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This Week in PlayStation
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July’s Free PS Plus Games
Rocket League
Rocket League
Styx: Master of Shadows
Styx: Master of Shadows
PS4, PS3, PS Vita
PS4, PS3, PS Vita
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
Geometry Wars 3
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This Week in PlayStation

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  • That Terminator video! xD

  • One of the big highlights for me in this week of Playstation.
    Legend of Kay Anniversary came out on PS4/PS3.
    I love that game, and you should to.
    If you like the Legend of Zelda and/or Okami, then you’ll like this game.

  • Not much AAA exclusives for the fastest selling console ever huh?

  • I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again, can we please get an anime styled game sale soon? There are some anime styled games for the vita that I want but not for those prices, namely freedom wars, Sao hf, and jstars

  • Hey justin can you tell the people in charge of the ps store to put back the tab for “new this week” back on the front page without having to thru so many steps it was there before its a hassle now to find it haha sorry im picky.

  • Already have over 20 hours into N++. Barely scratched the surface still. More people need to get this amazing game.

    • I´ve been playing a lot of N++ as well. Have such a long way to go. So far it has gotten that crazy but I know it´ll be mind bending as I keep progressing.

  • I find it interesting that the August Plus Preview from last year would make the top 10 this week. At first I thought it might be a mistake, but now I think maybe people really do like to look back a year to see how things have progressed (or…not). I haven’t paid enough attention to these “This Week” posts to know if this happens every month.

  • Kinda off subject:

    I love how PlayStation has changed over the past few years. They are really starting to shape things up with this generation. Rocket league has been the best sports game i have ever really wanted to continue to play, and really looking forward to Everyone’s gone to the Rapture! However i like to use remote play, I play with my vita and sometimes through my phone. I know it is a long shot, but i think it would be amazing if i could stream the PS4 my PC. I already have my dualshock 4 enabled on my PC (It works phenomenally BTW) you could even throw some PS Now into the mix. Your chances of drawing someone into the PlayStation Nation, could increase by loads. Plus it would help to compete with Xbox on the new Windows 10 OS, Just a suggestion, I would use it all the time!

    Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Over in Japan, this week saw the announcement of a new Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace collaboration called Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky – due out later this year for the PS4 and PS Vita:

    I wonder if any of the usual suspects (such as Atlus USA, NISA,Aksys, or XSEED) might pick this one up at some point?

  • Well, not a plus member, but doing the deals best I can, only picked up a PS3 the other month. Working on picking up PS1/2 classics, and hoping that more of the ones I’m after get on the later summer sale weeks. Managed to pick up Breath of Fire 4 though.

    Say with Deadpool being relisted is there any chance of us seeing Marvel Vs Capcom Origins and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 being relisted as well? Needless to say I never had the opportunity to pick them up before being delisted, and with Deadpool coming back I’m hoping they might as well(mainly because of Marvel Super Heroes, I own the other two, but that one is pricey to pick up.

    On a final thought, any word on when we will see more PSOne or 2 classics come out? Like Megaman Legends 1 or 2 perhaps, since we already got Misadventures of Bonne Tron, which from I understand faced the same hurdles as the other 2 rights wise, just thought I’d ask

    Well best of luck bargain hunting you guys

  • plz, i want gta v on ps vita

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