Rainbow Skies & Rainbow Moon Coming to PS4 in 2016

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Rainbow Skies & Rainbow Moon Coming to PS4 in 2016

Hi everyone, Marcus from SideQuest Studios here. I’m happy to be back and share some news about our upcoming RPG Rainbow Skies.

After listening to a lot of fan feedback, we are happy to announce that we are now also developing Rainbow Skies for PS4. We plan to release Rainbow Skies with cross save support for all current PlayStation platforms (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) in the second half of 2016.

Rainbow Skies | PS4

For those of you who missed out on our previous game, we are pleased to confirm that we will also be re-releasing Rainbow Moon on PS4 sometime in 2016.

I know that a lot of our fans are eagerly awaiting news on Rainbow Skies, so I would like to give you an insight into some of the progress to the story system we have made in recent months.

Rainbow Skies has an increased emphasis on storytelling, writing, character backgrounds, and acting, so players can expect a more interesting and well-crafted plot that features many twists and turns along the way. The complex background story consists of multiple, interwoven narratives, told with easy-to-read dialogue that’s entertaining and, in the case of certain characters, extremely funny.

Rainbow Skies | PS4Rainbow Skies | PS4

Along with enlisting the help of a dedicated story and script writer, the original monologue system from Rainbow Moon has been replaced by a more complex dialogue system. Up to four characters can speak simultaneously which leads to much more lively conversations. We have also implemented numerous new animations, emoticons, and conversation-specific icons that help convey the feelings and moods that our heroes undergo during their journey. Trust me, they’ll be very emotional!

We have also created several short cutscenes, we call “action clips,” which are played when players reach certain checkpoints in the story that focus on specific actions, characters or objects. Action clips don’t contain text or conversations, but they do help in explaining the current situation, introduce new game elements or simply act as a way to spice up in game events.

After releasing Rainbow Moon we received a lot of feedback that players wanted an increased emphasis on storytelling and we believe that players will be pleased with the new story system in Rainbow Skies. For those of you that prefer to focus on the gameplay, rest assured all conversations can be skipped at any time. A detailed log system keeps track of every single mission and sub-task, including a short reminder about your next objective so you don’t have to worry about missing any vital information or events. This makes it very easy to pick up where you left off, even after taking a longer break from the game.

Rainbow Skies | PS4

I would love to post more updates in the near future, but for now I’m back off to continue working on Rainbow Skies, and hope that many of you will be excited to play it in 2016. For more frequent updates, you can subscribe to our Rainbow Skies newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments below.

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13 Author Replies

  • Finally some news about Rainbow Skies!

  • Cross-buy still undecided?

  • It’s a nice game and all, but it would be much better if it wasnt full of microtransactions

    If you just can’t have that much fun without paying, I’d rather just buy the game and have fun

    • Hi,

      thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      There will be far less DLC available for Rainbow Skies, we have a different focus this time. Regarding Rainbow Moon, I know there have been a lot of confusion and wrong info out there, but the DLC was completely optional and you could obtain everything in the game without DLC. (Within a reasonable time)

      Hope that helps.

    • Microtransactions? Oh so its one of those kinds of games… I’ll just move along then. Nothing to see here.

    • No. It wasn’t a micro-transaction game.
      You could only buy it once and you would not get any more powerful than what you were meant to be.
      If this game is “micro-transaction” then you would say that Devil May Cry 4 Definitive Edition is micro transaction which isn’t. It’s just a booster that can all be unlocked and obtained in the game.

      Micro-transaction are endless and this was just a one time optional booster that you really did need.

    • You can play it without buying anything, but then the game becomes way too grindy to the point it is almost unplayable.

