41 Amazing Things About No Man’s Sky

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41 Amazing Things About No Man’s Sky

Hello, PlayStation.Blog! I’m Alex, from Hello Games. Hope you’re well! How’s your summer going? Ours? We’re kinda recovered from E3, where Sean showed off live No Man’s Sky gameplay for the first time. It has been a big relief that people seemed to like it. You can’t know just how scary it is to show a game as open-ended as No Man’s Sky live on a stage for an audience of millions.

Since then, we’ve also been super proud that IGN has devoted July’s IGN First to No Man’s Sky. We hope you’ve had a chance to see some of the amazing articles that they’ve published, maybe including this 18-minute video of Sean exploring a planet.

We’ve been thinking, though, that No Man’s Sky is pretty good at hiding its secrets, and that there there are some facts about the game that might not be so obvious — facts that help it all make sense, and come alive. So we’ve put together a list of 41 things about the game that you might not realize. We hope you enjoy them, and thanks so much for all your support.

It’s been so amazing to share with you what we’ve been doing over the past few months.

Things about space

The universe isn’t actually infinite

  • Computers don’t really do infinity very well. But there are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets in the universe. If you visit each one for a single second, it will take you 585 billion years to see them all, so it may as well be.

No Man's Sky, Galactic Map

The universe isn’t random

  • Everything exists for a reason, and is governed by maths. Maths means every detail is always consistent and makes sense, the result of hundreds of rules we’ve made to make a sci-fi universe we want to explore. And anyway, computers just aren’t very good at random, either.

The universe isn’t stored on your hard disk or on server somewhere

  • The world around you is generated by your PS4 at the point you visit it. Leave and it’s all thrown away, but if you return it is generated again exactly as it was. This also means the game will be completely playable offline.

No Man’s Sky isn’t an MMO

  • The sheer size of the universe means that everyone is going to be super far apart, and it’s super unlikely that people will even visit the same planets.

There are bots exploring the universe right now

  • We have sent a set of bots out into the void to send back to us gifs of planets. We can quickly review the gifs, lots at a time, to see what kinds of things are out there, and ensure it’s varied and interesting.

No Man's Sky, Cave

Things about exploring

There isn’t a story to follow

  • There are no cutscenes or characters, but there is a big objective: getting to the center of the universe. We don’t want to tell you a story, we want you to tell your own. No Man’s Sky is about your journey.

You will make true discoveries

  • Be the first to visit a planet, or be the first to scan a species of creature, and you will be recorded as its discoverer when you upload it at a beacon for all the world to see. You can also choose to name them. (There will be filters!)

No Man's Sky, Monolith

The Atlas is everything everyone has ever discovered

  • The No Man’s Sky symbol stands for the database of all the things that players have discovered and chosen to share with the world. It’s perhaps the most important thing in the universe, and will contain findings that even we have no idea about.

You’ll find ancient artifacts and crashed ships

  • They may lead to you discovering new technologies, which can give your ship, suit, and multitool new or improved abilities.

A jetpack is an explorer’s best friend

  • It can get you out of all sorts of trouble, and take you to places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.
Things about planets

Planets are defined by their position in space

  • If they’re close to their sun they’ll tend to be more barren; further away and they’ll tend to be cold. The planets in between tend to be richer with life.

Most planets are barren

  • Few planets will be dense with plant life and animals. Most will be barren, but even barren planets can be sources of great wealth.

No Man's Sky, Montage 7

Planets can be toxic

  • Some planets are death traps, with radiation or other hazards that will kill you in minutes. To survive you’ll need to upgrade your suit.

Every distant mountain is a real place

  • No Man’s Sky doesn’t only generate the environment immediately around you. It also generates the whole planet at a lower level of detail, so every distant object on the horizon is a real place that you can go to.

Planets have days and nights

  • Fly down to the night side of a planet, and you’ll find the land in darkness. Different creatures will be awake while daytime creatures sleep.
Things about ships

It’s worth upgrading your ship

  • Ships offer varying capacity for being upgraded, whether speed, maneuverability, jump drive range, or weapon power.

