The Technomancer Coming to PS4

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The Technomancer Coming to PS4

Hi PS Blog readers! Sébastien here. We’re excited about the nearing release date of our new RPG The Technomancer, coming to PlayStation 4. What with Gamescom happening right now, we thought it would be a cool time to shoot you an action packed trailer depicting the harsh realities of life on the red planet.

Remember, Mars wasn’t colonized yesterday – we start our game after two hundred years of history has already happened on the Martian landscape, and as we know all too well from our own planet, the longer we’re around the more complicated things get!

Enjoy our new trailer, and don’t forget that Mars’ world holds many secrets, and The Technomancer’s quests yield many results depending on how you choose to solve them. Learn more about the world by interacting with the companions who join your party, build friendships with them and watch them level up as you progress through the game.

The Technomancer

The TechnomancerThe Technomancer

The Technomancer features three exciting combat styles and many ways to improve both melee combat and your Technomancer lightning abilities, both acting in synergy with each other.

Thanks for reading, watching, and eventually playing!

-Sébastien Di Ruzza, Gameplay Manager at Spiders Studio

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  • Nice this looks pretty rad. Is it an open world? With vehicles? Are there crafting elements? Is it like deus ex?

  • Game looks awesome but I have the same questions as first poster, mainly wondering if it’s open world.

  • I think you guys do some interesting work for certain, so I’m glad to see you’re continuing to make games. Looks like a sequel to Mars Logs?

    One of my favorite games of yours was Faery. It was such an interesting world, and the concept of scale was very well done. I also enjoyed the way you married all of that to traditional JRPG combat. I imagine that the market wasn’t huge for that game, so I know we’ll probably never see another one, but I certainly would like to see more games from you guys as inspired and unique as that one was.

  • Thanks for the post Sébastien. The game looks very intriguing to say the least. I love post-apocalyptic RPGs after all. I was curious if there would be a 100% pacifist option as well, i.e. being able to complete the game without killing anybody. Thanks. :)

  • This trailer didn’t catch my interest since I’m more into playing games than watching cut scenes, but I did look at the e3 gameplay. I’d missed your info at the bottom of the blog post, and watching the gameplay made me realize you’re from Spiders since the stances and skill tree system seem lifted from Bound by Flame. That’s good, since I liked BbF. I’m looking forward to this now.

  • Somehow in the future but still using staff and swords….. enough already.

  • Looks bland to be honest, don’t know if I want to get it like day1.

  • Curious to see more. Never much go off of teases but I’ll be interested to see what type of game it looks to be. There could be a pretty deep story in all this if handled right.

  • I hereby dub this game RedDeusFalloutFactionEx, or RDFFE for short. Looks nice though! I didn’t realize there was gameplay footage elsewhere, I will explore this further…

  • We want PlayStation home back we put alot of money and put it on ps3 and ps4

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  • Didn’t show any Gameplay all. I guess I will just move on then…

  • If its like the first game, it wont be open world, but will still have large environments. Dont let that turn you off though! The first was a gem and this one looks even better

  • I see potential but don’t like the main character at all.

  • Cool. Always wanted a Too Human sequel.

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