    • Thank you Marcus, I wasn’t aware I was talking to the developer

      Like mthodmn101 said, the game become way too grindy without microtransactions, far from reasonable time, I had to stop playing unfortunatelly =(

      The gameplay was great, I wish the rhythm suited my style better, but if it’s working for you guys, keep it up

  • I’m happy to see there’s some story expansion without sacrificing the gameplay. A more detailed quest log is nice, too–will Rainbow Skies also add in map markers for quests? In Rainbow Moon it wasn’t always easy to remember where NPCs were located when it was time to turn in a quest, so I’d either end up just wandering around looking for the NPC or I’d have to Google their location. A map tie-in system for quests would have been a big improvement.

    • Thanks for your detailed question. This is a topics we’re currently working on, so I can’t go too much into detail, but there definitely will be a massive improvement. For example there is a header section for each quest, that lists the next target, objective, location and so on.
      The auto map will also get massive updates, including town- and location names, a zoom switch and much more. Stay tuned:)

  • Will the saves from PS3/Vita versions of Rainbow Moon be compatible with the PS4 version, since you are making these changes? It would be nice to continue my same game; I haven’t beaten it yet so I don’t want to start over.

    • Yes, you can switch onto PS4 with your Rainbow Moon save data. This will work in all combinations with PS Vita, PS3 and PS4.

    • This is awesome news, I absolutely LOVED RAINBOW MOON. I can continue my ps3 files on my ps4 is superb news. Rainbow Skies see you soon. Maybe some multiplayer in future projects…Even MMO kind of play..MMO on the Vita that can cross-play with ps4 and ps3 consoles??? Just a thought.

  • I absolutely loved this game on the PS3 and Vita.
    I can’t wait to play the new one on the PS4.
    If you love Final Fantasy Tactics, you’ll love this game.

  • @Marcus Pukropski please don’t call your microtransactions as alternative to grinding in the game DLC. That isn’t DLC, that’s paying the pain away. It also indicates your game is painful to play by design, and gated to cause people to spend money to get past the grind gates.

    It is a very weird concept. Make a game have bad parts by design, so people pay to not play those parts to play the good parts.

    I will not play any game that features “microtransactions” and I will avoid any game from any company that has the ignorance to call this DLC, because no new “content” is being downloaded, the microtransactions simply get rid of pain points intentionally put in the core game design that players can pay away.

    • It was a one time optional booster. Not an endless micro-transaction.

      The boost was also limited by your level which made it kinda useless.
      In the end, you could not pay to win without playing the game.

      It’s just like in Devil May Cry 4, everything can be unlocked within the game without you needing to spend more. Spending more won’t make you stronger beyond the limit.

    • Well you already stated that you won’t play it:) I’ve written this many times now, believe it or not, we completely have developed and balanced Rainbow Moon without the DLC feature. It was added in the last two months. Personally I still prefer playing the game without any of the DLC packs, because it’s just more fun for me. But this is my personal opinion, there are other players, who prefer a faster progress.

      I can understand that people complain if game features are locked, so you have to pay twice. But this is something we haven’t done and we never will, promised.

  • are we talking about early 2016 or late 2016? either way, i’m excited by this and since i own every sony platform i think it wont matter much which one for me(are there going to be any graphical differences or features from ps4 to ps3?)

    • also are there any extra goodies in the game like free soundtrack for those who purchases the game and any plus incentives or discounts??

    • Hi Perandy,

      “second half of 2016”. You’ll have the same graphical quality on every platform. PS Vita of course has a lower resolution but it looks exremely bright and brilliant, especially if you have an OLED.

  • Micro-transaction = endless purchases
    One time booster = DLC that boost you once.

    And you really don’t need it for Rainbow Moon, you won’t get that much more powerful anyway.
    It would be a good idea not to include those DLCs for the PS4 since it will just confuse people and they’ll think they are micro-transaction and won’t buy the game because of it.

    • You’re right:) It’s really a buzz phrase. Ironically we are very critical by ourselves and I’m not a fan of DLC or microtransaction in any form. But I think it’s okay if it’s optional and doesn’t affect gameplay.