You can only have one ship at a time

  • Choose a ship that suits what you want to do, whether trading (large cargo capacity), fighting (good speed and weapons) or exploring (a long jump drive distance). Want to do something new? You can always get a new one.

You’ll shop for new ships

  • Space stations sell a rolling stock of ships. If you see one you want, you’ll need to grab it before new stock comes in.

No Man's Sky, Space Station Tube

You won’t be left without a ship

  • If you die and have no money, a basic ship is always available for free. It won’t have a hyperdrive, but you’ll be able to fly to planets again to rebuild.

You need fuel

  • You can fly for as long as you like in a star system, but to make jumps between systems you’ll need hyperdrive fuel, which you can buy from space stations or mine from planet surfaces.
Things about combat

You can get a wanted level

  • Upsetting the balance of planets by mining them too heavily or killing creatures will see you being hunted down by the Sentinels, and attacking craft in space will attract the attention of the police. The more you do, the stronger they will retaliate.

The Sentinels aren’t everywhere

  • Not every planet is policed, making these lawless playgrounds valuable sources of resources.

Space is not quiet

  • Factions constantly vie for territory across the entire universe. Choose to help one faction and it may reward you. Attack another and it’ll remember. But you can also try to avoid conflict completely.

No Man's Sky, Blue Space

You can side with factions

  • If you’re friendly enough with a faction, it can provide you with support that might protect you as you face its rivals.

Your multitool is an adaptable weapon

  • Multitools have a basic firing mode, but some come with different, more powerful attacks, or you might find technologies to upgrade them.

Death isn’t the end

  • But it’s a problem. If you die on a planet, you’ll find yourself revived back at your ship having lost what you hadn’t stowed and discoveries you hadn’t uploaded. If you die in space, you find yourself revived at the nearest space station, without your ship, items and discoveries.
Things about creatures

Planets are populated by unique creatures

  • Creatures are procedurally generated, with wildly varying shapes, sizes, colorations, and behaviours. You will discover countless new species on your journey.

Animal calls are procedurally generated

  • We’ve created special software that models throats, allowing animal calls to be defined by the shape and sizes of their bodies. Every planet’s soundscape is unique.

Animals may attack you

  • But think twice about retaliating. If Sentinels see you kill a creature they’ll attack you. It’s often best to try to scare creatures or run away, and preserve the natural balance of the planet.

No Man's Sky, Underwater

Animals follow daily routines

  • They will go down to bodies of water to drink and sleep at night, while others will only come out at dark.

Some animals hunt others

  • You’ll see food chains in action, with species being predated by others. You might find that you’re far from being at the top of the chain.
Things about the economy

Units are the universe’s currency

  • You’ll earn Units for many things: selling resources at trading posts, shooting down pirates, uploading discoveries to the Atlas.

Market prices for resources vary

  • You might find lucrative trade routes, mining in one system and selling in another. It might be worth investing in a ship with lots of cargo space to take full advantage.

Space is busy with trade convoys

  • Freighters, led by capital ships, steadily travel along trade routes, sending ships down to trading posts as they go. You can choose to attack them and steal their resources, but you’ll find them heavily defended, and pirates might have the same idea…

No Man's Sky, Purple Space

Resources aren’t just for trading

  • You’ll need them to craft technologies into upgrades. The rarest resources can only be found in certain types of system.

Efficient mining requires certain upgrades

  • Your multitool can always destroy resource crystals, but you’ll need to upgrade it to mine resources held in harder rock. Perhaps there are technologies that will provide greater yields…
Things about the game

It has amazing music

  • 65daysofstatic are Sean’s favorite band, and they’re making No Man’s Sky’s soundtrack album. We are incredibly excited about this.

We held a concert at PlayStation Experience

  • 65daysofstatic came to Las Vegas with us and played a concert. It was incredible. Watch it here.

The music will be procedural

  • 65daysofstatic’s soundtrack will be used to generate procedural music that’s influenced by where you are and what you’re doing. Full songs will play at specific points, but we’ll leave it to you to discover when and why…

No Man’s Sky was inspired by classic sci-fi

  • Especially those amazing, vibrant book covers, which presented a vision of a future that wasn’t grim and in which technology and exploration were points of hope.

