PlayStation Blogcast 175: Sid’s StayCation

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PlayStation Blogcast 175: Sid’s StayCation

After a week of cleaning, shopping, and reflection, Sid rejoins the Blogcast team fresh faced and feeling fine. Rejuvenated, the team (sans Justin) talks Destiny, Galak-Z, bagels, and board games. Just about everything your heart desires! Enjoy the show.

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Galak-Z: The Dimensional
  • Destiny
  • Bagels
  • Board games
  • Mad Max: Fury Road

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The Cast

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  • Enjoy the show! Name that iguana.

  • Looking forward to my commute tomorrow…….really i am.

  • Will download this soon! Glad to see Sid back but now Justin is gone ugh. Thanks for another great show guys!

  • Something really unrelated… for Ryan… Think he will like it…
    Check out this guy! It’s only a minute but it’s all GOLD!!!

  • Incoming! I can not wait to listen! Thanks for all the fine work, fine fellows! Speaking of which, it would be nice to have a female perspective when waxing poetically about all-things-Playstation/movies/recipes/random-nonsense/etc..

    • I agree, I wouldn’t mind them having a female co-host/guest. I remember they had Grace Chen from the PS Store a while back, but I think more would be nice.

  • Sid’s back (and so is the funny title)!

  • Speaking of Sega nostalgia, I have fond memories of my Dreamcast back in Ireland – where, as in other PAL territories, our DCs had the blue swirl. (Which is one reason why I can’t quite accept the orange-tinted Dreamcast-themed mascot characters surfacing over in Japan. They should be blue instead!)

    On that note, Compile Heart and Felistella are working on a crossover RPG for PS Vita, in which the “Planeptune” CPUs from the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise will square off against their SeHa Girl counterparts. Aside from Uzume (CH’s DC stand-in) and Dreamcast-tan being orange instead of blue, the game looks like it could be interesting, if/when Idea Factory International decide to bring it over to the West.

    I can imagine a scene where IF-chan drives around on the “Nepbike” to the sound of Richard Jacques’ OST for “Nephunter”…

  • Sorry guys, you’re stuck with me. I will comment on every Blogcast until either I or it dies. or the internet implodes. or the world ends. You get what I’m saying.

    Also, Sid, why would you throw away video games? That’s so wasteful. I may eat poor people food but at least I recycle. lol. Also, when you get excited and your voice gets higher, you get what we in the Central time zone call a “Californian Accent”

    Hilarious episode, keep it up fellas!

    • I’d like to add that my friend who I recently got into your show a few weeks back was so baffled by the fact Sid threw away video games he had to turn the episode off and finish it later. LOL!!!

  • Hey guys what happened to Volume? I thought it was coming out on 8/18 on PS4 and Vita.

  • Can we get more demos for the PS3?

  • Tanks for a great show. Now even better whit a little tabeltop talk. Pleas continue that part. Maybe add it as permanent segment? It dosent have to be long. By the way Ryan Clements is the main reason I listen to this show. He’s bean a faouorit sins the god old (podcast) Beyond! Days

  • Xur is selling gjallarhorn, so Justin and Ryan if you don’t have it, pick it up.

  • Why can’t you mention Wii U or the gamepad? Aren’t you guys all gamers?
    It comes across as elitist.

  • All iguana do is listen to you guys talk.

  • Congrats on the Destiny stuff, Ryan! I’m also just a single moment of triumph away from my emblem… Just need that last light level, and people, to clear PoE 35!

  • Long weekend in Argentina so saving this for one of the upcoming nights.

    Good to see Sid is back, but where did Tom go?

  • After recently finishing Galak-Z’s campaign, I noticed season 5 is listed as “coming soon”. Any idea when we can be expecting the next season to drop?

  • Can’t wait to hear Justin’s (and Ryan’s??)


    Over under until they get Wolfpack rounds unlocked?

    Next Blogcast?


  • This podcast is my favorite. Always a shame when the whole gang isn’t available but the banter and bickering is always fun to listen to. Thanks for doing it. :)

  • Cannot understand why I find Sid so fascinating….he is the only person in the world that I wanna know about his groceries haha great episode guys!

  • As a fellow this American life fanatic I was totally interested to hear what Nick thought about the past couple weeks, which I thought were a couple of the most moving shows ever. Then Sid gruntingly cut him off, and derailed the conversation far enough that it never came back up…

    Also, Ryan, in a week you went from never having seen a raid to only needing one moment of triumph. Must have been a fun week! Which moment is left? I assume Skolas?

  • I’ve noticed the last couple of episodes have a constant popping. What is that?

  • I never knew Sid was such a bagel connoisseur.

  • @Sid. You are completely right about East Coast vs the western US. Everyday I tell people here in CO that NY and the east coast has way better food. From the bagels, to the pizza, to the delis. Heck nothing beats grabbing a Sabrett hot dog from a vendor in NYC.

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