PS HEROES: Get Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Theme for PS4

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PS HEROES: Get Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Theme for PS4

During our E3 press conference in June, we introduced Horizon Zero Dawn, a brand new, third-person action RPG from Guerrilla Games coming to PS4 in 2016. This month, PlayStation Heroes is giving you the opportunity to support the USO by purchasing a Horizon Zero Dawn theme for PS4.

Horizon PS4 ThemeHorizon PS4 Theme

This theme will only be available through PS Heroes, so head over to PlayStation Store now to pick it up. With 90% of your purchase going to the USO, PS Heroes makes it easy to support the troops. Purchasing the exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn theme will also enter you for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to New England to play Madden NFL 16 with Rob Gronkowski, the No. 1 rated tight end in this year’s game.

You have until September 1st to support the troops, purchase an exclusive theme for Horizon Zero Dawn, and get a chance to win a trip to New England to meet Rob Gronkowski. The reaction to PlayStation Heroes has been tremendous so far, and we’re super excited to offer this experience, as well as a great opportunity to give back. So pick up the Horizon Zero Dawn theme now and make a difference!

90% of the purchase price of each PlayStation® Heroes Theme will go to the USO, a charity that supports America’s troops and their families. United Service Organizations, Inc., 2111 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington VA. 22201. 1-888-484-3876. USO is a 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID: 13-1610451, mission statement:
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Making a purchase will not increase your chance of winning. The purchases are not tax deductible. The promotion period is from August 4, 2015 1:00PM PST through September 1, 2015 1:00PM PST. Must be a legal resident of the U.S. and 18 years old to participate. A second purchase of the same theme is not allowed. Entrants who purchase a “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold”, or “Platinum” theme cannot purchase the “Heroic Bundle” during the promotion period. Limit 31 entries for a chance to win. Void where prohibited. See the PARTICIPATE tab in the PlayStation Heroes App or for Official Rules.

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  • I’m more than happy to support our country’s troops, but someone else could take the trip to New England if I can’t trade a day for Marshawn Lynch instead.

  • This is almost guaranteed to be the best selling PlayStation Heroes Theme.

  • If 100 percent of the themes price went to them then I would consider buying it.

    • Some amount will always go to the credit card processing fees and other administrative overhead. Them saying 90% will go to the “cause” is actually pretty good by “charity” standards where you are lucky if even 20% goes to the actual cause.

      That being said, 90% of the money you spend on PSN will go to USO, and then from there how much % will actually go to the recipients of that charity vs the administrative costs of running the USO? That should be your main focus of cynicism.

    • Of course you will find a reason not to the guy above stated, usually when you pitch in for a “cause” most of the time only 10-20% actually makes its way to intended target…its not like you see Activision, EA, Ubisoft donating to troops and I’m pretty sure you give them 100% of what their asking

    • 61% of the money given to the USO goes to the troops, 26% goes to fundraising and 13% goes to the administration. This means that only 55% of what you pay for the theme actually goes to the troops. It is up to you to decide if this is enough.

  • Definitely going to purchase this theme!

  • This is really cool, and I definitely support the cause. I’d love to see more themes like this for upcoming games in the future, with proceeds going to good causes.

    Please consider though, in the future, not putting static logos on the themes!

  • Alright Sony thats enough themes….. these are boring now… you gave them out to much themes dont feel special and they are just not even that creative.. its time to let us be able to do our own background and sound effects…

    im over these themes im sure im not only one feeling this.. we need something new

  • I’m Canadian.

    Is there some sort of alternate charity we can have our money go to instead of something based in the US?

    Most of us up here aren’t big on supporting war, we’re more interested in peacekeeping efforts.

    • @boomstickbhg

      I am Canadian too.

      I recognize the immense sacrifice the US armed forces are making every day in the interest of global security and Canada’s freedoms.

      I certainly love peacekeeping and I’d like to think the USA does their fair share of that as well. Please reconsider your purchase and your comment, there is no military on Earth more deserving of your donation.

      Take a tour of some US military installations and museums, it really helped me gain an appreciation for what the USA does for us as their neighbor.

      Great theme GG!