Four people built what we showed for the announcement

  • Since then, the No Man’s Sky team has grown, but only a little, to 13 people. We like it real small.

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  • I don’t think I have ever been this excited to just explore in a game. I will be getting this Day One for sure. Keep up the good work!

  • 36) The game has thousands of people (perhaps millions?) absolutely drooling for a release date :-)

    That said, once you guys lock down the maths, you’ll have to keep them that way for the life of the game, right? Otherwise small changes will ripple through the whole game universe. So take all the time you need! We want this game to be all it can be :-)

  • Awesome (and very informative) post guys. Just wanted to congratulate everybody at Hello for the amazing job youre doing with this beauty. I know youre working hard to get a final release. Cant wait to try it!

  • This Is One Game that i cant wait to play everybody at Hello Games deserve some kind of prize for making a game so big that it still blows my mind to this day I just hope That this game gets the praise it deserves when it comes out

  • When in the name of all things Holy are we going to get a release date? Please!!!

    • when they feel that they can for sure meet that release date. Arent you tired of games being released too early? almost every game i have pre-ordered in the last 3 years has needed months of patching before it was any good

  • This is great guys but we really need a release date at this point.

  • So are we trying to get to the centre of the universe or galaxy. make your mind up.

    • the game is a universe with multiple galaxies. Everyone starts in the same galaxy in a different solar system so your goal is to get to the center of the starter galaxy. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MwZBqy1Gjo in this video part of the gameinformer podcast where sean explains this is played back

    • It is a universe with multiple galaxies and i think everyone starts out in the 1 same galaxy and thats the galaxy with the atlas.

  • This game is a day one for me.

  • All I need is a release date!

  • I look forward to all the maths this game has to offer. I really hope it releases this year. Morpheus would be cool, but I don’t wanna wait.

  • So, this game has no multiplayer, correct? The only interaction you have with other people is the very small chance of finding an planet that has already been uploaded to the database, right? I haven’t seen anything to support or deny this assumption. Please let this have online! Maybe after we meet at the center of the universe?

    • It has online like Journey

    • you carry around a 4 person lobby if you are in online mode. I would assume that if there are enough people playing the game you would likely see someone at the “center of the galaxy” or maybe even at on of its neighboring solar systems. The source for this is in some 2014 interviews that were around E3 but i dont have an exact soruce

    • Found the article Wylie288 was talking about. Gameinformer “Stop Thinking Of No Man’s Sky As A Multiplayer Game”. The more I hear about this game the more I think I’m going to wait for reviews and word of mouth before I buy it. I still hope they do some kind of thing where multiplayer opens up with more options the further you get in the game. That way it is still epic but has and longer shelf life. lol

    • If you want to meet with people that bad go to the atlas. Thats where everyone is heading so you have a better chance of meeting people there

  • This Sounds Bad Ass. Thats infinite Replay Value Right There.

  • Hyped.

    I have a question, though: Is it possible to meet someone who is playing, or it will be definitely impossible?

    • yes you have a 4 person lobby. (source: e3 2014 interview videos) If enough people play the game it will be very likely that you will see someone at the center or at a space station in one of the neighboring solar systems. Outside of those palces the chances of seeing someone drops very very dramatically

  • Will you guys be tweaking the game post release? Can the planets be changed? I would think you could add something like points of interest in the game. Maybe one world you visit has a story or easter egg of sorts? Maybe one world has multiplayer and your trying to free refugees from massive zombie infestation yada yada. You have the space for multiple sandboxes.

    • there is supposed to be a major change for each solar system in the game, and if you have watched any of the videos you would see that points of interest have been in the game for over a year now. There is a overall lore to the game like skyrim in the form of books you may find or alien artifacts or the actions of the factions or robots.

  • @Suzaku_Z Good question. I’m getting the game regardless. Still would be great to discover things with friends.

  • I love that there are currently bots, like space probes, currently exploring the universe and gathering data on the planets. It already feels like it’s a real, live universe. I just can’t get to it yet!

