It Takes a Village to Launch the GALAK-Z

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It Takes a Village to Launch the GALAK-Z


Suit up! You can finally climb aboard the GALAK-Z as it launches today! If we’ve been lucky enough to have you following us, you already know that GALAK-Z is an homage to our anime dreams. Piloting your prototypical craft is equally fun to fly as it is to transform into a mech and slash your way through an onslaught of wiley enemies. Procedural missions and music, extensive combinations of upgrades and passives, intelligent warring factions surrounded by a living and hostile environment all come together into a rogue-lite wrapped in the construct of a Saturday morning cartoon. And bringing all of this to life takes the help and talent of many different folks. We’d like to pay homage to them in this launch day blog post.

AI Stands for Awesomely Intelligent

Cyntient has been the enabler to our fantasy of AI enemies that are truly intelligent and collectively aware. Collaborating from the beginning to handcraft the AI to our specs, Cyntient has helped to set the stage for enemy encounters that feel like you’re rastling with an organized group of human hooligans. Constantly on patrol, barking out what they’re seeing and coordinating with one another to keep you running for cover, each unit within each faction brings its own personality and set of strengths.

Scntfc Beat Down

Scntfc surfs the wave between the rhythmic eeriness of John Carpenter and a spacedust-infused nostalgic synth vibe. Setting the soundscape for intense dogfighting in the endless vastness of space, Scntfc defines the mood and aesthetic of each location, episode, and boss fight. Adding to the variety and the complexity of creating this soundtrack is the procedural music system that mixes multiple layers of different tracks to constantly match the shifting mood and action of each encounter.

You Don’t Have to Yell

No Saturday morning cartoon is complete without colorful voices from the actors who serve as your chaperones through the backstory and the moment to moment fight to save Earth. Our daring and quick-witted pilot is A-Tak, voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas — who might ring a bell as Dean Venture from The Venture Brothers, or from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter… or from the gaggle of other games or film and TV work he’s done. His calm and seasoned counterpart on the research vessel U.S.S. Axelios is Beam, voiced by Sarah Elmaleh — who starred in Skulls of the Shogun, Gone Home and more. And rounding out the crew of the Axelios is Chet Williamson as the deranged but daring Admiral Akamoto. Chet lent his unique and powerful voice to Skulls of the Shogun as well as other titles.

Made in Japan

Our in-house artists have set an amazing visual tone, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to invite inspiration from famed Japanese artist Katsuya Terada. We seized the opportunity to work with one of our favorite artists to give life to Season 3’s boss as well as to keep things fresh as you progress through GALAK-Z. Terada-san’s previous work can be seen in multiple The Legend of Zeldas, Prince of Persia, multiple Tekkens, and many more as well in other mediums. This collaboration was yet another tip of the hat to the fact that the last year of production on GALAK-Z was split between the Seattle and Kyoto branches of 17-BIT.

Hall Pass

There’s so much more that goes into making a game happen than all the content. For the past two years, we’ve had the tireless support of all kinds of great folks at Sony from around the globe. Everything from believing in the game to helping get the word out to making an A-Tak costume to allowing us to release and ramble in the public eye as we are right now. Such great people, genuine support and camaraderie. We couldn’t have done it without you and your enthusiasm for indie gaming.

Bringing It Home

Many thanks to our friends and family. For your playtesting and feedback and for putting up with our devotion to making something that we truly care about.
And to our new friends and family, we invite you to check out GALAK-Z. It is our modern love letter to old school anime and gaming. Keep up with us at, on Twitter @_17-BIT, and on Facebook.

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