    • Well the U.S. helps Canada a lot in terms of security etcc…So you can thank us..I’m pretty sure if Canada would engage in a war, the US would help (for their own gain if course), but still help.

  • I was going to buy it until I found out that it’s not even dynamic. Just let us use our own photos for custom wallpapers please.

  • Other than price and the number of entries you get what’s the difference between the Bronze, Silver, Gold etc… themes?

  • I’ll try to pick it up looks good. Good cause. However I would have preferred a copy of the game instead of hanging with a member of the super bowl cheaters.

  • Meh, if it was dynamic I’d be more interested.

  • I’d rather wait for another theme. 100% sure those pictures came from the trailer.

  • Well… It’s only a $1 so… why not.

  • I am really excited for this game, the theme looks nice and I like to support charities when I can, I just wish I could pick one of the other charities

  • A good cause and a cool theme. I’m in.

  • Sucks I gotta support troops to get a cool theme so guess I won’t be getting this theme… Please stop mixing games with military because its kinda creepy and doesn’t look good supporting murder, theft, and fascism.

  • Booo, go away hipster! You don’t get it. Supporting the troops means supporting the actual human beings who are defending our country, not the Pentagon or military-industrial complex.
    Do you know anyone who has served in the armed forces? My dad was a Vietnam vet.
    My friend is active duty air force, wrenching on fighter jets that patrol our West Coast and keeping the Russians from flying over our country.
    Another friend is Army reserve, and has been for 15 years.
    All great people. None of them are murders or thieves or fascists.
    So GTFO. Doors that way ——–>

    • Meant this as a reply to #16.

    • Really buying into that defending our country crap huh…when we are the ones who have bases in over 90 countries and if we are in other countries that would be offense not defense.
      If you are in the military you support the military industrial complex and you are murdering for thieves and fascists period.
      As for showing me the door that is the lamest argument ever since every country has military fighting for rulers they have been duped by.
      It’s a big business so just face it if you support military you support the troops you support murder period.

    • Believe it or not you are a murderer if you shoot,burn,bomb,stab,etc and kill an individual. Believe it or not, War doesn’t make rainbows fly out of bayonet holes. So if any of your friends shot someone, and killed them…they are a murderer…Don’t worry most soldiers aren’t. But having said that, it is obvious you are close to military, maybe even enough to have a bias without much thought to someone that opposes your belief. I will not support our troops motives as long as they are predominately Offensive ones. We as America, are huge bullies. Agree to disagree, but surely don’t tell someone to get out merely because you don’t understand their views. Believe it or not, America was once a magical land where people weren’t kicked out for having strange, or unfamiliar beliefs or ideas.

  • Awww, I spent the last $60 I had in my PSN wallet to pre-order Fallout 4. Dang it, if i add more money soon i’ll buy this. Ugh, now i feel bad.

  • too bad the theme is only available in the US would’ve loved the theme in my ps4.

  • wow they made the clock purposely visable at all times…unlike journey’s theme.

  • I think it’s a great deal. Purchase a liked item, enter a sweeps plus help a great charity cause. Sony PlayStation… You have done it again! Greatness!

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  • There should be a purchasable theme to support the *millions* of victims of all wars initiated and/or supported by the U.S.

    It would seem that most Americans forget that U.S. military personnel have made the conscious decision to become involved in current conflicts. Everyday citizens of nations subjugated by the U.S. do not have this luxury. Not only this, but the members of the Armed Forces of the United States are paid to occupy foreign lands (Okinawans know this all too well). No matter how dire their financial situation, each person should realize that just by enlisting, they are just as responsible as George W. Bush, or Barack Obama (any U.S. politician, really) for the suffering of a great many people throughout the globe.

    Americans, you have lost so many of your liberties in the name of ‘National Security’. Can you truly call yourselves free?

    The people of Yemen are facing immense hardships due to the current Saudi-led (U.S.-supported) suffocation, please consider that.

  • Help! I can’t find the page. It says “Unable To Find This Page” “It may be unavailable or the address may be incorrect” I live in Canada if that helps. I also tried looking for it in the ps store and found nothing. I really want this theme!! :(

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