  • This is just my personal preference, but can you please put numbers next to each fact? It bothers me every time I see something like “There are [X] entries in the following list.” and then the entries are not numbered.

  • If you asked me if I was going to buy this game when it was first announced, I would have said 100% yes. Now, it’s more like 80%.

    The PR for this game has been handled poorly.

    “The sheer size of the universe means that everyone is going to be super far apart, and it’s super unlikely that people will even visit the same planets.” is not an answer to ‘How is multiplayer handled?’.

    Given the fact that we’re all trying to get to the same spot, the closer we get to it, it becomes more probably that we could meet up. Yet, every time someone asks about multiplayer, we get vague generalities like, ‘it probably won’t happen’. Is that because it can’t, or you just don’t want to describe the multiplayer part of the game because it’s poor?

    I feel like other topics of the game are handled the same way. At this point, I feel like I’m going to wait a week or two after it comes out to see if I’m going to buy it. At least I’ll know more than, ‘this is a game with ships and planets and resources and stuff.’

    • sean has already confirmed that you carry around a 4 person lobby in the interviews around e3 2014. and that is an answer this game is so large that you wont see anyone except at the center if enough people play the game. Outside of the center and maybe its neighboring solar systems your chances of seeing people drop dramatically

    • There is multiplayer, its just not the focus of the game at launch. Sean has said he has plans for ‘a more traditional multiplayer experience’ post launch. You can meet up with your buddies and tear around the universe at launch, but it will probably take you at least 40 hours to figure out how the universe works and upgrade your ship so its feasible to close the distance between you. Meeting your friend might be an endgame goal for you. On your way you can be on the mic telling your friends about all the stuff you found, send them screenshots and videos, compare journeys. Then at the end of all that you can meet up with your friend at some agreed upon space station for the final journey into the center.

    • Agreed 100%

  • Want to know what is even more amazing than all of those things combined?

    A release date.


  • Cant wait for more news about this game, day one for me. I’m in no hurry for a release date, take your time and give us the game when it’s ready.

  • Just give me a pre-order link and a release date. I’m ready already.

  • The only thing I was hoping to hear was ‘You can play in either first or third person’.

    Without that, I don’t think I’ll be playing. First person games simply do nothing for me, even ones as potentially interesting as this.

    Best of luck with the game though, maybe if this one is a success you’ll make something I’ll be interested in down the line.

    • 3rd person is unlikely because then you would be able to see yourself and know more about who or what you are. Sean has said you wont know what you look like till you see another player (or something similar)

    • @voigtstr which just serves to make it less appealing. Connection is important. If I don’t even know who I am, I won’t have any connection to my character, which will break the sense of immersion for the game.

      Oh well, that’s too bad.

    • @Seluhir, that’s really sad that you feel you can’t connect to your character :-(

      When I was a kid we didn’t have video games and we had to use our imagination. I was running around with my friends being a spaceman, cowboy, police etc and it was fun. We never had the outfits, all we had was our imagination and a few props like a cardboard box and a gun shaped twig.

      This isn’t aimed at you specifically but I feel the art of imagination is lost on people these days. My son tells me he won’t be playing NMS because there is no point as it doesn’t tell him what he has to do. I’ve tried to explain that it’s he has to use his imagination but so far have failed.

      NMS is about your journey through the universe, the discoveries you make, the challenges you face and the legacy you leave behind.

    • @Ellayco You’re making a false assumption about my age… I’m 30, I grew up sort of at the very start of video games, and my imagination is perfectly fine.

      The problem for me is that this isn’t about my imagination. It is about the creator’s vision. That is what a videogame is a reflection of – the creator’s imagination. And I want to understand that vision, but first person denies me access to one piece of the puzzle: an understanding of my character. There are two ways we can get to know someone… either talking them, or observing how they act. Since I cannot talk to a video game character, I can only come to know them by observing them. What do they look like? How do they act? Do they have any nervous ticks or weird habits? etc. all of these things are what we use to understand someone we can’t talk to.