      But as I said, for Rainbow Skies we will have a different approach here and nothing has decided for Rainbow Moon so far.

      Hope that helps.

  • Sorry, but as someone slogging his way through Rainbow Moon now (damn my need to get trophies one I start a game) – it is NOT a good game. Best wishes and good luck with Skies, but I will be staying away from it and urge anyone who values their time to do the same.

    • Well…As someone who is enjoying the game very much, I do urge people to play this game. It has an incredible amount of value and fun to be had. I understand you didn’t enjoy it, and definitely there are those out there that would not enjoy it, but to encourage those who value their time to not play it, is very misleading.

      I say check it out, if you think it’s something you’d be interested in. I’m not a big tactical RPG guy, but I like this one. And a wonderful soundtrack! So positive! I’m about half way through…And looking forward to seeing it through to the end! :)

  • Great news! I really really enjoyed Rainbow Moon (especially the soundtrack!) on PS3. I’ve since moved on to PS4 and was disappointed that, at first, Rainbow Skies wasn’t coming to PS4. So glad to hear your inclusion of Next Gen and am now awaiting launch with much anticipation!

  • Man is it great to hear from you guys/gals. So it looks like Rainbow Skies is sitting at #2 right behind Uncharted 4 as my most anticipated game of 2016. Rainbow Moon was a perfect fit on the Vita. One of my most prized platinum trophies I have earned. I highly recommend this series to any RPG fan and if you own a Vita, get on it. Keep out the great work SideQuest Studios!

  • This is awesome news! So cool to see that fans are being heard and that a second entry for this spectacular game is coming next year.

    But, As a consumer, is it fair to us who bought the game for PS3 and PSVita to, pay once again for a PS4 Version? I don’t want to be rude or to make people think I just want to rant about things like this. It’s just that it would not seem fair to pay a third time for a game that most people bought twice. And a sequel is coming now. Its the same as Square Enix just reselling FF X/X-II. I know its business but its not fair. If you are going to charge a third time then just don’t make it for the new console. Just Don’t. And don’t come with the idea of giving the game for free for a limited time if you pre-order the upcoming new tittle if you are just going to sell it anyways in the near future.

    This practices got to stop. Why not better give the game for free with every copy of the new game? These practices gotta stop! Period. I’m a fan, and because of that my opinion gotta be heard. Even though it is just a matter of opinion, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thinks this way!

  • This was a huge letdown. I’ve been waiting years for this game and I was expecting this to be released soon, but now you are holding back the vita version for a whole year, so you can make it a simultaneous launch with a ps4 port? I’ve been anxiously waiting for this game, but I am so over these vita delays. Maybe I’ll still care about this game in another year…

    • My apologies, we’re aware that it’s still a long time. It takes time to make everything nice. Please be assured, we’re not holding back anything. The game is still natively developed on PS3 and far from being completed. There are many reasons for the huge delay: The Söldner-X 2 port to the PS-Vita took much longer than expected, the upcoming PS4 port that never was part of the original concept and many other things that came up. We’re a small team and want to bring you the best possible quality, so we hate to make compromises. That’s why it sometimes takes longer.

      I can understand it’s not exactly the news you’ve been looking for. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy the game when it’s released. Feel free to visit our game sites for updates frequently:


    • Thank you for your genuine responses Marcus. I for one actually really like the honesty and willingness to explain what goes on, especially prior to the release of the game, from the mouths(text) of the creators themselves. I also applaud your efforts to not release an unfinished buggy game for the sake of meeting a pre-determined release schedule.

      Yeah, it’s stinks that we don’t get to play this amazing game when we thought we were going to, but it could have been worse. I definitely appreciate you, and the hard work of your team. When I got Rainbow Moon through PS Plus, I was curious to dive in to its world, and I was quite happy with the results. Due to this, I can guarantee Rainbow Skies will be a full on purchase from me. Plus that fantastic soundtrack! Amazing!

