7 Weird Things About Trans-Galactic Tournament, Open Beta Starts Today

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7 Weird Things About Trans-Galactic Tournament, Open Beta Starts Today

Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT) is launching its Open Beta in the Americas today, but before you head to PlayStation Store to start breaking skulls and causing mayhem, we gotta share some of the surprises you’ll find in Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4.

We’re out to change your idea of what a battle arena game can be, so mow down your jungle and pave your lanes — here’s the top 7 weird things that make TGT the fastest, wildest battle arena game in the universe.

1. Yeah, League’s Cool, but it Needs More Deathmatch

So you’ve just bought TGT for no money (Because it’s free!), and you jump right into a match. Now you’re in some place called Globaber Factory, everybody’s running on these robot-making platforms, and there’s angry gumdrops in the background and nothing makes sense ever.

Welcome to Trans-Galactic Tournament!

Once your brain adjusts to the madness, you’ll notice how fast the combat really is. That’s because our game modes are way more FPS than MOBA. Plunderball is Capture the Flag, Conquest is like King of the Hill but everywhere, and Annihilation is straight up Deathmatch. Look, you can take the developer out of the 90’s LAN Party, but you can’t take the 90’s LAN Party out of the developer.

2. Why Not Push Dudes Off Cliffs?

Lots of games focus on “last hits,” but we think a good first hit should be rewarded too. That’s why our maps have full-on instant death pits and champs that are tailor-made to push unsuspecting dupes to their doom. Be the Scar of the arena — push somebody off a cliff today!

3. At Least One Character Should Look Like George Washington

Trans-Galactic Tournament

If you can cross the Delaware and the line of good taste in one character design, you should always go for it.

4. Need a Ladder? Jump On Your Friends and Enemies!

Early in the game, you’re probably thinking, So when I hit the X button, I jump? Why can I jump? Because jumping is awesome! In TGT, you can reach high ledges and shortcuts with well-placed jumps off the heads of your friends and enemies. This is the most important game design achievement of 2015.

5. That One Level With the Pirate Ships

We thought it’d be a real lark if there was a level where you’re under a constant barrage of cannon fire during a pirate raid on an island military fort. Guess what — it is! And yes, they do have pirate ships in space.

Trans-Galactic Tournament

6. Oozello, Meet Jake, Our Lead Programmer

Team: Hey, Jake. What if one of the champions was a short-order cook?
Jake: Sure.
Team: And he throws sandwiches on the ground.
Jake: Got it.
Team: Then he eats the sandwiches off the ground and it heals him.
Jake: Ok.
Team: And he’s made of snot.
Jake: Please stop.

7. Badger Sauce! Badger Sauce! Badger Sauce!

TGT has a lot of intergalactic sponsors, but none contain more processed badgers than Badger Sauce. One day we found this video on our development server. We don’t know where it came from, and we’re a little scared.

We’d love to hear about the surprises you find when you play TGT. Download the open beta for free from PlayStation Store, and post about it below in the comments. We’re excited to answer any questions you have.

Don’t forget to hit www.playtgt.com for the latest TGT info. See you in the arena!

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4 Author Replies

  • Looks like fun cant wait to download it

  • Well this a welcome surprise I will have to definitely check this out!!!!!!!!!

  • Had to stop playing cb a few months back because I totally raged on roommate for bothering me about food lol. Roommate moved 2wks ago so def tempted in playing this again. Really fun!

  • I have to admit, this is the type of game i normally purposefully avoid… but this writeup was so hilarious and amazing that i am going to play this. Congratulations, you’ve single-handedly made me compromise my morals. Let’s do this.

    • Glad to hear it! See you in the game once the store updates!
      (We’ll be the turtle blasting dudes into acid vats with our shell cannon.)

  • When is the PSN update?Can’t wait to try this

  • just reading sold me on downloading, will test it out for y’all.

