Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition: Couch Co-op RPG on PS4

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Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition: Couch Co-op RPG on PS4

Hi PS Blog readers! Kirill here to bring you a load of info about Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition with this new Overview trailer — right on time for Gamescom 2015!

With Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition on consoles we bring couch-coop to RPGs with split-screen! You will have the choice to explore a deceitfully vibrant world on your own or with a friend, either together or independently. When venturing together, you’ll share the same screen-space (with console-comfortable controls and UI). Move apart, and the screen will dynamically and seamlessly split, allowing you to explore the entire world apart… (But that could make the living room awkward!).

Work together and Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition will offer you dynamic, turn-based combat with a range of elemental spells and abilities intertwined with environmental hazards to be exploited against enemies — or yourselves! Shock, burn, smash, and poison your way through a huge, vibrant world as you weave your way through an epic story, playing your own way, and at your own pace.

Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced EditionDivinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

To suit different playstyles, players will be able to pick a difficulty setting to match their needs. Explorer mode will offer an adventure with a sprinkle of challenge for Source Hunters keen to explore Rivellon, whereas Tactician Mode will throw tweaked, hand-crafted battle-situations at players, designed to crush even the most experienced Divinity veterans.

Get ready to explore the world of Rivellon, alone or with a friend, soon on PlayStation 4!

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