Disgaea 5: New Features Detailed, DLC Outlined

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Disgaea 5: New Features Detailed, DLC Outlined

Hey, dood! It’s been a wild ride fighting against the Lost in the Netherworlds lately, but soon the tide will change with your help when Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance comes out on October 6th on PS4!

Everyone’s out for revenge against Void Dark these days, especially Master Killia and Madam Seraphina, and we need all the buffs we can get. Thankfully, Madam Seraphina’s pocket Netherworld is packed with new features, such as the Curry Shop and Netherworld Editor that will help with temporary boosts.

The Curry Shop is a new facility on the base where you can create different types of curries, which will give the squad temporary effects that last about one battle. Most of these recipes will give boosts in stats, but not all are good! Some can have a negative effect and are even poisonous!

When your squad isn’t out fighting the good fight, you can deploy some of your recruits to explore the other Netherworlds through the Nether Research Squad. While they’re off researching the Netherworlds, they’ll be unlocking new worlds to visit, finding rare items in other worlds to bring back, and gaining experience for your squad members as they’re off exploring.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of VengeanceDisgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

These new Netherworlds will sometimes have special world effects, such as Icic-Hell’s snowy world that lowers all characters’ fire resistance. But don’t fret — you can override these Netherworld effects with the Netherworld Editor! This new feature allows you to create new Netherworlds for other people to encounter and play, and if one of the worlds is summoned while you’re in a map, the summoned Netherworld effects will override the effects of the current world. That’s Prinny cool, right?

“But what about the items?” you ask. With the new Alchemist feature, you can have items created for you while you’re off to battle! Create a brand new item and add Innocents to power up each copy. Don’t have enough innocents for your plentiful supply of items? The Innocent Shop can help with that; this shop acts like a warehouse to hold all your precious Innocents while breeding new ones at the Innocent Farm out back. Sometimes if you leave two Innocents alone together at the Innocent Farm, a third will appear with more rare and powerful effects!

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Still not enough content for you? Not to worry, NIS America will be releasing 5 batches of DLC which allow you to encounter the characters from Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4 and Disgaea D2 in various Netherworlds, as well as other games like La Pucelle! There will also be a season pass available and if you get all the DLC, you’ll unlock Pleinair as a playable character for free! Be sure to check out the Disgaea website for more details on the game and all the latest updates!

And that’s all I have left to report, dood! We’ll see you in the Netherworlds when your mission starts on October 6th, but until then… over and out!

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