      And without that understanding, I feel a lack of connection to the experience since I am being asked to play as a character I do not understand. It has nothing to do with my imagination, but the reality is that any character I imagined would likely not fit in their universe since we’re different people.

    • Sorry I didn’t to come across as assumptions.

      I can kinda see where you are coming from.

      I guess for me personally it makes no odds that I can’t see my character because I will be playing the game pretending that it’s me out there doing the exploring.

    • Well that’s the point of first person mode, it’s to put you as the character! He didn’t make it third person because, as you said, you would be observing another character, despite you controlling all of this character’s actions. The immersion doesn’t put you in the story. Sean stated that he wanted First Person view because it puts you in the front of it. You’re the main character and these are tour choices. If you don’t like that idea then this game may not be for you. I for one am glad it’s first person.

    • @Ballistic_Blade9

      But that presents another problem. I don’t feel like I’m the character. There are too many basic functional things that I lack to feel like the character. I can’t see any part of my body? I can’t even see my nose? I have no peripheral vision – just an odd square? I have no cognitive sense of what is happening to me? How can it possibly be me?

      First person may try to make you feel like the character, but we are SO FAR from the technology required to really make me feel like the character that it feels like I’m roleplaying as their camera or their glasses, not as them. And I’m not a pair of glasses or a camera, so it feels weird.

  • So, everything is beautiful numbers?
    Instead of “now loading”, it will be.. “now calculating”?
    How many variables will there be running on the ps4 (yeah, I know it’s meaningless… I like numbers.) ? How about “generation time”, does it take a lot of generate a sector of the universe?

    So… can I tell my buddy “let’s meet at sector yada-yadda-yadda” .. will we be able to wreck stuff together (will assets be shared?)

    I hope there will be some sort of techie talk later, talking about the maths that went into the generation of the game. They sound awesome.

    This is a game I’ll be playing :)

    • I don’t believe you can group with anyone in NMS. They said that the space is so big that it’s very unlikely you will see any human being because the space is procedurally generated for YOU. Other people may not share the same worlds until they are discovered… In any way NMS seems a single player to me with elements of multiplayer, but you probably can’t meet other players only see their ships. There are no character avatars so you won’t be able to say hi or wave to each other, unless you gonna wave with your ship and that is IF you can see each other’s ships.

  • I am definitely excited for this game. Literally the concepts of this game are the fruition of my childhood fantasies of what the perfect game would be! Can’t wait to strap myself in and start my journey!

  • Release date please!
    I am too excited for this game to wait without a date.

  • I want Sean to know, I’m big into sci-fi and post-rock/post-metal so this game has me probably as stoked as you guys. I was front row at PSX headbanging to 65 Days Of Static, was great to see all of you guys there having a blast. Really looking forward to the release.I’ll be hyping it up for sure! #PlayStationMVP

  • I’ve read that this will also be a Morpheus game. I can’t wait!!

    • And this is most likely why a release date has not been announced. I suspect (and Sony please feel free to prove me wrong) that a release date for No Man’s sky will be the same release date as Project Morpheus.

      BTW This game has made me a 65 Days of Static fan. Bought the album on the strength of “Debutante”.

  • Is it possible to destroy planets?

    • Q: can you accidentally destroy a planet
      Sean: No

      Q: Can I Purposely destroy a planet
      Sean: Sort of

  • You guys hungry for exploration, get on your PC and buy Elite Dangerous, it’s has 4 billion star systems to explore. You can explore planets though, but it’s ok for starters. ED space was al,so procedurally generated and has modern star systems, modern satellites and you can even catch new horizon, if you have an idea of that’s I am talking about. ED are working on getting walk in ship module hopefully by the end of the year, so far it’s many ships, big galaxy and you can do whatever you want as well other than exploring planets. ED is only on PC and Xbox one though. I am a bit skeptical about NMS as well as I was skeptical about ED. Such big games will be ghost towns in a matter of weeks. But then again if you play ED or NMS for exploration/trading etc, then it’s fine I guess. I haven’t heard anything about team/group exploration in NMS, ED ale ready has grouping in, advanced mining, drones, smuggling, trading, fighting, factions wtc etc. check out ED on PC or XOne, while you waiting for NMS.

