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The Week in PlayStation
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The Week in PlayStation

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  • I tried that PS Now trial for vita. It really is an amazing service, but unfortunately a lot of the games are unplayable on vita with the controls. I had fun with Dirt Showdown though. All the controls are remappable on that game, and it looks amazing and ran flawlessly, but when i tried The Last Of Us, the controls made it unbearable. I will gladly pay the $20/mth though once they add a few more games. You really need to add some rpgs, and some PS2 classics, and I’ll gladly sign up. A few game suggestions, if you would forward this to the right peeps. Pier Solar(since it appears the vita version was canceled), PS2 Shin Megami Tensei games, Resident Evil Code Veronica HD, and Okami HD.

    • I think they could breath some new life into Vita if they made it compatible with DS4 (or at least DS3) for Remote Play/ PS Now. The PSTV supports those controllers, and it’s basically a Vita inside, so one would think the Vita could too?

    • Yeah, they could’ve saved the vita a few years ago if they tried a little harder, but I’m kind of glad it is mostly dead. They need a new handheld with 4k resolution and triggers or some better exclusives to compete for long. I’d love a vita 2, but I’m sure they won’t try again for 5 years at least. I prefer playing on handheld almost exclusively now though, so I’m interested in how that Steam handheld looks when it comes out, but I’ll still keep buying vita games as long as Japan keeps supporting it.

    • Congrats! I’m also a fan of PS Now, and it seems that when people try the service, they love it. I too hope that there are more games released, namely a ton of JRPGs (eg. Dragon Quest 8, Ni No Kuni), and games like Mass Effect 3! In fact, I hope that the service incorporates PS2 titles, PS1 titles, and eventually augments to PS4 and PC titles as well even if only for renting (under the Playstation brand, of course).

  • Great week for PlayStation. So glad to see PS Now move into full service. Hope, everyone with a Vita gives this a try.

    Hoping to hear news about PlayStations other services coming to Vita and PS TV soon. PlayStation Music and PlayStation Vue would be serious killer apps for those devices.

    • I love PS Now and i can’t wait to play it on my Vita, Shadow of the Colossus on Vita!

      Every week PS4 has new hot exclusives from Galak-Z, to Rapture, Volume, Until Dawn, Soma, Tearaway Unfolded, and more! My wallet hates me.


  • Still waiting on that anime sale

  • Anyone who doesn’t know about Galak-Z on PS4 needs to, Galak-Z is a phenomenal 80’s/anime rogue-lite space shooter with a mech ability. The game is gorgeous and it serves as a love letter to retro gaming and Saturday morning cartoons.

    Galak-Z is a wonderful challenging experience with incredible physics, ai, combat, and voice acting. At least watch some gameplay of it so you can understand how awe-inspiringly awesome the game is.

    Rapture is quite pretty.

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