      Love the work you guys do! Keep it up. Another reason to look forward to 2016! :)

  • Wow! This is the first time that I’ve heard of Rainbow Moon or Rainbow Skies, and I’m really looking forward to playing both on PS4! I love RPGs, and I love turn based strategy RPGs. I also really love that there is a strong emphasis on characters and story (as this is my primary driver for playing RPGs). I must say that this is close to the top of my must-buy list for 2016 (and it’s a long list)!

  • What about for having already owning the game on ps3 will that count towards cross buy ?

  • @marcus Pukropski is rainbow moon and rainbow skies going to be enhanced graphically for the ps4 and is the team targeting 1080p 60fps for all platforms because I loved rainbow moon and I would love to know that the game looks even better on ps4.

    • Hi,
      Many thanks for your question. Regarding Rainbow Moon, you’ll experience the same graphical quality as on PS3. With constant 60 FPS and short loading times, which is a key feature of all our games.

      Rainbow Skies has an upgraded graphic engine and provides and improved visual look with much more details, a light system and more on all three systems. We’ll also achieve constant 60 FPS and short loading times on all systems.

      Hope that helps.

  • Finally i get to know when Rainbow Skies is coming out which I’m fine about because I can wait I’m still playing Rainbow Skies

  • Oops I’m still playing Rainbow Moon

  • OK, so this is the “big news” you announce on your twitter account?
    Game is coming to PS4 in 2016, yet you develope game for original intended platforms over 3 years and still NO RELEASE DATE.
    PS3 and Vita are dying for good game, since PS4 get all attention from Sony.

    As it looks, Rainbow Skies wont be out before end of year on PS3 and Vita, yet it will come to PS4 in less then a year time in 2016.
    How can you make PS4 version so fast, but cant finish it on original developed platforms yet?
    Give us solid and un-delayed release date, thank you.

  • Oh, lmao!
    If I got it all straight, you actualy camouflage one of worst delays in playstation history in announcement of game for PS4.

    So, after waiting for Rainbow Skies on PS3 and Vita for 3 years, and game being delayed from last year to spring and still not out,
    game is now coming way way late in 2016 just because PS3 and Vita users must wait for PS4 version added in last moment?

    After Mighty No.9 cheat, after Amplitude delay, MK9 delay, Shantae delay, dozens of other games planned for 2013/14 still not out,
    you too join “Sony Money Bag” and screwed PS3 and Vita users.

    Screw you, Im done with this game and you as developer.
    I hope you and Sony get burned big time with throwing everything on PS4.
    Money is all this generation is made for.

  • Very happy to hear Rainbow Moon is coming to PS4 also. Can’t wait for it and also Rainbow Skies. These are very few indies games that I enjoy and like to play. And I’m a big hater of indies. games.

  • I regret to admit that I forgot about this in a flurry of other releases at the time. And I want to support all such RPGs, so I’ll right my wrong with the PlayStation 4 versions.

  • Awesome to hear Rainbow Moon is coming to PS4. I really liked what I played, but unfortunately a combination of not wanting to use my PS3 anymore, my Vita not having enough space, and some unfortunate difficulty spikes got in the way of me finishing it. Glad I can carry on with the PS4 version.

    Excited for Rainbow Skies as well, and I’m more than happy that you’ve decided to beef up the writing/storytelling. I hope to hear more about changes to the battle system as well, as I found that I would always just fall into the same pattern in the original game. Oh, and please scale the difficulty/leveling system better; quite often I would get stuck and have to spend an unreasonable amount of time grinding. But as I said, can’t wait to play the game in 2016!

  • I can’t wait. Rainbow Moon was one of my FAVORITE PS3 games. Oh hey look, I even have the avatar! You guys really made the game YOU wanted to make and that I wanted to play. Old school feel, old school grind, old school difficulty. This is a day 1 purchase for me!

    • Thanks, if Rainbow Moon was one of your favorites, i’m confident you’ll like Rainbow Skies as well:)

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