Vote Armello During PlayStation Vote to Play

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Vote Armello During PlayStation Vote to Play

Hey guys and gals! Trent Kusters here from League of Geeks. We’re huge tabletop fans here at LoG, and Armello is our passion project to bring board games to life in the medium we know best: video games.

With the stunning world we’ve created, bringing that experience to console was something we just couldn’t resist, and so surely there’s no better way than to mark our arrival on PS4 with PlayStation Vote to Play!


Set in a vibrant, magical world with a tinge of darkness, Armello thrusts players into a Game of Thrones-esque struggle for power in epic single or multiplayer action.

Players take on the role of a Hero from one of the four animal clans and navigate their character across the procedurally generated board as they quest, scheme, explore, vanquish monsters, perform the Mad King’s royal edicts, and face off against other players, with one ultimate end goal in mind — storming the palace and becoming King or Queen of Armello.

You’ll start your turn in your clan grounds and traverse the board with a set number of action points for each turn to spend on moving their character from tile to tile. Each tile presents different consequences including exploring a dungeon, gaining or losing health, claiming a settlement for your own, or granting stealth. With more than 100 beautifully animated and illustrated cards, you can cast spells, recruit followers, uncover ancient treasures, and execute treacherous plots as you quest for the throne!

There are four ways to win in Armello.

  1. Combat — Slaying the king and surviving the confrontation.
  2. Prestige Victory — Having the most Prestige when the King dies, whether from his afflictions (the King loses health every dawn) or dying in combat with the attacking player also not surviving the battle. Prestige is gained by completing heroic deeds such as killing other players, vanquishing banes, or completing quests.
  3. Spirit Stone Collection — magical Spirit Stones can be found throughout Armello. If a player collects four, they can use them to assist the King in passing in peace, restoring balance to Armello.
  4. Rot Victory — players who defeat the King in combat whilst having more Rot than him (and live to tell the tale) will win the game and shroud Armello in darkness.


We’re convinced you’ll love Armello. It’s something we’ve been pouring our heart and soul (and bank accounts) into for over four years now. All that time we’ve been heavily focused on creating something that not just speaks to that nostalgia we all share for great board games and tales of adventure, but breaks new ground as a contemporary video game.

  • Easy to Play, Hard to Master — Armello is an intuitive game, easy to pick up and experience but with deep and emergent strategy.
  • Dynamic Sandbox — Armello features a gorgeous dynamic world which procedurally generates a new map each and every game, complete with a dynamic quest system ensuring no two games of Armello are ever the same.
  • Multiple Playable Heroes — Full release will include 8 playable Heroes. Each unique Hero possesses a unique power, stat spread, and AI personality. Also heroes can be customized with Amulet and Signet Ring load-outs to match your play style or counter opponents’ strategies.
  • Fast & Thoughtful — Adventuring in Armello is fast-paced fun, filled with deadly tactical and politically complex decisions requiring careful forethought and planning.
  • Turn-Based Day & Night Cycle — Armello features a fuzzy turn-based system, cycling between Day and Night phases. The fuzzy turns allow you to still play cards and do certain actions when it’s not your turn, and when it is you use Action Points to move around the hex board.
  • World Class Music & Audio — By Michael Allen, internationally acclaimed artist Lisa Gerrard, and Jacek Tuschewski.
  • Animated Cards — Armello will feature over a 120+ beautifully animated in-game Cards, from artists all over the world.
  • True Tabletop Feel — We painstakingly cherry-picked the best parts of the tabletop experience, like our custom physics-based dice!


We like to say that Armello is “Kung-Fu Panda meets Game of Thrones,” but really it’s mostly just a treacherous board game that’ll see you destroy friendships on your way to the throne!

If board games, RPGs or turn-based strategy games are your thing, we can’t wait to hear what you think of Armello.

<3, Trent and the LoG Crew

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