PlayStation Underground: Helldivers

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PlayStation Underground: Helldivers

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our online show about video games! Today, we’re playing the brutal, top-down shooter Helldivers on PS4. Can a pair of highly-trained, well-equipped experts guide Justin and I through the ravages of a bug-infested planet and escape alive?

Helldivers is available now to download on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. For those that haven’t fought in the name of Super Earth, Helldivers is coming to retail stores in the alien-stomping form of Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition. It launches on August 18th and includes every piece of DLC released thus far.


As a bonus, it includes a new weapons pack with the first-ever Helldivers-issued plasma weapon, a portable mortar, and a shoulder-carried 20mm cannon. If you’ve been a loyal Helldiver from the get-go, this pack is also sold separately on PlayStation Store. For freedom!

Let me know what you think in the comments, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show!

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  • Is all the DLC for Helldivers on the actual disc or is it a redeemable code boxed in with the game? It would be cool to have a complete disc version for local co-op, so friends can use the DLC weapons on the second player account.

    • Hi Ninja! The PS4 disc contains all the DLC, expansions, and a bonus weapons pack. The PSN voucher included in the box contains the full game for PS3 and PS Vita, along with all the DLC, expansions, and a PS4 Dynamic Theme.

      Hope that helps!

    • Thanks, Ryan.

  • I played this game with a friend a couple of times, and it was rad! I’m kinda excited that it’s coming out in stores. Thanks for bringing us these episodes Mr. Clements !

  • That was painfully fun to watch :) LoL. This is my Goty. BloodBorne and Arkham knight and many other titles are taking the backseat until i get the platinum trophy on Helldivers (just over 25,000 aliens left to kill).

    Will pick it up on retail, Again. Physical version ftw.

    My .02

  • C’mon guys 4 of you at level 27 doing a rank 6 mission. Still good stuff though.

    HellDivers is definitely my favorite game of the year so far although Rocket League is pushing on up. Iced that Plat was a time suck for sure. I wound up rubber banding my controller and sleeping while my HAV ran over bugs while I slept to rack up kills. But that’s only because after 150 hours of playtime I was only a little over halfway there and I had all the others.

  • Helldivers is one of the best games of 2015! Great video. It actually inspired me to start playing it. I must do my part in the galactic war!

  • I wanted to also throw out a friendly inquiry into the composition of the Super Earth edition? I would play mostly on Vita so I’m not sure if I should just go digital?

  • I hope the Weapons Pack for current owners releases same day as the Retail Helldivers Super Earth edition

  • you guys made me want to go back and play again.

    I haven’t played much since I platted it, that was also when they made soloing very unfun by adding new mission types that are impossible to do alone and nerfing the distractor beacon. I was mostly a solo helldives guy. mostly.

  • Ryan, you are the most awkward being I’ve ever seen in 1080p streaming video.

    Game looks cool.

  • Another great episode of Playstation Underground!

    Game looks quite fun, it was already in my to-buy list, moving it few places up now. :P

  • Aww you guys did just fine! Put it this way: no worse than me and my group of friends when landing on a map we’ve never played on with stratagems we’ve never used before :-)

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