Hyper Void Coming to PS4 on September 8th

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Hyper Void Coming to PS4 on September 8th

Hyper Void for PS4

Greetings! Anyone heard of Gravity? Interstellar? Jupiter Ascending? Pluto’s surface? While everyone seems to be on space frenzy nowadays, it sounds just fit to talk about space shmups too!

No, not another 2D retro look-a-like. Something more respectful of what this great genre deserves. A truly 3D space shmup that pushes it both on challenge and visual treat aspects: this is Hyper Void!

Hyper Void is a game made after growing up with awesome games like Gradius, Tempest, and Wing Commander. Those were the days just before the 21st century came in, ironically bringing with it a decline in new space shmup games. That just doesn’t sound right!

So what does it mean to bring a space shmup called Hyper Void in 2015? A few things, actually:

  • 1.) Taking the challenge to new dimensions (literally). This time the fight is not just in outer-space. It is right inside cross-dimensional wormholes that twist and turn into the most obscure configurations!
  • 2.) Bosses, and lots of them! Over half of the game’s 29 levels have boss fights!
  • 3.) Even bigger boss fights! 3 mega encounters you will remember for quite a while.

As a little heads-up: Hyper Void is not about going blind shooting stuff. You fly the RM-24, a combat/defense spacecraft on a mission to investigate what seems to suddenly drive the entire universe into attacking your race. In addition to battling hordes of enemies from a wide variety of sources, you will run into intricate maneuverability challenges, mazes, as well as light-speed races through enemy defenses. (Battletoads speed bike, anyone?)

A word of warning: this game is challenging. It’s not only about your reflexes — your mind must quickly analyze and build strategies for each new enemy and drive those finger muscles of yours in time to survive. And for the godly-skilled among you, try your luck in Hyper Mode, where you fly a slicker fighter that you will surely need for the additional challenge awaiting you.

To bring up its highly-acclaimed gorgeous 3D graphics to life, Hyper Void relies heavily on your PS4 and its strong processing capabilities. Almost everything is procedural. Meaning what you see is all made of math formulas and numbers crunched on the spot to deliver Hyper Void’s dynamic, brilliant environments at 180 frames per second.

Actually, it is capped to 60 FPS on your TV, but it also means when you get Project Morpheus support, you will experience a silky-smooth Hyper Void VR experience!

Hyper Void will be available on your PS4 this September 8th exclusively on PlayStation Store! And it will offer the Project Morpheus-enabled update right as the device hits the markets!

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2 Author Replies

  • Looks like a funky Gyruss/Tempest tribute. For the right price, I’m down!

  • I remember playing the demo for this when it came out on PS3. Will it be Cross Buy? Also really like that it will support Morpheus!

  • This game looks amazing. I’m also getting a Hyper Zone vibe from SNES glory days.

    • Wow :) You’re the first to mention Hyper Zone in comparison to Hyper Void. But yes, competely agree on the SNES glory days. I’m pretty sure you’ll find the challenge level of the game coming from the “SNES glory days” as well :D

  • Just got Galak-Z and really enjoying it and now this game looks amazing as well. Also super excited about the VR support! Day one for me.

  • Thank you!

  • Game looks good, and glad you guys are adding Morpheus support. I like the crack at the “2D retro look-a-like”. Too many games going that route. Galak-Z and this look like actually modern and fresh takes on classic game archetypes. More like this!

    For the right price, I’ll probably pick this up.

  • Day one buy for me and the Morpheus support sounds great!

  • Question: Will this be in 3D for 3D TV’s or is that just for Morpheus.
    Everything I found on the net is all very ambiguous…

    • Unfortunately 3D TV support is not planned. Only Morpheus is confirmed.

    • I don’t understand why not. For Morpheus, you already have Stereoscopic output on two screens, shouldn’t that be comparatively “easy” to put that output on a 3D TV? Or is the Morpheus version just 2D, i.e. both eyes seeing the same thing, not slightly different images to create a feel of dimensions.

      It’s a real shame that so many games forgo the option of 3D gaming – with or without VR. 3D gaming is a lot of fun if done right – alas, for some reason, game companies have abandoned it. I loved Sniper Elite 3 in 3D on my PS4 (after they fixed the scope), but especially with Indie-Titles such as this, 3D would be an amazing addition.

      And this might not be a popular opinion, but with Stereoscopic 3D I’d buy it. Without… maybe to probably no. It sounds stupid, but not having 3D for 3D TV’s, especially if you are doing Headset support – which is stereoscopic 3D, but on two screens – seems like a wasted opportunity.

  • This looks cool i’m all for this here!

  • Morpheus VR? YES PLEASE! And possible native 120fps? This may turn out to be an incredible VR experience. I can’t wait to jump in!

    • YES it will be native 120 FPS solid no drops. Your PS4’s GPU will be close to melting though XD
      Honestly, it’s not easy to achieve, so I’m guessing Hyper Void will be one rare case among other Morpheus games.

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  • note to publishers: this game will not sell well because of the lack of stereo 3Dsupport . if you want your futuristic racing games to sell well, they need to differentiate technically when they ship — not as a post-ship promise. I won’t make the same mistake I made with Futuridium again.

    there are numerous examples of PS4 games shipped with stereo 3D (Trine 1/2, Zen Pinball 2, Sniper Elite) and it’s a revelation when compared to stereo 3D on PS3. there is no technical hurdle, this is some bizarre marketing ask on Sony’s part for some reason.

    • 1. 3D isn’t hugely popular, or necessary. No one is missing out on many sales due to lack of 3D.

      2. This isn’t a racing game.

      3. Even if it was a racing game, why should only the “futuristic” ones get 3D support?

      4. There could be a financial hurdle, as in, scheduling/deadline conflicts.

    • Don’t interrupt plaztiksyke’s revelation, PrimeroIncognito. 3D is the truth.

  • “…a mission to investigate what seems to suddenly drive the entire universe into attacking your race.”

    A mission for the times! ;)

    Sounds like a worthy endeavor.

  • Looks like I have my Twitch assignment coming soon. Can’t wait. Looks like a total blast.

    As for 3D? It would be nice, but not nearly necessary. While I have a Passive 3DTV and don’t suffer the headaches that some people report, I haven’t actually played anything (Trine, WipeOut, etc) in 3D in over a year. I look forward to Morpheus Support though. Just hope the price on the headset is right.

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