  • Wait what?!?! What are you people talking about??? No offense to the devs, but this game looks pretty bad. It’s just a MOBA with juvenile physical humor and mediocre visuals. It’s nothing original. We’ve seen this before. Come on Sony! Even though we’re currently leading in console sales, that doesn’t mean we need to slack of on exclusives. Have you seen the kinda stuff Xbox users get exclusively? Awesome GOOD looking indies, with nice graphics, survival-like gameplay styles, which I’m a fan of, even an early access feature coming later this year. Can we please step up our game on content!? I’d never switch to Xbox, but many people have good reason to.

    • Hey Squadren_64– we really appreciate your comments.

      We understand your aversion to juvenile physical humor. Don’t worry– our physical humor is in fact well-aged and robust, like a fine wine, or Liam Neeson. One of our characters even wears a monocle. Nothing juvenile about that!

      Second, if you’re looking for survival-type gameplay– well, you got us with that one. One time though, our community manager Corey did play the game for 20 hours without sleep and only Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for sustainence– I’m not advocating that kind of play experience, but I will say: it was immersive; it was intense.

      Look, there’s tons of great indies also available on PS4– a bunch that just launched today, just like us! If our game doesn’t float your boat, there’s tons of options for you. We just hope you try one and support an indie dev today.

      …and if you ever get the inkling, try TGT too. We’re fast, fun, and won’t even cost a cent to try!

  • Do we have permission to record footage and upload them online?

  • Kiz Studios, please I want to know if this game in a way will feel like Smite (Another MOBA based game). I was so addicted to their cosmetics (Skins for a ‘god’) and when I heard such a thing was coming to PS4, I was so hyped up. Anyways, I’ll try it out and see how it does well.

  • Another SEO click-bait type title.

  • I tried this today, I quite like it. It’s simpler than other MOBA games in a lot of ways, but I like it’s simplicity. Snowballing is a terrible design concept (removing someone from play for X period of time is an inherent reward, it seems silly for it to also make it easier for you to kill the person again) so I’m pleased that there are no such mechanics here.

    There’s still plenty of depth to synergising with your team, and co-operating on maneuvers to grab the ball etc. It’s just a different game. I am surprised however that you kept the isometric perspective. It will make a lot of people go into this expecting a league or DoTa esque experience and that’s only liable to disappoint people. I would have liked the game more with a more action orientated perspective (behind character), and I think that would have also better suited the console audiences, for whom the traditional MOBA is quite alien, but third person action games are not.

    Additionally, I’m European, but played it on my US account, do you know when it will be headed to the European store? Most of my friends aren’t as committed as I when looking to play new content.

    Best of luck with your game. :)

  • Just wanted to say I loved it.

    I was a bit nervous about it because I had bad experiences with MOBA’s and expected to have even worse experiences here.

    The visuals are very nice, and I enjoyed the Snatchball. (I probably got the names mixed up. But it was basically capture the flag.)
    And I must say, I enjoy the tropical island stage most. (It had a Nice Mario Party feel to it.)

    The characters are all very charming, and of course fun and expressive.
    My favorites would have to be the Tank like character. (I forget his/her name. It was a robot piloting a bigger robot.) He was super fun to use, and helped me carry some rounds so my team can win.

    I also like the customization. Do I wish I could color sections individually on a character? Sure, but I won’t fault ya for not letting me.

    The mage character was also a blast to use. My usual pensive expression turned into a sly grin when I blocked off enemies with wall of earth to protect me from all harm- as well as keeping them from taking my team’s ball.

    Though, I do hope there are more characters we get down the line. Maybe we can get a cat at some point?

    Everything is really fun and I cannot wait for the full finished product.

  • When can i play as the girl with green dreads and a katana? That character model looks the coolest to me!

  • Hello i live in the UK iv looked for it and it dont come up will i that mean trans galactic tournament will come out later

  • it

  • This game is awesome!!!
    I usually dont like MOBAs but this one is really original and fun, Platimus? my favorite character and really OP if you know how to use it.
    The other character that is really amazing is Nexi . I should say that she could get a nerf because i 1 hit kill a lot of times with her.
    Thanks for this amazing game!!!

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