  • Everything is so detailed… and yet not so. I dig the procedurally generated things that keep surfacing, it makes it seem like the universe is alive and unexplored… even by the developers!
    As for the music, I was lucky to get the taste of it at PS Experience! My brother and I enjoyed it quite a bit.
    Cheers, and keep working diligently, I’ve been looking forward to this since the first day you shared your game with us all.

  • “There are no cutscenes or characters”
    Ok There is no cutscene… but who are we (players) in this game. is there any avatar? You have shown gameplays from the ship, we can see also a hand and a gun, but, no characters interactions, how do we deal with other players, how do we look like in this game. It’s been my question since the 1st time i’ve seen the game.

    • The only way you’ll know what you *might* look like is if you run into another player. They can see you and you can see them, but I don’t know how much interaction there is from there. Sean has compared it to Journey’s multiplayer, although more unlikely due to the size.

  • The way they keep saying they “can’t reveal the release date yet” makes me think Sony has this potentially locked down as a PS+ free game. So if they announced the release and it was the first week of the month, it could give it away prematurely. I could very likely be wrong, but this is what I’m thinking. It could end up being out in the next couple months.
    Either way, I’m getting it. I just need to know release date and price (if applicable).

    • It’s very unlikely that a game hugely hyped by sony will be ‘free’ at PS+

    • You never know. It would be a brilliant strategy for shooting Plus subscription numbers through the roof… which would trigger a cascade of various other streams of income by association…

    • Oh, of course it’s very unlikely. Highly unlikely, even. But it’s a distinct possibility that I can’t shake the notion of happening, considering some of the other high profile indies we’ve gotten for free at launch. But like I said, I’m getting it. I just… really, really want a release date. Even if it’s next year, just give me a solid date to look forward to.

      And like Primero said, it could possibly boost PS+ subs, and keep people subbed who get it for free. Because if someone has +, are they really going to wait a month to buy the game instead of just grabbing it for free? It’s a strategic move that could potentially reward Sony in the long run. We shall see…

  • The answer is 42.

  • release date? im tired of hearing about games thats not going to be released for another year im already tired of this game an having even played it yet…

  • This all sounds awesome but when can we play it!!

  • It all sounds amazing! I can’t wait! I really am soo freaking excited!!! BUT whyyyy can’t I meet up with just one buddy online and explore this amazing game together!?

    • The difficulty is time. You both may not have the same ship so your hyper drives move at different paces, and you’d have to wait for each other, each time you want to move to a new place, because if you don’t then you’ll be seperated again, it’s all very complicated. Once you think about, you’ll understand the difficulty. Aside from that. This is mainly YOUR story. So you’ll have to tell it yourself.

  • It’s not an MMO, I’m ok with that… but will I be able to play with friends and make a 3-4 player fleet?

  • Are there any possible methods of losing your “most wanted” status, or will one forever be pursued by the Sentinels/Police if you return to a certain area?

    • I believe he said it works similarly to GTA in that, once you’ve evaded/hidden for long enough, the wanted level resets. So, destroy a bunch of stuff… Run for your life, hope you can remember how to get back to where you were, rinse and repeat!

    • Makes sense. Thanks JSEveritt!

  • I personally think this game will be a bore fest and garbage if I can’t see random people or play with my friends.

    I get the 4 person lobby.

    But if each ‘game space’ is personally generated then it just narrows the game, not expand it. How so? Because who cares if I discover a flying sperm whale and name it Troil-Sharks if my friends or somebody I don’t know who is also playing this game a half a world away can’t see them for themselves too.

    My discoveries might be on another planet; my information may be shared through some giant encyclopedia, but what about landing on a planet, then seeing a group of two people already wrecking face somewhere, seeing all the resources are used up and a walking multi-dimensional animal already ‘discovered’ and named 420_Man’s_Raptor_of_Love?

    Case and point – this game will be a giant generated mess brimmed with methodical repetitive mechanics to back up the pretty RNG visuals only if it lacks the immersive MMO experience.

