Hyper Void Coming to PS4 on September 8th

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Hyper Void Coming to PS4 on September 8th

Hyper Void for PS4

Greetings! Anyone heard of Gravity? Interstellar? Jupiter Ascending? Pluto’s surface? While everyone seems to be on space frenzy nowadays, it sounds just fit to talk about space shmups too!

No, not another 2D retro look-a-like. Something more respectful of what this great genre deserves. A truly 3D space shmup that pushes it both on challenge and visual treat aspects: this is Hyper Void!

Hyper Void is a game made after growing up with awesome games like Gradius, Tempest, and Wing Commander. Those were the days just before the 21st century came in, ironically bringing with it a decline in new space shmup games. That just doesn’t sound right!

So what does it mean to bring a space shmup called Hyper Void in 2015? A few things, actually:

  • 1.) Taking the challenge to new dimensions (literally). This time the fight is not just in outer-space. It is right inside cross-dimensional wormholes that twist and turn into the most obscure configurations!
  • 2.) Bosses, and lots of them! Over half of the game’s 29 levels have boss fights!
  • 3.) Even bigger boss fights! 3 mega encounters you will remember for quite a while.

As a little heads-up: Hyper Void is not about going blind shooting stuff. You fly the RM-24, a combat/defense spacecraft on a mission to investigate what seems to suddenly drive the entire universe into attacking your race. In addition to battling hordes of enemies from a wide variety of sources, you will run into intricate maneuverability challenges, mazes, as well as light-speed races through enemy defenses. (Battletoads speed bike, anyone?)

A word of warning: this game is challenging. It’s not only about your reflexes — your mind must quickly analyze and build strategies for each new enemy and drive those finger muscles of yours in time to survive. And for the godly-skilled among you, try your luck in Hyper Mode, where you fly a slicker fighter that you will surely need for the additional challenge awaiting you.

To bring up its highly-acclaimed gorgeous 3D graphics to life, Hyper Void relies heavily on your PS4 and its strong processing capabilities. Almost everything is procedural. Meaning what you see is all made of math formulas and numbers crunched on the spot to deliver Hyper Void’s dynamic, brilliant environments at 180 frames per second.

Actually, it is capped to 60 FPS on your TV, but it also means when you get Project Morpheus support, you will experience a silky-smooth Hyper Void VR experience!

Hyper Void will be available on your PS4 this September 8th exclusively on PlayStation Store! And it will offer the Project Morpheus-enabled update right as the device hits the markets!

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