the GIF’s really advertised it well so bravo on that. I also want to voice my opinion on the Vita support, that would be great! In the mean-time I will do my best to support you on the PS4 version which will hopefully lead to Vita release! Congrats and I hope launch goes smoothly!

  • Saw this on Kinda Funny Games a couple of weeks ago :). Looks very nice and I loved the Greg Miller sprite

  • I was one of the backers of this game and beat it on PC.
    It’s among my GotY contenders now, I really want to get this on PS4 but only if it means that Vita is crossbuy (I can only triple dip so much!)
    Non the less if I’m in the mood I might just say ‘eff it’ and buy it anyways for my PS4 then grab Vita should that be done.

    Best of luck!

  • +1 for a Vita version.

    Shame Sony didn’t incentivise doing so in the first place. =/

  • After Shovel Knight reignited my love…nay…Need for level designed side scrollers like it, mega man and so on I looked everywhere for something to sate my hunger but nothing quite hit the spot. This looks like the exact game I’ve been looking for! I can’t wait to check it out. But to echo the dead horse, I would love it on my vita. Forgive me though as I only recently purchased one so my want for games on it is at the forefront of my mind. Ps4 will suffice though! Looking forward to Pip!

  • Hi Shereef, I understand that the game is out in the US on the PS Store today, do you have a rough estimate as to when it will hit the the UK and rest of the EU? I’m desperate to play this game!

  • I have been following this game for some time now, I am very happy such a gem will see the “not-so-big screen” after all..

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