Adventures of Pip Arrives on PS4 August 18th

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Adventures of Pip Arrives on PS4 August 18th

When we first started working on Adventures of Pip, we knew we had something great but didn’t know how we were going to get the game funded and have it see the light of day. We worked on it every chance we got. Marc Gomez (Game Designer) and Cathy Camacho (Senior Producer) were busy with two other projects; Garth Smith (Lead Programmer) would work on the prototype whenever he had downtime. Over time it became clear that without a dedicated team the project would never get done. It would have been a huge shame since it was a problem of finances and not of fun factor.

We ran an initial Kickstarter but didn’t succeed. It wasn’t until our second Kickstarter that the community really embraced the game, and we started to see how Pip could come to life. Coverage from Game Grumps/Steam Train gave us a huge lift in backers. Another way that we boosted our Kickstarter campaign was by teaming up with other developers. Graphite Lab (Hive Jump), One More Level (Warlocks), and Alonso Martin (Heart Forth Alicia) all linked arms with us, and that mutual support helped all of us hit our goals. It didn’t hurt that old friends from WayForward and Yacht Club Games reached out on Twitter to their backers as well.

With the help of 2,578 backers, we exceeded our Kickstarter goal! That allowed us to add more muscle to the team. We brought on classic gaming programmer and former CTO of Left Field Productions, James Higgins to manage the ports and Assistant Director of Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse, Jeff Luke, to lead level design. We also brought on Eddie Moreno and Eleazar Del Rosario of WayForward to beef up the art team. With all these powerhouses, we were ready to kick some butt!

We always wanted to play Pip on PS4 but we initially didn’t think it would be possible because we didn’t have dev kits. When the community spoke up and really pushed for PS4 support, we knew we at least had to try, so we added PS4 to our stretch goals. Amazingly, Sony reached out to us to assist. We were blown away by their generosity.

Even more, Sony invited us to PlayStation Experience. We were right across the aisle from our friends at Yacht Club Games and shared outlets with Young Horses (Octodad). As people stopped by to play Pip, we could see what they liked and didn’t like about the game. We used that feedback to improve the game, and we were glad that the community wasn’t shy about sharing their opinion.

With the all the hard work from the team and the support from both our Kickstarter community and Sony, we’re proud to announce that Adventures of Pip will be available to download on August 18th on PS4.

We have also been selected to showcase the game in the PAX 10 booth at this year’s PAX Prime event in Seattle. We couldn’t have achieved this dream without the enthusiasm and generous support of the community. With Adventures of Pip becoming our first PS4 title, we just can’t wait to get it in the hands of the community that helped us bring this game to life. Hope to see you at PAX!

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