    I don’t need to see ships peppering the “No man” Skies.

    I need to feel like I’m not alone in AI-filled-space.

    • That last sentence of yours sums up what HG are aiming for in NMS and they have said it multiple times. The whole point is you are alone and that is the game, they haven’t hidden that fact, they have broadcast it numerous times so people don’t buy the game thinking they can meet their friends on day 1 or even year 1!

      Unfortunately that is how the game is and if you don’t like that part of it then you may well have to give it a miss sorry.

    • I don’t understand why people are so concerned about the multiplayer aspect of this game. 90% of Open world games are solo ventures. What makes this game so different? I suppose if the community really wants it, Hello Games will find away. They’re ambitious like that.

  • just wanted to point out, you say that the planets aren’t random but then say you used a random generator with set rules to make them all is kinda ironic. The generator has rules in place, yes, but what they make within those rules is random.

    just wanted to point this out. it’s kinda funny.

    • What they mean is that it is randomly generated to begin with, but it is not randomly generated overall. The randomization is using a fixed seed, so it will generate the same outcome every time so in the end it is not random in the context of what we expect random to mean.

      But I get what you’re saying.

    • The random part of it, is like the probability of a new born child. I mean… is it a boy or a girl? Or both? It’s like, there is control in this random chaos, but ultimately, the game will create things we wouldn’t expect, much like how our world appears to be random acts of nature, but perhaps something lies underneath the chaos? Curious

  • If this is a game that can go on forever, it better have more than 12 songs in the soundtrack. Anyone who has played fallout 3 for 100 or more hours can tell you more than 12 songs is very important.

    • It has a procedural soundtrack, so I guess it technically it is the first infinite album? Intriguing

  • I’ve been so excited for this game since it was revealed at the Video Game Awards show a couple of years ago. I was sold on the game when I saw it at the Playstation Experience. I can’t wait for it to come out ! This is the game I’m most excited for. If it comes out for Morpheus it would sell so many headsets by itself.

  • This game looks insane. I’m really looking forward to playing it.

  • Nice post, cant wait to try it.

  • “N° 42: This game is all about hype and no substance, at all. Believe us, it will be Spore all over again, but now with Space Ships Dissapointment.”

  • It will VERY hard to not play No Man’s Sky without listening to Star Trek First Contact’s end credits. This is a Star Trek fan’s dream game and it fits in perfectly with the theme of the Federation.

  • Jeremiah 33:22 God -“Just as the army of the heavens cannot be counted and the sand of the sea cannot be measured, so I will multiply the offspring of my servant David and the Levites who are ministering to me.’” This statement implies that there are far more stars than the naked eye can see. After all, if a Bible writer, such as Jeremiah, had looked up at the night sky and had tried to count the visible stars, he would have counted only three thousand or so, for that is how many the unaided human eye can detect on a clear night. That number might be comparable to the number of grains in a mere handful of sand. In reality, though, the number of stars is overwhelming, like the sand of the sea. * Who could count such a number? I applaud Hello Games though :) I’am really looking forward to the game. Gods speed.

  • This is a reason to get a PS4.

  • Super excited for this. Put it up on pre order. I don´t care about the release date… wait, I do, but it´s not driving me crazy (well, maybe a little bit). But having it on my library ready to go whenever is something, and something is more than nothing.

  • Out of all the games that I’m looking forward to, No Man’s Sky is ultimately THE game I can not wait to play. It’s almost everything that I’m hoping for in a game that I’m looking for to play. Besides deep ocean exploration on Earth, I’m sure you can do it in No Man’s Sky but with massive amounts of planets that has it. The 41 things are more likely to be 41 reasons that I’ll surely play No Man’s Sky.

    • IDK I was looking forward to player interaction and even PvP. Game is so big it feels without purpose and can get old very fast. Not being an MMO was a huge let down. Why make it so big for just a solo adventure?

    • You’ll understand one day. When you’re older xP. But they explained why and they did this on purpose, so they’re not trying to mislead you on what type of game this is. The question you’re asking is quite strange to me though. 90% of open world games are solo ventures. What makes this so different?

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